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16 Delicious Breakfasts to Eat in Barcelona

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Barcelona food guide: Breakfast food in Barcelona is delicious. You can find something for every taste and necessity, sweet and salty breakfast, to start every morning of your next holiday in Barcelona in the most delightful way.

16 Delicious Breakfast You Have to Eat in Barcelona

How do you eat like a local in Spain?

Spanish people eat at a different time than other countries, so if you want to experience fully your holiday in Spain, I highly recommend you to do as Spanish do and eat following their meals time schedule.

In this way, you will also avoid ending up in a tourist trap that is always open to tourists. While local places, follow the Spanish opening time.


Breakfast is from 7 am to 9 am (this is the only meal of the day that is like all the rest of the world).


Then eat something light as Almuerzo (mid-morning snack) like a coffee and a muffin (Spain has delicious muffins) from 10.30 am to 11 am to keep your stomach quiet till lunchtime to have a nice Comida (lunch) from 2 pm to 3.30 pm.


Spanish people like to enjoy a Merienda (mid-afternoon snack) from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. It is mostly just a coffee, an excellent excuse to meet friends or have a short break from work.

Do you like Tapas?

Of course, you do. Tapas are delicious, and between 8.30 pm and 10 pm, it's La hora del aperitivo (tapas hour) when you can enjoy delightful Tapas with fish, meat and veggies with a good glass of Sangria, Cava or Vermut Rojo.

Some people only eat tapas for dinner. When you get 5 or 6 tapas, you have basically had dinner.

La Cena

La Cena (Dinner) is served from 9 pm to 11 pm. Please don't eat in tourist traps where dinner is served at 6 pm. The food there is not traditional. The Paella is frozen and just warmed up, it is overpriced most of the time, and it is far away from what real Spanish food is.

Go to a tapas bar, enjoy a glass of Spanish wine with a couple of Pinchos or tapas and then go to have dinner at 9 pm as locals do.

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Chocolate con churros or melindros

1. Chocolate con churros or melindros:

Churros or Melindros con Chocolate, or as I call it "the champion's breakfast". Because it is so full of calories that you won't need to eat anything else for the whole day, (or at least this is how it makes me feel).

They are delicious, and you have to try them. They will serve you a hot chocolate (xocolata defeat) with churros (fried dough sticks usually sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon) or melindros (like sponge fingers but bigger).

The idea is to deepen the churros/melindros inside the hot chocolate and eat them. The taste is indescribable, so you have to try it.

Croissant de almendra

2. Croissant de almendra:

Croissant de Almendra are almond croissants. Almond is a very popular nut in Spain. They make many sweets with them, so if you like almonds, go ahead and book that flight to Spain and enjoy their delicious food.


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Bollos con mermelada

3. Bollos con mermelada:

Bollos con Mermelada are fluffy baked buns, delicious and filled with jam, which can be apricots or raspberries.

A sweet way to start your day.

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 Sweet and lemony Magdalenas

4. Sweet and lemony Magdalenas:

Magdalenas are Spanish cupcakes without topping. They are usually sold in the local bakery and eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon break with a delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

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5. Ensaimadas:

Ensaimadas is not a pastry from Catalonia. It is from the island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, but because Maiorca is not so far, you can also find it in Catalonia.

It is a flakey pastry that used to be a typical Easter treat, but nowadays, you can buy it in any bakery in Mallorca (and in some in Catalonia). It has a coil shape with a lot of icing sugar on top. The original one is plain, but you can also find it filled with vanilla cream (my favourite, gnammy!).

I absolutely recommend you to try it if you find it, with a cup of cafe con leche (coffee and milk) it is something you will want to eat every day until you leave Spain.

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Tostada con tomate, aceite, y Jamon
Credit: Barestaurant l'Univer

6. Tostada con tomate, aceite, y Jamon:

Tostada con tomate, aceite, y Jamon is basically toasted bread with fresh tomatoes (tomate), olive oil (aceite) and in some cases, a slice of typical Spanish ham (Jamon).

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Huevo rotos con chorizo

7. Huevo rotos con chorizo:

This is something that will give you energy all day. It is a fried egg sunny side up broken up before serving (rotos) served with boiled potatoes and Chorizo or Jamon.

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Pincho de tortilla

8. Pincho de tortilla:

Tortilla is the typical potatoes omelette that you can order by the slice (a pincho) and eat on your second breakfast with a coffee or with a caña (beer) usually, around 10-11 am, to make sure you don't starve until lunchtime.

best breakfast to have in barcelona, Tostada con manteca or aceite y miel

9. Tostada con manteca or aceite y miel:

Tostada con manteca or aceite y miel is another way to eat toasted bread, with lard (manteca) or olive oil and a good spoon of honey on top.

Tostada con mermelada, best breakfast to have in Barcelona

10. Tostada con mermelada:

Tostada con mermelada is toasted bread served with jam. You will find it in every hotel and also in some bars. It is a simple breakfast you can have everywhere. I added it so you can know how to call it.

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11. Xuizo:

Xuizo is the Catalan version of doughnuts. They are deep-fried and then filled with delicious vanilla custard and coated in sugar.

You can find them in most of the Bakeries.

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A sandwich

12. A sandwich:

Many Spanish like a sandwich for breakfast or during their half morning break. It can be with an omelette inside (tortilla entrepan), with some cheese (queso) and or with Jamon (ham).

A Bikini in Barcelona

13. A Bikini:

You will find this mainly in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. Bikini is grilled bread with inside ham and cheese. Absolutely delicious!

You can eat it every time of the day, you can also find it as Tapas.

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 Cafe' con Leche

14. Cafe' con Leche:

Coffee with milk, basically a Caffe-latte or a Latte, depends on where you are coming from.

Coffee in Spain is delicious like in Italy. I highly recommend you try a Cortado, my favourite. It is like a macchiato, but in some places, they also add in it some leche condensado (condense milk), too good!

Every way to order a Coffee in Barcelona:

The best way to start your day in Barcelona is with delicious Spanish coffee.

There are many different ways to drink coffee in Spain:

  • Cafe solo (espresso) is the standard coffee you drink in Italy.

  • Descafeonado is a decaffeinated coffee you can have in every way like the normal one.

  • Cafe' Americano (black coffee) is an espresso topped up with hot water.

  • Cafe' Cortado (macchiato) is espresso with a bit of foamy milk, usually served in a small glass, and sometimes it contains also condensed milk.

  • Cafe' con Leche (latte/caffelatte) is an espresso with hot milk and frothy milk on top.

  • Cafe' Leche Manchada is a very weak Cafe' con Leche because it contains less coffee.

  • Cafe' Bombon is an espresso with condensed milk (in the same amount).

  • Cafe' con Hielo is basically a coffee with ice for the hottest days.

  • Cafe' Carajillo is a coffee with alcohol inside. You can add anything you want, like whisky, brandy, rum...just ask which liquors they have (try it with Baileys, so good!).


15. Suizo:

The perfect idea for a cold day or just any day at breakfast is a cup of delicious hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

You can also order some churros with it and enjoy!


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Zumo de naranja

16. Zumo de naranja:

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a must when in Spain. Oranges are so sweet in Spain, and you will love them not only for breakfast but at any time of the day.

You can find orange juice freshly squeezed on the spot at food markets like La Boqueria or at Mercado de Santa Caterina, in every bar, and you will also find some in bigger supermarkets.

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