28 Tips to Make the Most of Your Time in an Airport

Most of the time crowded Airports, with people travelling for work or pleasure, don't look like the most fun places on earth, I know. That is why you need these amazing airport tips to make sure to know how to spend your extra time in an airport.

airport tips, aeroport tips

Unfortunately, we have to get to the airport at least a couple of hours earlier and in some cases, even before.

In some unfortunate times, our flight can be delayed (in that case check out Compensair or Air Help to see if you can get some money back for the delay), and we get stuck for god knows how many hours waiting to board.

Luckily, our flight is right on time most of the time, but we still have 1 or 2 hours to wait. How often did you end up bored waiting to board your flight and keep looking at the clock every 5 minutes? I did.

That is why, the last time I was in an airport, I tried to find some entertaining things to do to save myself from boredom.

aeroport tips, airport tips

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look at the planes leaving and landing

1. Watch other planes coming and going:

Wasn't our favourite things to do when we were kids? It was for me.

I was lucky enough to start flying when I was four years old, and I remember that I loved it. It is so relaxing and also enjoyable to see how well planes land (most of the time).

charge your phone at the airport

2. Charge your phone for free and update your social media:

There are free USB plugs in every airport, so use them, and while you are charging your phone, post a picture of you and your friends at the airport on your profile.

enjoy the airport lounge

3. Enjoy the airport lounge:

I have always thought that airport lounges are crazy expensive, but only because I have never checked the prices.

In some airports, prices are not so bad, so I advise you to check them out if your flight has been delayed, and you have more than 3 hours to wait and some spare money to spend/invest.

enjoy a coffee at the airport

4. Grab a coffee:

Airports always make me sleepy, so drinking a coffee is an excellent way to keep yourself awake (unless you are with some travel mates and they will wake you up when it is time to boar the plane).

You can have a walk inside all the coffee shops (if there are more than one), have a look around, what they offer, prices etc., it will take you some time but at least time will fly faster than staying sit looking at the floor.

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learn a bit of the language they speak at your destination

5. Refresh all the destination language sentences you learned for your travel:

I always advise learning some basic sentences before a trip.

They will help you communicate with locals, ask for direction and suggestions, or maybe communicate with someone you fancy at the bar you will go to tomorrow night.

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check your travel itinerary

6. Check your travel itinerary with your travel mates or alone:

There are so many apps you can download to plan your travel that you have no idea. My advise is to check them up and download what you think could help you planning and during your holiday.

7. Do some additional research for your travel:

Researches are never enough, so do some more. You might end up finding something very cool to do as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Check out My Destinations here. Maybe you are going to a place I have visited already.

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duty shop airport

8. have a walk around the duty-free shop:

I always avoid buying duty-free food, but I found out that sometimes, you can find some excellent deals if you check well enough.

It is only up to you to spot them. You have free time anyway, at least you can use it to find some bargains to eat on the plane!

Maxi Toblerone, anyone?

9. Read a novel or check out the new ones:

I always travel with my e-reader Kindle, so full of novels I have no idea when I will read them all.

I read while waiting to board, on a plane, in my room right before going to sleep, and while relaxing on a beach (I can spend a whole day on the beach reading, seriously).

Check out what e-reader Kindle has to offer.

listen to an audiobook while in an airport

Otherwise, Audiobooks are a perfect solution for people who prefer to listen to a story instead of reading it.

Check out the Audiobooks here.

Another thing to spend some time that I love is checking out the books at the duty-free shop.

They always have the most famous at the moment and most of the time at a reduced price so you can spend some time there, reading some pages and in case you get hooked, you can buy them.

listen to podcast while in an airport

10. Listen to that podcast you want to listen from at least one month:

Do you have a podcast that you keep saying, "I have to listen to it as soon as I have some free time", but you always end up doing something else?

Well, this might be the perfect time to listen to it. There is free wifi at the airport, so enjoy it!

call some friends while in an airport to spend some time

11. Make some phone calls:

Making some phone calls will make the time pass faster, but please go to a quiet place to avoid shouting in the middle of the resting area.

You have some spare time, and free wifi so call your family and friends. It will keep you busy and well entertained.

12. Check what other people do:

In this case, my inspiration comes from one of my best friends. She loves spying on real-life people more than watching a soap opera. She always knows everything. I told her she should be a private detective or a concierge.

book your flight

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If you have already decided where to go on holiday, you should start looking for the perfect flight deal.

I always research the best flight website Skyscanner and Jetradar.

And remember, If you find a flight at a reasonable price, don't wait for it to go up; book it today!

13. Play some cards or travel games with your travel mate:

I have a few games I carry with me while travelling, and they ended up being an excellent idea to kill some free time at the airport or on a plane.

in case you don't have any, have a look at some of the best travel games to carry with you here.

14. Look for someone famous or someone you know:

I saw the Milan Football Team once at my city airport. Unfortunately, they were in a rush to get on a private jet, so I could not take pictures with them.

Other times, I met ex-schoolmates or other people I knew waiting to catch my same flight, so give it a go.

Have a look around.

15. Go to the restroom before they call your flight:

I don't know you, but I hate plane toilets, so I always try to use the airport one.

They have cleaners cleaning them very often, so they are undoubtedly cleaner than the aeroplane ones.

map of the world with foreign money

16. Spend the rest of your foreign money:

Spending the rest of my foreign money is something I always do.

I try not to have too much money with me before leaving the country I have visited, but I always end up with something, so an excellent way to spend them is to buy something at the airport.

I ended up taking home with me a lovely colourfully turtle from Barbados airport.

check out your social media

17. Check out your social media:

Checking out your social media is something we always do when you are bored.