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Trieste Food Guide: 45 Delicious Food and Drinks to Try in Trieste

Updated: 2 days ago

what to eat in trieste? try the pasta with clams, one of the most delicious food to eat in trieste

Do you want to enjoy Trieste in Italy as locals do? In this case, you cannot miss trying the local food I grew up with.

Discover the culinary delights of Trieste with my comprehensive Trieste Food guide on what to eat in Trieste. Indulge in the rich and flavorful pasta dishes the city is known for, or satisfy your sweet tooth with various delicious pastries that make the perfect souvenir for your friends and family.

Your taste buds are in for a treat as you explore the gastronomic wonders of Trieste.

Here are all the most delicious dishes in Trieste, from breakfast to dinner, sweet and savory.

And don't you like to have an aperitivo or a liquor after dinner? I got you covered on that, too, like always. Discover the most loved after-dinner liquors in Trieste (these are also good souvenirs to take home for yourself or your friends).

aperitivo in trieste is a must thing to do in trieste and try the trieste food specialties

Enjoy all the food you must eat in Trieste, to know this city like a local and know what to order in Trieste restaurants.

In Trieste, you won't find only typical Italian recipes but also a mix of Eastern European ingredients that you won't find in the rest of Italy, such as cabbage, goulash, "cren," or horseradish, and mustard. 

You will also have an extensive variety of fresh fish like seabass, tuna, mussels, clams, and cuttlefish prepared in different delicious ways because Trieste is a seaside city.

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Trieste Food Guide: 45 Delicious Food and Drinks to Try


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Meat dishes in Trieste

a trieste typical food is cured meat and local cheeses

1. Salumi / Cured Meat and Cheeses:

Trieste is a haven for meat and cheese lovers, offering various Italian cured meats and local cheeses. From the classic favorites like mortadella, prosciutto, and culatello to the flavorful salame and salsicce, you can find it all in Trieste.

Whether you're looking for a delicious sandwich or a charcuterie board to enjoy while having an aperitivo in one of the many wine bars in Trieste, the city has something to satisfy every meat craving.

You can book an Italian Aperitivo Experience to enjoy Italy as we do and meet other travelers.

jota triestina is oneone of the trieste recommended food

2. Jota:

Jota is the most famous soup in Trieste. Everybody loves Jota.

This soup is typical of that area, but you may also find it in some Slovenia restaurants.

It is made with sauerkraut, potatoes, and beans.

It can be vegan or have some meat in it, like smoked pancetta, ham, or sausages. It is the perfect meal in the cold winters in Trieste.

eat trieste as a local and try the bread dumplings one of the best trieste food

3. Gnocchi di pane o Canederli:

Gnocchi di pane or Canederli are bread dumplings made with dry bread, pancetta/speck, eggs, cheese, flour, milk, and parsley.

You can eat them with ragu alla bolognese or with goulash. Some people like it with butter, so it is up to you.

enjoy trieste food service and eat trieste goulash

4. Goulash:

The Trieste Gulash is one of my favorite dishes to eat in Trieste. It's a meat stew much thicker than the Hungarian Goulash soup.

You will find it with polenta, potato, or bread dumplings.

There is also another version of it made with boiled potatoes inside that my grandmother used to make for me, and it is called Calandracca.

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one of the trieste street food is a pizza with truffle

5. Pizza:

You are in Italy, after all, so enjoy a typical Italian pizza, and to make it local, try the pizza with truffle.

Truffle is from Slovenia and Croatia, and thanks to the proximity of these two countries, locals love to eat it when in season.

one of the best food from trieste is piatto di caldaia al buffet da pepi

6. Piatto Misto di Caldaia:

This mixed plate is made with different cuts of boiled pork.

It is something very typical of Trieste and also one of my favorites.

It goes with mustard and horseradish and is often served with sauerkraut or deep-fried breaded vegetables. I usually eat it at "Buffet da Pepi."

in trieste food market eat mix fish starter with tuna carpaccio and crab salad

7. Antipasto di Pesce misto:

Antipasto misto di Pesce is another option if you want to try as much as possible about the delicious cuisine Trieste offers.

This mixed plate can be a starter or, as my mom likes, the main course because it can be so big to fill you up.

Even if not mentioned on the menu, you can always ask if they can prepare one for you in every fish restaurant. Why not try them all when you can taste so many delicious dishes?

For the best Mixed Fish Starter, book a table at Angelina Restaurant, where you will enjoy a plate of 8 different fish starters.

eat tripe in trieste and all the other local food to eat in trieste

8. Tripe:

When visiting Trieste, one must try the local specialty known as tripe stew. This delicious dish is made with cow stomach, tomato sauce, onion, and herbs and is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

Tripe stew is one of my father's favorites; my grandmother often makes it for him.

trieste liptauer cream cheese on a slice of bread

9. Liptauer:

Liptauer cream is a spreadable cheese dip originally from Slovakia's Liptov region.

In Trieste, liptauer cream is known as "Liptauer Triestino" and is often made with a slightly different blend of spices. It contains sheep ricotta, mascarpone, sweet gorgonzola cheese, spring onion, sweet or spicy paprika, and a pinch of salt.

You can find Liptauer cream in most supermarket, "gastronomie" and local "Osterie."

Fish dishes in Trieste

marinated sardines is part of the trieste food guide

10. Sardoni marinati:

Marinated Sardines is one of the typical ways to eat sardines in Trieste. The sardines get marinated with lemon juice and spices.

Want to learn how to cook real Italian recipes? Check out this Private Cooking Class at Cesarina's Home in Trieste to learn real local recipes to cook for your family and friends.

sardoni in savor is one of the street food trieste

11. Sardoni in Savor:

The Sardoni in Savor is another way to eat sardines in Trieste. They are first deep fried, then marinated with a sauce made with a stew of onions, vinegar, and whine. Some people like to add pinenuts and sultanas.

fried sardines is one of the trieste good food to try in summer

12. Sardoni Fritti / Sardoni Impanati:

Sardoni fritti is fried sardines and sardoni impanati (my favorite ones) are breded sardines. In the picture above, you can see some of my mom prepared often.

They are perfect for a summer lunch with a good glass of local wine.

baccala mantecato is one of the trieste italian food to eat

13. Baccala mantecato:

This excellent receipt is made by mixing salted cod, olive oil, and garlic. All whipped together till it becomes a spreadable cream. It is perfect with polenta or, as I like, on toasted bread.

It goes spread on toast or on top of polenta. It is my favorite, and I always eat it when I return home.

​You can also find Baccala mantecato in Venice. If you fancy a day trip from Trieste, check out my Venice Travel Guide.

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granzievola or spider fish is part of the cuisine of trieste

14. Granzeola o Granzievola:

Granzeola is perfect as a starter.

It is spider fish meat. It is deliciously served in its shell, but it is sometimes used to make a delicious sauce with tomatoes to add to some fresh pasta.

It is not always available and can be expensive, but if you find it on the menu, it is worth trying.​


one of the trieste traditional dishes is an antipasto of raw fish

15. Antipasto di pesce crudo:

This is a starter with mixed raw fish and clams. One of my friends goes crazy about it and always orders it.

That picture is a pic that I took once I had dinner with him. It is very popular in Trieste because the fish is always fresh.

one of the best trieste italy cuisine dishes is fuzi with crayfish and wild asparagus

16. Pasta alla Busara:

Another of my favorite dish is Trieste.

It is a sauce made with crayfish or lobster, fresh tomatoes, and white wine.

It is delicious, and you have to try it. It goes with spaghetti, fusi, or even better with bavette pasta (a different kind of spaghetti shape), and it is absolutely yummy!

17. Fusi :

This kind of pasta is handmade and goes perfectly with every sauce (picture above with Busara sauce).

Two of my favorites are crayfish and wild asparagus or with truffle. If you love truffles, check out the Truffle Experience in Istria

Also, hen sauce is a perfect match.

Have you always dreamed about learning how to make handmade Italian pasta? Check out the Private Pasta-Making Class at a Cesarina's Home with tasting in Trieste.


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one of the best trieste italy cuisine dihs is baccala in bianco, cod stew with wine

18. Baccala in bianco o in umido:

Baccala is another receipt with salted cod, but this time is a fish stew.

It can be in white like in the picture or in red (with tomatoes), and it goes perfectly with polenta.

trieste food culture include spaghetti with clams

19. Spaghetti with Clams:

Spaghetti with Vongole (clams) is one of my favorite pasta dishes in summer when in Trieste. Clams grow in the Trieste Gulf, so they are locally sourced and fresh to be served to you. If you like spicy food, ask your waiter to get them with a bit of chilly in them, my favorite!

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20. Seppie in tecia or in umido:

This is another fish stew made with little cuttlefish and tomatoes that goes amazingly with polenta. Absolutely a must-try when visiting Trieste.

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must try food in trieste is the mixed fish fried

21. Fritto misto:

This is one of my favorites when I want to eat something not precisely healthy ( deep-fried) but absolutely delicious.

In Trieste, you will mostly find it with fresh fish. Sometimes they will tell you which fish is available because it depends on what has been caught overnight.

Do you want to see all the Food Tasting tours in Trieste?

one of the traditional dishes in trieste is mussels with garlic and white wine

22. Pedoci alla Scottadeo or Cozze alla Scottadito:

You will find "Pedoci alla Scottadeo" (mussels) in almost every fish restaurant in Trieste. The best months to eat it are from May to August when it is tastier.

"Pedoci alla Scottadeo" is mussels with olive oil, garlic, white wine, and parsley (some people add to t a few bread crumbs).

There is also a second version made with the addition of tomato sauce.

I think both versions are good. There is another one with mussels and other kinds of shellfish and crustaceans from the Adriatic Sea.

In Trieste, you will find a lot of fresh fish, so many restaurants change their menu based on what the sea offers each season.

one of the trieste famous food is grilled fish fresh catch of the day

23. Grigliata mista di Pesce:

The mixed plate of grilled fish is one of the healthiest options you can choose.

Fresh fish from the sea, grilled with some vegetables or polenta on the side. Mmmhhhh delicious!

in the trieste food culture there is a delicious fish soup made with seabass and mussels

24. Fish Soup:

Fish soup is one of the most loved soups in a seaside city like Trieste. You can find fish soup made with shellfish, crustaceous, or fish.

Are you still planning your trip to Trieste? Check out the best places to see in Trieste to explore the city like a local.

crayfish risotto in the trieste food blog about what to eat in trieste

25. Fish Risotto:

Italy is The best country to eat risotto, so why not try the local fish risotto/ You can find it made with crayfish, prawns and clams, and mixed fish and shellfish.

Looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Trieste? Then you should check out the real dining experience in a local's home in Trieste.

Cakes to eat in Trieste

one of the trieste local food is apple strudel and plum strudel trieste

26. Strudel di Mele o cigliegie:

One of Trieste's favorite desserts is the famous Apple Strudel, served with light vanilla cream or a scoop of ice cream. You can find it in many restaurants and also in every bakery.

Sometimes you may find it made with prunes, strawberries, or apricots instead of apples.


Check out the "Most Complete Guide of Trieste" and get all the information you need to make your next travel successful.

plum dumplings are one of the food to eat in trieste italy

27. Gnocchi di Susine: 

One of my favorites since I was a child. They are potato dumplings filled with prunes and covered with cinnamon, sugar, and butter.

Gnocchi di Susine is a delicious dessert or perfect for an afternoon break (or even for breakfast, they are so good you can eat them whenever you want).

putiza is one of the best cakes to eat in trieste

28. Putizza:

The Putizza is a cake served at Christmas, but it can be easily found year-round and is present on other holidays. It has walnuts, hazelnuts, honey, raisins, chocolate, orange, and rum.

It has a circular shape, and it is my mom's favorite.

You can buy Putizza in any supermarket and local bakeries. These local cakes are the perfect souvenir to buy in Trieste.

the gubana is one of the most delicious cakes to eat in Trieste

29. Gubana:

The Gubana has almost the same ingredients as the Putizza. It doesn't contain honey and sultanas, so it is a bit drier; therefore, you need to add some grappa to it.

the presnitz is one of the best sweets to eat in trieste for breakfast

30. Presnitz:

The Presnitz has the same filling as the Putizza, but the dough and the shape are different, as you can see in the pictures.

You can buy Presnitz in any supermarket or local bakeries.

pinza cake is one of the best cakes to eat for breakfast in trieste

31. Pinza:

The pinza is a brioche cake perfect in the morning with Nutella or prosciutto. It is very soft, not too sweet, and locals love deepening it into their morning cappuccino.

You can buy it in local supermarkets or at Eppinger Cafe in the Trieste city center.

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try gelato at gelateria jimmy muggia trieste, the best gelato in trieste

32. Gelato:

Do I have to explain to you what Italian gelato is? I don't think so. In Trieste, you will see many "Gelaterie," and most of them are excellent.

My favorite one is in my hometown Muggia, Gelateria Jimmy. There you can taste the best gelato in the area and much more.

struki is a delicious bite size cake typical of friuli venezia giulia and trieste

33. Struki:

The Strukie are delicious little bite size made with nuts and grappa. They can be pretty addictive; my best friend Pamela once ate a whole bag one afternoon. You can find them in local supermarkets.

fave is a typical sweet to eat in fall in trieste

34. Fave:

During the feasts for the dead in Trieste, we enjoy these small almond biscuits called fave. These biscuits are flavored with vanilla, rosewater, and chocolate. The fave comes in three different colors, white, pink, and brown, which symbolize birth, life, and death, respectively.

They are not my favorite, but Lajos love them so much he can eat them one after the other like cherries.

crostoli are sweet treats to eat at carnival in trieste

35. Crostoli / Chiacchiere:

Crostoli are Italian fried pastries prepared during Carnevale. These crispy delights are incredibly light and flaky, practically melting in your mouth. Beware, though, because once you try one, stopping at that is nearly impossible!

You can even find them filled with chocolate cream, which is absolutely delicious!

frittole di carnevale are a typocal sweets in trieste

36. Frittole:

Frittole are small fried pastries that are popular in Italy, especially during Carnevale, the festival before Lent.

These sweet treats can be enjoyed in their simple form, with the addition of raisins, pine nuts, and grappa, or they can be filled with delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or pistachio cream.

My mom also makes them with acacia flowers she finds in the forest near our home, absolutely delicious!

the crema carsolina is the best cake to eat in trieste

37. Crema Carsolina:

Crema carsolina is a traditional dessert from Trieste, Italy. It is one of my favorites and you can find it in many bakeries in town.

The crema carsolina is a millefeuille pastry made with puff pastry sheets filled with a custard cream flavored with vanilla and whipped cream. It is then topped with powdered sugar. The name "carsolina" comes from the Karst Plateau, the region between Trieste and Slovenia, where the dessert is believed to have originated.

You can find Crema Carsolina at "Pasticceria La Bomboniera."

kipfel or chifeletti trieste what to eat in trieste

38. Kipfel / Chifeletti:

Trieste chifeletti are made with boiled potatoes and are a type of savory fritter very popular in Trieste gastronomia (a food shop where to buy ready meals). They are made with boiled potatoes, flour, eggs, butter, and salt and are then fried in hot oil until golden brown and crispy.

What to Drink in Trieste

illy coffee for moka is one of the things to try in trieste

39. the famous Illy Coffee:

It goes well for breakfast, for a break in mid-morning, after lunch, and to wake up a bit in the afternoon.

Italians drink espresso every moment of the day; meanwhile, the cappuccino, caffe-latte, etc, are only for breakfast.

one of the best drinks in trieste is aperol spritz

40. Aperol Spritz:

Do you like Aperol Spritz? What about an Aperol Spritz for only 4 euros? I don't know how much they charge for it in your country, but in London, you must pay a minimum of £10,00 for a glass.

It costs much less in Italy, so go for it and enjoy it as an aperitivo, maybe with local charcuteries.

agriturismo trieste drink wine in trieste

41. Trieste Regional Wines:

When visiting Trieste, be sure to sample some of the local wines. One of the most renowned wines in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region is Ramandolo. Another popular choice is Ribolla Gialla, known for its unique flavor.

With its rich and distinctive taste, Schioppettino is another local wine worth trying. Lastly, don't miss out on Friulano wine, which is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

In the image above, I was in an Osmizza in Trieste, a place where everything they sell is locally produced. You should check out some Osmizze too. There is also a Food and Wine tasting experience in Trieste's traditional Osmiza, in case you prefer to book a private tour with your travel mates.

If you love wine and want to explore the city with a local guide, check out the Wine tasting in the Collio wine area with a guided tour of Trieste and Miramare castle.

cittavecchia beer trieste from the giant cave

42. Trieste Cittavecchia Beers:

The Cittavecchia Brewery, born in 1999, produces high and low fermentation beers. All Cittavecchia beers are artisanal, therefore, unpasteurized. Since 2020, the line has been improved with new styles under the Antikorpo Brewing brand.

You can find Civitavecchia Beer in many local bars and shops in Trieste.

liquor terrano is one of the must try liquors in Trieste

43. Terrano Liquor:

Terrano liquor is a unique liquor produced in Trieste and the Slovenian Karst region and is one of my favorite liquors worldwide.

It was created as a way to extend the shelf life of Terrano wine. The liquor combines Terrano wine with cane sugar, lemon and orange juice, alcohol, and cinnamon. The result is a sweet and aromatic product with hints of red fruits while maintaining a moderate alcohol content of no more than 17°.

You can buy terrano liquors in many food shops in the city center and at the Souvenir shop "Tipicamente Triestino" in via Luigi Einaudi behind Piazza Unita' D'Italia.

amaro all erbe trieste piolo max what to drink in trieste and the local trieste drinks

44. Amaro alle Erbe / Herbal Liquor:

Amaro alle erbe is a bitter herbal liqueur from Trieste that is known for its strong and bold flavor.

It is made by carefully blending various ingredients, including hops, gentian, dandelion, eucalyptus, orange peel, absinthe, and cinnamon. Combining these herbs and spices creates this traditional Italian liqueur's unique and distinctive taste.

You can find it at Piolo Max Shop in Trieste and many restaurants and local food shops in the city center.

one of the most drunk drink in trieste is grappa

45. Grappa:

Grappa is a distinctive Italian spirit that is often enjoyed as a digestive. It is made by distilling the leftover pomace from the wine-making process, which includes grape seeds, stalks, and stems.

With an alcohol content of 37.5 to 60 percent, grappa can also be used as an ingredient in cocktails for a unique twist (or added to cakes as my mom often do, like in the apple strudel, she soaked the raisins in it for months for example, the result is delicious).

Grappa is particularly popular during cold winter nights in Trieste, providing a warm and satisfying end to a hearty meal.

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