19 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

Greece is already a pretty low budget destination. Of course, it depends on which island or area on the mainland you choose to visit.

Some can be much more expensive than others, like Santorini and Mykonos, but that does not mean you cannot go everywhere you wish on a budget.

That is why I decided to write this list, made on my personal experiences while travelling around this beautiful and historic country, to help you plan your perfect vacation, without spending a fortune while visiting all the places you have always wanted to see.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

1. Visit off-season:

The Greek high season is in July and August when everything gets crazy expensive, so if you plan to travel on a budget, I highly recommend you book your holiday in May, the beginning of June and September.

If planning to visit Santorini and Mykonos, the first half of September is still pretty crowded (I have been there in these two weeks), so you might opt to see them in the second half of the month or at the beginning of October. The water will still be warm, pleasant, and sunny weather will wait for you, and prices will be much lower.

And you also are going to have the chance to take stunning pictures without the high season crowd around you.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

2. Book everything a lot in advance:

Greece is a famous holiday destination, and the cheapest and best accommodations always get booked faster, so plan and save some money.

Use the Booking widget down below to check prices and availability.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget
Paros is one of my favorite island in Greece

3. Choose less famous islands:

There are thousands of islands in Greece, and you cannot imagine how cheap some of them can be. They are all beautiful so that you won't miss anything.

If you want to visit Santorini and Mykonos and save money, my advice is to stay there for just two days.

18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

Arrive in the early morning and leave in the evening after, when the ferries are cheaper. Book a lot in advance a bead and breakfast but still have the chance to be there and visit these two beautiful but too expensive islands.

Tip: if you are only interested in seeing Mykonos and Santorini's main towns, you can also opt to get there as a day trip if you are staying or coming from a nearby island. Have a look at Ferryhopper, the website I used to book all my ferries in Greece.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

4. Choose to move by ferry in the afternoon or the evening:

If you look at Greek ferries prices, you will see how cheaper they can be in the afternoon, evening or overnight.

You might end up saving for one trip only more than 20 euros, only because you choose to travel in the afternoon.

Use the Ferryhopper widget down below to check ferry prices and availability.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

5. Don't book a ferry seat if travelling during the off-season:

If you choose to travel around Greece in high season, please book a ferry seat (there is a Ferryhopper widget right up to the previous tips) because you might spend hours outside on the deck under the hot sun and trust me, that is something you do not want to experience.

But if you decide to travel off-season, trust me that you won't need to pay more money for an assigned seat. I travelled to Greece in September, and the ferries (all of the 4 I travelled on) were more than half empty so that I could sit almost everywhere I wanted (be careful about the classes, if purchase a second class ticket, you cannot go into the first class. I know it because I tried it).

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

6. If travelling between very distant islands, book an overnight ferry:

Greece is huge, and some islands can be far more than 10 hours by ferry, so if you plan to visit islands that are so distant, why not save money on accommodation and sleep on a ferry?

I can guarantee you that ferry seats can be extremely comfortable. When I left Athens to get to Mykonos, we left early in the morning, and I slept all the time till we arrived at our destination.

7. Most of the best activities to do in Greece are free:

All the beaches are free to access, so you will only need a beach towel and some beach shoes and you are set up for the day.

Snorkelling is free if you bring with you your snorkelling gear. Walking around and exploring is free and bus tickets are very cheap.

18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

And enjoy a beautiful sunset alone, or with your travel mates, well, that is priceless. You can buy a bottle of wine or some beer at a supermarket to drink while losing your sight looking at the sea. Just don't forget to bring your camera to take stunning pictures.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget
Paros island, for these two sunbeds we paid only 20 euros per day in total

8. On many beaches, sunbeds and umbrellas are free (almost):

Maybe not in Santorini and Mykonos, of course, but in other islands, I visited, like Paros and Ios, if you buy something to drink or have lunch at the restaurant/taverna that owns those sunbeds, you can lay down all day for free.

18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

This is something I loved about the less famous islands. In Mykonos, I asked how much they wanted for the first row of sunbeds (part of a beach club), and the price was 150 euros.

For one sunbed!!! Unbelievable!

So ask how much they want for the sunbeds, if you are lucky, they are free, you will only need to spend a few euros to buy some drinks in their bar or have a light lunch (you need to have lunch anyway, don't you?).

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

9. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast:

Bed and Breakfasts can be so much cheaper than hotels. If you book your accommodations a lot in advance you will find so many great options at a very good price.

Do you want to know more about Greece?

Check out “The Most Complete Guide of Greece“ and read all the articles I wrote about it.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

10. Book free walking tours while in Athens:

There are some free walking tours in every major city, so why not give them a try?

You will also meet other travellers, who might give you some advice about places they have already visited and you might also meet some new friends to keep exploring the city together.

Check out all the free Athens walking tours available here.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

11. Avoid tourist traps:

You will see that some restaurants have pictures on the menu or outside the door. The pictures look good, but they are tourist traps, where the food is mediocre and high prices. So please avoid them.

Greece is full of local tavernas where to eat delicious and authentic Greek food, just look for them.

Tip: If I have been there, I surely wrote a "complete guide" where I listed all the local places where to eat original food. Just look for those destinations in "The most complete guide of Greece" (more articles are added regularly).

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

12. Eat far from the main roads:

On the busiest streets, there are always tourist restaurants. My advice is to go a little further, maybe only one or two streets away, and you will find local restaurants full of Greek people where the food will be exceptional at a reasonable price.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

13. Book a scooter to move around instead of a car:

If you know how to drive a scooter, I highly recommend renting one to visit Greece. Otherwise, please do not risk your life and rent a car instead.

Greece has the third highest motorcycles death in Europe, and it is because young people rent them for the first time while on holiday, they get drunk and end up dying while on holiday.

Use the BikesBooking widget down below to check prices and availability.

When I arrived in Mykonos, the guy from the car rental met me at the port to give me my rental car, we chatted a little, and he told me that only that summer, in 3 months, more than 50 kids died while driving a scooter.

I saw a scooter incident and so many kids driving in the worst possible way during my stay, so I was not surprised.

That is why, if you have never driven a scooter, you will rent a car. Listen to me and protect yourself, please. (I sound so much like a mom sometimes, I know, right?).

14. Do not rent a car or a scooter near the airport or the city centre:

In tourist locations, everything is more expensive, but if you look a little further, trust me that you will find great deals and save a lot of money.

My advice is to rent a car or a scooter online. In this way, you will see all the prices available and don't risk ending up without a car available. Check out Discovercars for car rentals and Bikebookings for scooters, motorcycles and quads.

Also remember, to never pay for a scooter/car insurance when booking online. The best price and customer service is if you buy it at the rental car office.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 18 Tips to Visit Greece on a Budget

15. Choose to eat in local Bakeries:

Greek bakeries offer delicious and cheap food. You can buy everything you need from breakfast to lunch and something for dinner.

To give you an example, don't think of a bakery as a place where only buy sweets and bread. In Greek bakeries, you can buy sandwiches, savoury pastry, and hot local Greek food.