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20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

As everyone knows, Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world, therefore, it is also very expensive. That is why, your favourite super-organized travel blogger (ehm ehm, hopefully me) wrote this fantastic and complete list of all the tips & hacks to visit Venice on a budget.

how to visit venice on a budget

Venice is very charming and unique through its architecture and art and continues to boast its enormous fortune accumulated by the Venetian republic many centuries ago.

I think almost everyone wishes to visit Venice at least once in their lifetime, but as you may know, it is also a costly city. So, how to visit Venice on a budget?

That's why I created this list to help you visit Venice without having to break the bank.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

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Do you know about Venice tourist tax?

Venice is a beautiful city, but it comes with a tourist tax. Learn everything you need to know about it with this helpful guide.

Read 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget Below


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

1. Choose to visit Venice during the low season.

The first of my tips to visit Venice on a budget is to visit it from November to April, when everything, from flight tickets to accommodations, costs less. That's why it is very wise to book your holiday during that time.

Another way to save money when visiting Venice is by checking when it is Carnival (the date changes every year but t is one week from February to March) because that is a very famous festivity and everything is much more expensive because of the high demand.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

2. Book your flight tickets on a budget airline.

Ryanair or EasyJet always has excellent prices during winter to go to Venice, so have a look in advance to see when tickets cost less and book them as soon as you find them.

Saving money on accommodations and flights is one of the best ways to save money to visit Venice.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

3. Book your accommodation in a Hostel or a budget hotel.

There are some very cheap hostels in Venice where you can book a bed in a shared dorm for less than 30 euro per night or some budget hotels where a double room costs less than 60 euro.

I advise you to book your accommodations near Piazzale Roma (where the train station is and where you catch the bus to and from the airport) so you will be well connected with transport and no need to walk around Venice with your heavy luggage looking for your Hotel.

If you wish to book a wonderful room with a canal view and you think that it could be too expensive, think again.

I compile a complete list of the best hotels in Venice with a stunning canal view where you will find also the budget accommodation in Venice with a canal view you can book without spending a fortune!

Book Your Accommodation to Venice Today

If you have already decided on your travel dates, you should book your accommodation as soon as possible. Prices change overnight and accommodations in very tourist places are the first ones to get fully booked.

I always start my research on the best accommodation as soon as I decide on my destination, check out the best website: Booking, and Agoda.

Book your favorite accommodation before someone else does.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

4. Avoid visiting Venice during weekends.

I know many travellers opt to visit Venice on a weekend city break, but if you can, choose to see it on weekdays. Flights and accommodations are cheaper, and it is also less crowded.

Keep in mind, that most people visit Venice only during the weekend while they explore the north of Italy.

Do you want to see everything Venice has to offer and save money at the same time?

visit venice on a budget

5. Book in advance the cheapest way to go to the airport.

I don't know how you usually do, but here in Uk, I have to catch a coach to get to any airport. It is the cheapest way, and if booked in advance, it can cost as little as 3 pounds one way. If you know anyone available to take you there, just ask them and save money if it is not too far.

Do you want to know more about Venice?

Check out all my articles in the "Most Complete Guide of Venice" and get all the information you need to make your next travel a success.

visit venice on a budget

6. Do all the necessary research about Venice.

It is essential to know which attractions in Venice you want to see or anything particular you want to do so you will have an idea about how many activities you will have to pay for.

You can find everything you need in my "The Most Complete Guide of Venice", where I wrote everything you need to know before visiting Venice, from museums, activities, food, shopping, etc.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

7. Purchase museums or activity tickets in advance.

Everyone knows that if you book activities in advance, you can save a lot of money, and you will also get skip queue tickets which will make you save a lot of time. (who likes to spend 1 hour in a queue instead to visit Venice? I don't).

Check my article "18 Unmissable Places to See in Venice" to have an idea about what you wish to see during your visit or "17 Most Incredible Museums in Venice" to choose which one you would like to visit and book the ticket in advance.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

8. Don't forget that some museums in Italy are free every first Monday of the month.

This is an excellent tip to keep in mind. So if you decide to be there on a Monday, you will enjoy some museums for free, which is a perfect way to visit Venice on a budget. Keep in mind to be there very early because the queue could be very long.

Here is the List of the Free Venetian Museums:

Giorgio Franchetti Gallery at the Ca’ d’Oro

Accademia Galleries

Archaeological Museum of Venice

Oriental Art Museum at Ca’ Pesaro

Grimani Palace Museum in Santa Maria Formosa

Monumental Rooms at the Marciana National Library

visit venice on a budget

9. Take with you only a Carry-on suitcase.

Most of us ladies love to have different outfits when travelling to look different in every picture, so try your best to pack smart so you won't need a giant suitcase to check at the airport.

Check Out

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

10. Book the bus ticket from Venice airport to Venice and back to the airport in advance.

It can be very cheap if booked in advance and it will also make you save time so you won't need to look for the ticket machine and wait in a queue to make your purchase.

From Treviso airport, this is the bus ticket to Venice you need to buy, while from Venice Marco Polo Airport, this is the bus ticket to Venice you need.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

11. Always take with you a reusable bottle.

Having a reusable bottle is always a great idea. You can take it with you to the airport empty and then fill it up at the free water fountains.

Also, while visiting Venice you can keep it in your backpack or handbag and fill it up in the many water fountains available around the city.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

12. Take with you some food to eat at the airport or on the plane.

This is something that I always advise to do and that I always do myself. Airports food is so expensive, and unless you want to take yoghurt or something creamy that it is not allowed to carry through the security check, you can always bring a sandwich, some fruits, or whatever you like to eat.

While flying, (even if it is only a 2 hours flight) I always have some mixed nuts and seeds to eat while watching a movie or listening to music (I always get hungry when travelling).

If you know you will be hungry while flying, pack your lunch in reusable sandwich bags (they are the best ones because once empty, they don't take up any space in your bag ad you can wash them and reuse them anytime) and save money to spend in Venice instead.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

13. If you have good health and are willing to walk, don't purchase a ferry pass.

Many websites advise you to purchase a Venice ferry pass for the duration of your stay. But trust me that unless you have mobility problems (in that case, please buy one because Venice is big), you really don't have to.

The beauty of Venice is hidden in every corner, and it has to be explored by walking through its alleys.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

14. Purchase a daily ferry ticket for the day you will explore the other islands.

There are many other islands to visit around the main one of Venice. Decide which day you will explore them and buy a daily ticket.

In this way, you will be able to jump on every ferry any time you want without any additional cost. It cost 20 euros and lasts 24 hours.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

15. Sightseeing is free.

The best way to explore Venice is by walking and trying to see as much as you can. You are gonna need very comfortable shoes so please don't forget them at home.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

16. Take stunning pictures.

Every palace in Venice is a work of art, so take with you a good camera and take as many pictures as you can. There are so many unique spots where you can find the best image for your Instagram profile and show all your friends the beauty of this city.

Check Out

visit venice on a budget

17. Eat a big and healthy breakfast at your hotel or hostel.

This is one of the things I do to save money while traveling. The food at the breakfast buffet is there for you and is all paid for, so don't be shy and eat as much as you need.

Please choose healthy options so you will feel full of energy but not too stuffed to walk around the city.

This is an excellent way to not arrive at lunchtime hungry and spend a lot of money to eat. If you see there is a lot of food available at the buffet, you can also make a sandwich to take with you with some fruits. In this way, you won't even spend a penny at lunch (please be respectful of other guests, they have to eat too so don't exaggerate).

visit venice on a budget

18. Buy some food at the supermarket.

If you think you will be hungry and don't want to spend too much money (even though you can eat very cheap good food at the Bacari), there are some big supermarkets in the city (there is a Coop close to Piazzale Roma).

There you can buy something you like and make your own sandwich (cured meat is delicious in Italy so go ahead). To see where to eat cheap Venetian food in Venice, read my article "Best Places to Have an Aperitivo or cheap lunch in Venice".

Valentina's Travel Guide, 20 Tips To Visit Venice on a Budget

19. Choose to have dinner at the Bacari.

Bacari is the way Venetians call a kind of wine bar where you can have a glass of wine for 1.5 euros and the Cicchetti (slices of bread with on top delicious Venetian food) for only 2 euros each.

It is an excellent way to eat locally, try all the delicious food Venice offers, and save money. Check my Article "Best Bacari in Venice".

Check Out

visit venice on a budget

20. Don't buy anything around the area of St. Mark's Square.

I understand that a picture of you having a coffee or an aperitivo in the tremendous big square of Venice can be tempting but be prepared to pay the price of it.

For two glasses of wine, you will end up paying around 24 euros. There will probably be some musicians around you to make the atmosphere even more romantic, but as I said in tips number 19, you can have a good glass of wine for less than 2 euros in the Bacari so think of it before doing it.

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