31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular destinations and an amazing place to visit. It has everything from ancient ruins, beaches and nightlife, rich history and beautiful landscapes, there's so much to see and do. But there are some things you should know before you go!

greece essential tips to visit

Are you planning to visit Greece?

Of course, you are. Welcome to my travel blog, where I share my personal experiences as a "Super organized traveller", as my friends call me.

In this article, you are going to find all the essential tips you need to know to plan the perfect holiday in Greece.

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Greece is a beautiful country, and it deserves to be explored and mostly loved by you.

Trust me.

You cannot visit Greece and not entirely fall in love with its culture, food, stunning islands, and very welcoming people.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

So here is my list of all the essential tips I can give you before visiting this wonderful country.

To make your vacation the perfect one you will never forget and always talk about.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

1. Plan to spend more than one day in Athens:

If there is also a visit to the beautiful Athens in your Greece itinerary, please keep in mind that the capital of Greece was also the heart of Ancient Greece, a very famous empire.

Therefore you should give yourself more time to explore it because it is a beautiful city, full of history, charm and unique places to see.

31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

Many tourists plan only to visit the Acropolis, which stands on a hilltop right in the middle of the city, and trust me that it is worth it, but Athens is not only the Acropolis.

There are many fascinating museums around the city, ancient ruins, and neighbourhoods where to lose yourself exploring every little street.

Also, the restaurant offers fantastic typical food that you cannot miss trying.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

2. avoid Greece in July and August:

I went to Athens, Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos in the middle of September and they weren't crazy busy, but still, I could not walk freely and take pictures in the evening in the main street cause there were too many people passing by.

I went to Kefalonia in June, and it was a very relaxing vacation, with not too many tourists and prices were very low.

31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

Santorini still receives many cruise ships till the end of September, and trust me that you can get stuck in the middle of a little alley because the crowd doesn't move (it happened to me in Santorini and I was there right in the middle of September).

July and August are the high-season months so every tourist city or island is super crowded and accommodations are much more expensive than usual.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece
Me and my friend Pamela on Kefalonia island

3. Do your research about what island could be the best for your vacation:

If you are looking for a party island you should go to Corfu, Mykonos, Paros, Ios, Zakynthos, Kos or Skiatos (Ios and Paros are crowded only during high-season, from September to May they are very quiet).

If you are looking for a quiet island where to relax you should check out Kasos, Lemnos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, and Karpathos to name a few where even during July and August you can relax far from the noisy crowd.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

4. Make sure to learn some essential words:

I know, the Greek language might be intimidating for some of us. Still, you have no idea how hospitable Greek people are.

They will appreciate the effort, so learn some essential words to use at your accommodation or in a restaurant, like good morning, good evening, thank you, etc.

You might end up becoming friends with some locals just because you show them how much you like your country and your culture just only by saying a few Greek words.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

5. In case you want to visit more islands, check how far they are from each other:

Greece is a vast country. Some islands are next to each other, and you can travel between them in only 30 minutes by ferry, but some of them can be 15 or more hours of travel distance.

So check a Greece map and make sure you have enough time to travel to every place you wish to see.

Make sure to do your research and see how to go from one place to another.

Bus and trains work very well on the mainland, and if you want to travel around islands, ferries travel daily, some of them even more times a day.

Check out the ferryhopper widget down below for prices and information about the ferry you need to book to visit the Greece islands.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

6. Sleeping on a ferry overnight can be a good option sometimes:

If you have to spend 8 hours on a ferry to reach your destination, travel at night is an excellent way to save time and money.

It is cheaper, and you will be spending all the time sleeping and waking up at your next destination. In this way, you are also going to save money for one night of accommodation.

I can guarantee you that ferry seats are very big and comfortable, just bring with you a soft beach towel to use as a blanket and a good travel pillow.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

7. In case you wish to do island hopping, plan to stay at least three days on each island:

Every island is beautiful, and of course, you wish to visit many of them but keep in mind that your ferry might not always leave early in the morning.

You might get to your next destination after lunchtime, then go to your accommodation, check in, get ready to go out, and more than half-day is gone.

That is why I highly recommend you make sure to have at least two full days at each place to explore around. Having some time to enjoy the beach is essential, go out at night to a nice restaurant and mostly, relax.

It is your holiday, after all, so don't plan a too tight itinerary. Otherwise, you are going to risk ruining your travel and be tired all the time.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

8. Make sure to always print out your ferry tickets:

When I planned a Greek islands tour, I booked everything in advance from museums, activities, ferries and of course accommodations (like I always do to save money) and printed all the tickets I had.

It was a great choice because they want to see your tickets paper copy while embarking on a ferry.

Otherwise, if you prefer to buy your ferry ticket on the spot, make sure to arrive at the ferry pier in advance and buy your tickets at the ticket office. The queue might be pretty long in some places and during high season, so make sure to arrive a lot in advance.

Another thing you can do in case you leave Athens port and do a hopping island tour is to buy all your tickets at the same time.

Some ferry companies are going to send all of the tickets to you in one go by email. Other companies are going to send you a code to use to collect your ferry tickets at the first port ferry ticket office you are going to go to.

Just be careful to don't lose them.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

9. Always apply good sunscreen:

Sun can be very hot and damage your skin during the Greeks summers, so be smart and buy a good sunscreen lotion with aloe vera as I always do, and please do not forget to apply it more times a day, it is essential to avoid looking like a lobster and spend the rest of your holiday indoor and in pain.

Also, never forget to apply a good aftersun lotion after the shower, every day, even after you went back home. It will help you to extend your tan and prevent your skin to become dry.

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10. Bring your sunscreen from home or buy it at the airport before you leave:

You have no idea how expensive sunscreen can be in Greece, mainly in the most popular islands. A regular sunscreen that you might pay 5/8 euros/pounds at home, in Greece can cost you even twice the price.

So plan and save money, buy a good natural sunscreen lotion and a good aftersun lotion.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

11. Bring with you water shoes:

Greek beaches are beautiful but half of them are not made of soft sand, unfortunately.

Water shoes are very colourful, and comfortable. Trust me, they will save you a lot of pain while walking on the rocks or on the beautiful pebble beach in Greece.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 31 Essential Tips to Know Before Visiting Greece

12. If travelling with friends, please share your meal: