32 Tips to Be Safe While Travelling Alone

Travelling alone isn't always easy. It can be scary but it doesn't mean you are going to be vulnerable. There are many things to consider and there are ways to ensure safety while travelling alone.

travel tips to be safe

It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone or with a friend/partner, the most important thing when travelling is to always be safe.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be afraid to go out by yourself. In fact, traveling alone as a woman is safer than ever before! Read on to learn more about these tips!

Tips: As soon as you book your next adventure, make sure to buy good travel insurance in case you need to “unfortunately” delay, extend or cancel your trip. I recommend SafetyWing. A great insurance company to cover everything about your travel.

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Read 32 Tips to Be Safe While Travelling


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travel with a friend

1. Travel with a friend if you can:

I know that travelling solo is inspiring and gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, but in some cases and places, it is better to travel with someone than travel solo.

It can be your partner, your friend or maybe with an organized tour. You can find travellers looking for travel mates in many Facebook groups, just check them out!

looking for an accommodation

2. Do your research about the destination before booking your accommodation:

Doing all the necessary research before traveling alone is absolutely essential. I did not research the dangerous areas in Athens because I thought all the city centre was safe and I ended up booking a Hotel in the worst place.

Luckily I wasn't on one of my solo trips.

If you are planning to visit Athens, check out my Athens Travel Guide to find out where to book your accommodation and avoid the dangerous areas.

Check out all the places I have visited to learn everything about them here.

book tours to don't be alone

3. Book tours online or at your accommodation and avoid travel agents on the street:

Always book a tour guide through a well-known website when traveling alone as a woman and even when traveling with your friends. Make sure everything will go smooth. Most of the improvised travel agents you meet on the road are scams, so avoid them.

Book online your following travel attractions and tours here.

4. Learn which areas are safe and which ones are not:

I know you want to see your destination as much as possible, but be aware that some areas or neighbourhoods can be dangerous even if you don't travel alone. So plan ahead which one you must avoid.


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avoid scammers when travelling

5. Learn the common scams:

Unfortunately, in tourist places, there are plenty of people that want to ruin your holiday. So do some research about the local scams so you will recognise them.

learn the local culture

6. Learn local culture, rules and laws:

This is very important to avoid any kind of problems. Remember that you are the guest in their countries, not the opposite. So respect their rules and customs.

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buy a good travel insurance

7. Get good travel insurance:

Avoid ending up spending much more than you planned because you forgot to buy good travel insurance.

get a vaccination before to travel

8. Get all the vaccination necessary:

This is very important to avoid ending up in the hospital and completely ruining your travel. So just check out which vaccinations you need at least two months ahead of your travel.

This will give you all the time to book it and be fully covered before your departure.

share your itinerary with your family and friends

9. Give a copy of your travel plans to your family or friends:

Sharing your travel itinerary is very important in case of an emergency. In this way, someone will always know where you are and where to find you if something bad happens.

This rule doesn't only apply when traveling alone as a woman, but also when you travel with your friends.

leave at home your expensive items

10. Leave all your expensive items at home:

Do you really need your laptop, some of your more expensive jewellery or something you really care about while on holiday?

Think about that. Because bags get stolen or lost in the airport every day.

Take with you only items you don't care about too much so in case you lose them, you won't get your heart broken.

take your medication on holiday

11. If you have to take regular medication, divide them between bags:

I am sure you don't want to end up without your essential medicine, so keep with you more than you need and keep some in your backpack and some in another bag or in your jacket.

bring your prescription with you when travelling

12. If you have any health conditions, bring with you a note from your doctor and the prescription:

This is absolutely necessary, so please do it and never forget about it. if you lose your medicine, you can still go to a pharmacy and purchase the same medicine you take at home.

If you don't travel solo, make sure your travel mates are aware of which medications you are taking.

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call your family once a day when travelling

13. Call your loved ones at least once a day to let them know you are ok and where you are:

While travelling, I always send a "Good Morning" message to my parents and then I call them in the late afternoon when I am back to my accommodation to let them know I am ok.

I do it not only when I travel alone, but also when I am with my fiance'. This is the best way to make sure that if something happens to you, someone knows where you are.

don't dress up like a tourist

14. Don't dress up like a tourist:

The best way to attract scammers and people with bad intentions is by dressing up as tourists.

Dress up like when you are in your city or follow the customs. In this way, you won't have a sign on yourself that says: "I carry money and expensive gadgets".

use an old phone while travelling

15. If you have an old phone, use it while you are exploring and get a local sim card:

It doesn't have to be an old Nokia without the internet. It can be a standard smartphone you used before you bought your last one.

If it is still working, use it while on the street (to use google maps for example). Buy a local sim card to use the internet and keep your new one in your pocket to use when you are in a safe area.

Make sure there is a password and none of your bank apps or other ways for people to access important information about you.

Tip: the best idea is to empty completely, create a new google account just to use google maps. Remember you can download offline maps you can use anythime to explore your destination without the need of internet.

16. Memorize on your phone the local authority phone number:

In case something happens, (hopefully, nothing bad will happen to you or around you) but just in case, have them.

Keep in mind that I always wrote all the important phone numbers in all my travel guides.

17. Don't stop to check the map in the middle of the street:

There are many ways to check the map. You can check it on your old phone you are using for travelling, you can enter a shop, bar, restaurant, or museum. Any secure place will work.

In this way, you won't be in the middle of the street where other people will see you don't know the area.

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18. Never share your actual location or plans on social media:

I know everybody loves to share their pictures on social media while on holiday, so do it, just wait one day to post them with your location.

In this way, nobody (apart from your parent or whoever has got your itinerary) will know exactly where you are.

19. Carry with you only what you need:

You don't need to carry all your money, credit cards and gadgets with you all the time.

Explore with only a bit of cash, a prepaid card, an old phone and if you need your camera.