37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

Surely there are things you already know about the famous island of Mykonos, but are you sure to know already all the essential tips that will make your vacation a complete success?

I listed all the tips I think you might need to know in this article before visiting this party island.

I have been to Mykonos during a hopping island tour at the beginning of September, and I liked it a lot.

In Mykonos, you will find an island that has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

It can be the perfect place for party people. It can be family-friendly in case you are planning to visit it with your kids. Indeed it is a gay-friendly island with plenty of gay bars and clubs where to have fun all night.

But it can also be an incredibly romantic place where to have a great time with the person you love.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

1. Plan to spend more than one day in Mykonos:

If there is also a visit to the famous island of Mykonos in your Greece itinerary, please keep in mind that this island is more than just a party spot.

Of course, it is mainly famous for parties, but even if you are not interested in drinking and dancing all night till the sunrise, that doesn't mean this island cannot be for you.

Mykonos has beautiful towns to explore, fantastic beaches, and many restaurants where to enjoy the local food.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

2. Mykonos is extremely busy and crowded during the high season (July-August):

I went there in the middle of September, and even though it wasn't crazy busy, I could not walk freely and take pictures in the evening in the main streets because there were too many people passing by.

My advice is to visit it in June when it's already warm or at the end of September when the water is still warm, and the parties are almost over (if you don't care about them, of course).

Prices will be much lower, and you will not need to book every restaurant you wish to go to a lot in advance.

3. Make sure to learn some essential words:

I know, the Greek language might be intimidating for some of us. Still, you have no idea how hospitable Greek people are.

They will appreciate the effort, so learn some essential words to use at your accommodation or in a restaurant, like good morning, good evening, thank you, etc.

You might end up becoming friends with some locals just because you show them how much you like your country and your culture just only by saying a few Greek words.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

4. In case you want to visit more islands, check how far they are from Mykonos:

Greece is a vast country and some islands are next to each other, and you can travel between them in only 30 minutes by ferry.

But some of them can be 15 or more hours of travel distant, so check a Greece map and make sure you have enough time to travel to every place you wish to see.

Tip: The islands around Mykonos are Andros, Tinos, Syros, Naxos, Paros and Antiparos.

These are only a few of them, and even if you have never heard of them, it doesn't mean they are not worth a visit.

Every Greek island is beautiful. You only didn't hear about them all because they are not part of the most famous ones where everyone goes.

Trust me, in Greece. There are more islands to see than only Mykonos and Santorini.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

5. Sleeping on a ferry overnight can be a good option sometimes:

If you have to spend 8 hours on a ferry to reach Mykonos, travelling at night is an excellent way to save time and money. It is cheaper, and you will be spending all the time sleeping and waking up at your next destination.

In this way, you are also going to save money for one night of accommodation. Check out prices and availability on Ferryhopper, the website I used to book all my ferry tickets.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

6. In case you want to stop in Mykonos while doing island hopping, plan enough time:

Every island is beautiful, and of course, you wish to visit many of them but keep in mind that your ferry might not always leave early in the morning. You might get to your next destination after lunchtime, then go to your accommodation, check-in, get ready to go out, and more than half-day is gone.

That is why I highly recommend you to make sure to have at least two full days at each place.

So you can explore around, have some time to enjoy the beaches, go out at night to a nice restaurant and mostly, relax.

It is your holiday, after all. So don't plan a too tight trip. Otherwise, you are going to risk ruining your travel and be tired all the time.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

7. Make sure to always print out your ferry tickets:

When I planned a Greek islands tour, I booked everything in advance (like I always do to save money) and printed all the tickets I had.

It was a great choice because they wanted to see my ticket's paper copy while embarking on a ferry.

Otherwise, if you prefer to buy your ticket on the spot, make sure to arrive at the ferry pier in advance and buy your tickets at the ticket office. The queue might be pretty long in some places and during high season, so make sure to arrive a lot in advance.

At the beginning of September in Piraeus (Athens's ferry port), the ticket office queue was crazy long.

Another thing you can do in case you leave Athens port and do a hopping island tour is to buy all your tickets at the same time (and a lot in advance) and then print them all out.

Tips: check out the terms and conditions of the ferry company you will travel with.

Every company is different. Some only need a printed copy, other ones want you to collect your ferry ticket at the port ticket office (in this case they will send you a code by email to collect your ticket).

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos
Nammos Bar & Restaurant Mykonos

8. Beaches are free, but the sunbeds can cost you a fortune:

All the beaches in Mykonos are free, and they almost all have beach clubs where you can sip 120.000 euros of champagne while laying on a sunbed that you paid 150 euros (but it is in the first row of the beach).

I am talking about the beach bar and restaurant Nammos, located in Psarou (only for the wealthiest).

It all depends on the beach club, some are more expensive than others and sunbeds prices rise when getting closer to the water.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

9. Always apply good sunscreen:

Sun can be very hot and damage your skin during the Greeks summers, so be smart and buy a good sunscreen, and please do not forget to apply it more times a day, it is essential to avoid looking like a lobster and spend the rest of your holiday indoor and in pain.

10. Bring your sunscreen from home or buy it at the airport before you leave:

You have no idea how expensive sunscreen can be in Greece, mainly in the most popular islands. A regular sunscreen that you might pay 5/8 euros/pounds (for a cheap one), in Greece can cost you even twice the price, so plan and save money.

If you are looking for a good sunscreen lotion, with aloe vera and other amazing natural ingredients that will take care of your skin while on holiday, check out my favourite

sunscreen lotion.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

11. Bring with you water shoes:

Water shoes are very colourful, comfortable, and trust me, they will save you a lot of pain while walking on the rocks or on the beautiful pebble beach (there is not only sand in Greece).

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

12-If travelling with friends, please share your meal:

And saying this, I mean that there are so many delicious foods in Greece, that you cannot just order a starter and a main course for yourself and try only two things that a restaurant has to offer. Unless you are travelling alone, share all the food with your travel mates, order different dishes and share everything.

In this way, you are going to try most of the options on the menu, still feeling satisfied but not fully ready to explode (or maybe yes. Greek food is so good you won't be able to stop eating everything), and you will try most of the delicious food Greece has to offer.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

13. Book a seat inside the ferry:

If you are going to Mykonos by ferry, trust me that travelling on the hot open deck, in the middle of the day, with 40 degrees or even more, is not fun at all.

So make sure to book a seat when purchasing your ferry tickets and ensure that your seat is inside where the air conditioning is always on.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

14. If you are travelling to Mykonos from a very distant place, check the best travelling option:

Sometimes the ferry travel can last more than 8 hours, so if there is a direct flight between your destinations, see it as an option instead of travelling by ferry if the price is not exceptionally high.

In this way, you will save a lot of time that you might spend at the beach instead.


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Check here all the activities and tours available. You won't regret it!

Valentina's Travel Guide, 37 Essential Tips to Know Before Visit Mykonos

15. Eat local:

Greek food in Greece is much different from what you might have eaten in your own country at a Greek restaurant.

My advice is to always do your research about the local cuisine. And when you get to a restaurant, ask your waiter what the local dishes are.