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7 Most Luxury Hotels in Mykonos

Updated: May 29, 2023

When thinking about Mykonos Island, you probably think about a party island where VIPs go on holiday, have fun, and spend a lot of money.

You are not far from the truth because Mykonos is a top-rated summer destination among the world's wealthiest and most famous. It has luxury hotels, expensive beach clubs where most of the favorite DJs play every summer, and luxury boutiques.

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This is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking for a fabulous place to relax, have fun, and let all your worries go.

I created this article to help you find the perfect hotel for your holiday.

All the hotels I listed below are five stars hotels.

With private parking in case, you want to rent a car, with airport shuttle transfer, all beachfront or very close to the beach with swimming pools, where you will find everything you need to make you remember your Mykonos holiday forever.

*Disclosure: This article contains a few affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you I guarantee, if you purchase through my links. See it as a way to thank me for all the information I provide.

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1. Alissachni Mykonos

Stay at the luxurious Alissachni Mykonos and enjoy a range of amenities, including a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, and a shared lounge. All accommodations at this 5-star hotel offer stunning sea views, and guests can take advantage of access to a terrace and a hot tub.

The hotel has rooms with a view of the pool and a balcony. Additionally, the restaurant on the premises serves a variety of cuisines, including Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean.

Guests can request meals that cater to their dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.


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Valentina's Travel Guide, 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos
Myconian Villa Collection Mykonos

2. Myconian Villa Collection:

Located close to Elia Beach and 9 miles from the main town, Myconian Villa Collection is the perfect place if you are looking to spend most of your holiday near your accommodation.

Myconian Villa Collection offers luxury rooms and villas decorated with Cycladic architecture, a fabulous infinity pool to relax all day, a far from the crowded beach, a spa to get pampered with, and a restaurant.

Rooms and villas have marvelous sea views that will make you feel on holiday when you open your eyes.

The hotel offers its guests a delicious buffet-style breakfast, a pool bar prepares tropical cocktails, and the restaurant offers Mediterranean and local Greek cuisine if you are hungry.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos
Photo credit: Mykonos Ammos Hotel via

3. Mykonos Ammos Hotel:

Located on Ornos beach, Mykonos Ammos Hotel is only 3 miles from the main town, not too far and not too close, the perfect place to relax all day to be ready to party in the central city at night.

Mykonos Ammos Hotel is a boutique hotel part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It offers an outdoor swimming pool with beach access, sunbeds, beach service, and a wellness and beauty center.

Rooms are decorated with an exquisite touch. Some have a private hot tub, while others have a terrace with beach access or a beach view.

This hotel serves a delicious buffet breakfast with fresh ingredients and dishes made on the spot.

Do you want to see everything Mykonos has to offer to make your next vacation unforgettable?


Romantic Vacation in Mykonos?

Valentina's Travel Guide, 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos
Photo credit: Bill & Coo Mykonos Hotel via

4. Bill & Coo Coast Suites:

Located in Agios Ioannis Beach, Bill & Coo Coast Suites is only 1.9 miles from the main town.

This hotel offers sea-view suites, with a balcony where the sea will be the first thing you will see when you wake up every morning during your stay.

Some suites have an outdoor hot tub, while others have a private swimming pool. The is also a water's edge swimming pool (in case you want to meet other guests) and a restaurant to enjoy delicious Greek food.

Breakfast at this accommodation is Greek and American style, with many options. At request, you can enjoy a fabulous massage to make your stay even more perfect.

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Valentina's Travel Guide, 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos
Photo credit: Anax Resort & Spa Mykonos via

5. Anax Resort and Spa:

Located not too far from Agios Ioannis Beach, with a beautiful sea view, Anax Resort and Spa Hotel is 3.6 miles from the main town of Mykonos.

This, in my opinion, could be the best location for a honeymoon.

Its rooms have a luxury summer-style decor; some have a hot tub, and others, like the honeymoon suite, have a private pool with a sea view.

The best place for two love birds to enjoy each other company while sunbathing and swimming in your private paradise's corner.

The Anax Resort and Spa is a glamorous place to stay while visiting Mykonos Island, the perfect location for your dream vacation.

Tips & Info About Mykonos

Valentina's Travel Guide, 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos
Photo credit: Mykonos Blanc via

6. Mykonos Blanc:

Located 2.9 miles from the main town, Mykonos Blanc is a luxury boutique hotel on Ornos Beach, where guests can enjoy the day at the beach on the hotel's sunbeds or around its swimming pool.

Mykonos Blanc offers luxury seaside rooms and suites where to have the time of your life while exploring the fabulous island of Mykonos.

Nearby, you will find many restaurants to enjoy a local Greek meal and some bars to party like only in Mykonos.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos
Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

7. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort:

This hotel is located on Agios Ioannis Beach, only 1.9 miles from the main town.

Described as one of the Greekest Style Hotels in Mykonos, this could be the perfect location if you are looking for a place to stay where you have everything you need to make your holiday the best.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort offers its guests some beautiful rooms and suites to enjoy the Cycladic architecture, a health center, and fine dining at the hotel's restaurant, where fresh fish tastes delicious and is perfectly cooked.

Sip a glass of champagne in its white bar while enjoying the sea view on its terrace.

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