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The Best Gelato Spots in Rome where to taste the original Italian icecream

The Best Gelato Spots in Rome

Why is Gelato different in Italy?

Gelato in Italy tastes different (and in my opinion, much better) because it is made differently than the traditional ice cream you can find in other countries. In Italy, they use a lot less fat and it is also stirred at a slower speed to prevent adding too much air into it. The result is a denser consistency and a tastier flavour.

You probably already heard that the best gelato is in Italy and you are aware that you are going to eat a lot of it in Rome. That's why I made this list for you. So you will know where to find and taste the best gelato in Rome.

best gelato in rome

How much does gelato cost in Italy?

A thing you will surely notice when in Rome is that gelato in Italy is much cheaper than in other countries. In the Uk, where I live, for two little tiny scoops, I always have to pay more than 5 £ f I want to eat a real Italian gelato.

While in Italy, with 5 euros, I can get a giant cup that probably I cannot even finish, so enjoy your stay in Italy and eat a lot of gelato, you can think of dieting when you go back home.

how can you understand id a gelato is real?

How can you understand if the gelato is real?

To better understand if the gelato is a real Italian gelato before purchasing it, you should always:

  • Avoid gelato with very bright colours that you cannot make with normal ingredients

  • Always look for signs like "gelato fatto in casa" (gelato homemade) "gelato artigianale" (artisan gelato).

  • Ask for a taste. They will give you just a little spoon, so you can understand if it is real or not.

  • Avoid gelato in a plastic tub. Real gelato, made artisan, comes in stainless steel tubs.

The Best Gelato Spots in Rome

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Read The Best Gelato Spots in Rome Below


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The Best Gelato Spots in Rome


Otaleg have so many awards at the window that, of course, this is one of the best gelato spots in Rome.

From the strawberry grape (yes, it is a kind of Italian grape that taste like strawberry), the apple with cinnamon and cookies, or the cream ones, like a mix of chocolate, coffee and hazelnuts..mmm...delicious!

Their flavours follow the seasons, so you will always find delicious gelato made with the freshest ingredients.

Address: Via di San Cosimato 14a, 00153 Roma.

The Best Gelato Spots in Rome


The owner Claudio Torcè descends from a long generation of pastry chefs. His gelato is famous thanks to his recipes.

He replaced white sugar with fructose, he only uses lactose-free milk and cream, and the waffles and cones are gluten-free.

Addresses: Viale dell’Aeronautica 105, Roma / Viale Aventino 59, Roma / Viale Marconi 445, Roma / Piazza Euclide 25, Roma

The Best Gelato Spots in Rome

Gelateria Lubrano

Another excellent gelateria where you will wish to be able to jump straight inside the fridge and eat everything.

Address: Via Renzo Rossi 39, 00162 Roma.

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The Best Gelato Spots in Rome

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Grezzo's ice cream is absolutely unique in the world panorama. They create a delicious and healthy pleasure. Their gelato is made without milk, eggs, or white sugar. It is made in a natural way with only vegetable, wholemeal and organic ingredients.

So when you feel down, a cup of "Vitality" is what you need: raw chocolate with maca root, ginger, chilli and cinnamon.

If you want to live healthily and for a long time, take a "Longevity" cone: Mango with turmeric, black pepper, ginger and mint.

To stay young, get yourself an"Anti-aging": a mix of ingredients rich in anti-oxidants to combat cellular ageing including Pistachio, Matcha Tea, Goji berries and raw cocoa bean Nibs.

In their stores, you won't only find gelato, they also sell spreadable hazelnut and chocolate cream, cakes without sugar and raw cakes, chocolates, cookies and much more. All delicious and made in a healthy way.

Addresses: via Urbana 130, 00184 Roma / Piazza Mattei 14, 00184 Roma.

The Best Gelato Spots in Rome
Credit: Il Gelato di San Crispino

Il Gelato di San Crispino

This is absolutely a wonderful Gelateria, with delicious flavours like Pear sorbet, Lemon meringue (my favourite), blackberry sorbet, ginger and cinnamon cream, and caramello meringue and whisky cream. They also have a few dairy-free gelatos.

Address: Piazza della Maddalena 3, 00186 Roma.


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The Best Gelato Spots in Rome

Latteria Giolitti

Welcome to paradise. Here you will find many different gelato flavours like caramelized fig, Roman holiday, Malaga, chocolate, coconut and much more. They also sell so many different kinds of cookies and little pastries that you will be satisfied.

Keep your eyes open when visiting this "Gelateria" because it is pretty famous among VIPs, if you check their Facebook page you can see all the pictures of both Italian and American celebrities.

Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40, 00186 Roma.

The Best Gelato Spots in Rome

Al Settimo Gelo

All of the raw materials that characterize the tastes of their ice cream come from small producers, who represent Italian excellence in the best possible way.

They make totally natural ice cream, without the use of industrial semi-finished products, artificial flavours, emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes, and hydrogenated fats.

Address: via Vodice 21/a 00195 Roma.

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