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The Complete Guide to the 23 Best Souvenirs in Trieste

Updated: May 24


Are you planning a visit to the beautiful city of Trieste? You found an excellent article where you will learn about all the typical things to buy in Trieste, Italy, which includes local food in Trieste and handmade souvenirs from Trieste made by locals.

One of the most fun things to do when visiting a new destination is to look for what to buy at the local shops. In there, you will find souvenirs and incredible items to bring back home for you, your friends, and your family.

Trieste has many things you can purchase to bring a little piece of this beautiful city into your home, from delicious sweets to local drinks and handmade items.


Where can I buy good clothes and shoes in Trieste?

In case you fancy some clothes shopping and are wondering where to buy shoes in Trieste or Italian clothes, you will find many high-street brands in the city center in via Carducci, via Battisti, via Roma, via San Nicolo', via Dante Alighieri, via Mazzini, and via San Lazzaro (remember that "via" in Italian means "street").

You will find everything you are looking for to buy in Trieste and even more in the city center so that you will go back home in your new Italian outfit.

*This post contains affiliate links. I receive commissions for purchases made through those links at no extra cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I

recommend them because they are helpful and valuable, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

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What to Buy in Trieste as a Gift?

If you wish to bring home some presents for your family and friends and wondering which are the best gifts to buy in Trieste, this is the article you were looking for. As a local (born and raised in Trieste), I obviously know a lot about what to see in Trieste, where to go shopping, and which are the best Trieste souvenir ideas for your family and friends.

One of my favorite gifts I usually buy for my friends who live in London (where I have been living since 2013) is food. I mean, who doesn't love to receive local food from Italy?

Pamela, for example (my best friend), is in love with the Struki. She can eat a whole pack in one go (I'm not joking). My colleagues love the Gubana, and Lajos always appreciate some Grappa (he is Hungarian, after all).

So read this article till the end, and find out which are the best souvenirs to buy in Trieste for your friend and family (and for you, obviously)!

where to buy souvenirs in trieste italy, at tipicamente triestino shop near piazza unita' d'italia

Where to Buy Souvenirs in Trieste?

You will surely visit the area around Piazza Unita' D'Italia and the old part of the town called Cavana. There are many souvenir shops in these areas and many food shops where locals shop.

The best souvenir shops in Trieste are:


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the cheapest souvenirs in trieste are food and local trieste handmade gifts

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Which Souvenirs to Buy in Trieste


la gubana trieste is on of the trieste unique gifts to buy in trieste italy

1. La Gubana:

La Gubana is my mom's favorite breakfast cake.

The Gubana is a typical cake prepared during periods of great celebration (Christmas, Easter) or on special occasions (such as weddings and village festivals).

Based on leavened sweet pasta with a filling of walnuts, raisins, pine nuts, sugar, grappa, and grated lemon rind. It has a spiral shape, about 20 cm in diameter, and is cooked in the oven.

You can buy it at Eataly or in any supermarket in Trieste.

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espresso cups trieste are a cheap gifts from trieste

2. Trieste Espresso Cups:

If you are a coffee lover, a good souvenir or a gift for a loved one could be an espresso cup. As you can see from the picture above, you can also find liquor glasses with the Trieste seal Alabarda.

Trieste is known as the city of coffee, so an espresso cap could be one of the best souvenirs from Trieste for a coffee lover!

To find these cups and glasses, stop at the shop Tipicamente Triestino in via Einaudi 1, behind Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Unita' d'Italia. It is the best Trieste souvenir shop.

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the pinza is one of the trieste souvenirs best

3. The Pinza:

Pinza is a typical dessert of Friuli Venezia Giulia, particularly of the city of Trieste, a famous classic of the typical cuisine to be prepared for Easter day.

The Pinza looks like a classic brioche; its flavor is not very sweet, but it has a delicate and citrus taste thanks to the addition of lemon and orange zest in the dough.

Its shape is similar to a loaf of bread on which a Y is engraved to symbolize the martyrdom of Christ.

You can eat it like it is, adding some jam or, even better, some Nutella. It also goes very well with a slice of prosciutto cotto. You can buy it at Eataly, in local bakeries or in supermarkets.

Travel Tip: If you are walking in the city center, you can buy all three cakes at the Eppinger Shop in Via Dante Alighieri 2.


Read my "Most Complete Guide of Trieste" and get all the info to make your next travel successful.

trieste presnitz is one of the best trieste souvenirs

4. The Presnitz:

The name comes from Preis Prinzessin, "princess prize", gave on this delicacy after the victory in a competition held between the pastry chefs of Trieste, right at the arrival of the empress Elizabeth of Habsburg at Miramare Castle.

In the years that followed, the name was reinvented by the people of Trieste until it reached today's Presnitz.

It contains pine nuts, sultanas, pistachios, dark chocolate, rum, honey, dry figs, and cinnamon.

I advise buying it at the bakery "Pasticceria Bomboniera," where they have made it with the original recipe since 1836.

Address: Via Trenta Ottobre 3, Trieste.


Check out an incredible experience in Trieste, a Private Pasta Making-Class to learn all the secrets to preparing the perfect pasta dish for you and your family.

trieste mug to buy in trieste as a gift

5. A Trieste mug:

This is a souvenir I love. Mugs always get ruined, or they break so in case you are visiting Trieste, a good way to remember every day about your fantastic Italian holiday could be by buying a fantastic Trieste mug.

To find these mugs, stop at the shop Tipicamente Triestino in via Einaudi 1, behind Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Unita' d'Italia. This is one of Trieste's best souvenir shops.

You should check out the Prosecco Tasting Tour in Trieste if you fancy some good local prosecco. It lasts 2.5 hours and takes you to where one of the most famous wines in Trieste is produced!

the struki are trieste souvenirs price very low

6. I Struki:

The Struki are typical sweets with the shape of bundles made with the same filling as the Gubana.

These are my best friend's favorites, and I always bring some back to London for her.

They are like popcorn. You will eat the whole pack in one go, so be careful if you are on a diet because it can create addiction.

You can find them in any supermarket next to the other local sweets.


Read the "Most Complete Guide of Trieste" and get all the info to make your next travel successful.

le fave trieste what to buy in trieste italy

7. Le Fave:

Fave are small almond biscuits you can find in most bakeries and supermarkets in Trieste.

There are three kinds of them:

  • White ones: flavored with vanilla that symbolizes birth

  • Pink one: made with rosewater that symbolizes life

  • Brown ones: made with chocolate that symbolizes death.

They are usually eaten in Trieste during the feasts for the dead in October and November but you can buy them every month of the year.

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trieste bora wind souvenirs to buy in trieste

8. A souvenir to remember the wind Bora:

Hopefully, you won't experience the Bora wind at its strongest. It can ruin a wonderful day of exploring the city if you are not used to walking with a very strong wind.

These are handmade by a local lady who loves to recreate the typical scene when Bora blows and are one of the best things to buy in Trieste, in my opinion.

To find these fantastic souvenirs, stop at the shop Tipicamente Triestino in via Einaudi 1, behind Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Unita' d'Italia.

pasta in italy to buy as souvenirs in trieste

9. Pasta:

Pasta is one of the most famous foods when thinking about Italy. Buying some special pasta could be a great idea if you wish to bring some original and delicious Italian food back home.

You can find all this pasta at Porta Cavana Specialita' Alimentari.


Experience the ultimate dining experience in Trieste with a private 4-course meal in the comfort of a local's home. Immerse yourself in the region's culinary traditions as you witness an exclusive cooking demonstration and indulge in authentic recipes. Afterward, sit down and savor the delicious meal you helped create.

where to buy coffee in trieste, in every supermarket and local food shop

10. Illy Coffee:

Who doesn't love coffee?

Even if you are not a big fan of it, I am sure you will love this famous brand after you have tasted it.

I grew up with the smell of the coffee beans just roasted in the air.

The headquarters of Illy Coffee is between my hometown, Muggia, and Trieste, and every time I pass by around 2 p.m., I can smell the toasted beans.

When I am abroad, I always look for the Illy brand. It will always be my first choice everywhere in the world. If you are close to Piazza Unità d'Italia, you cannot miss their official shop at EATALY, where you can buy as many packs of coffee as you want.

illy coffee is the best souvenir to buy in trieste italy

They sell everything there, from every selection of their famous coffee to coffee machines and also their coffee cup collections.

Last time, I left with a bag full of coffee to take with me to London.

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art collection illy esprsso cups, buy coffee in trieste italy

11. The famous Illy coffee espresso cups:

Trieste is Illy coffee headquarters, so if you love coffee and art, these are fantastic espresso cups to take home with you. They are not just espresso cups, they are a work of art.

You can purchase them at Eataly, near Piazza Unita' d'Italia.

one of the best trieste gifts and souvenirs is a moka coffee maker in italy trieste espresso

12. The Italian Moka:

The Italian Moka is the most used coffee maker in Italy. If you plan to buy some Italian coffee, don't forget to purchase a great Moka to prepare your coffee and think about your Italian holiday first thing in the morning.

italian wines are one of the top trieste souvenirs

13. Italian Wines:

If you like wine, you will try many different ones while visiting Trieste.

If you don't know much about wine and don't know what to buy or order, ask your waiter or a wine shop owner to help you choose the perfect one for you.

There are plenty of places where to purchase wine in the Trieste city center. Remember that in Itay you can find great wines at the supermarket.

Where to buy wines in the Trieste city center:

You should check out the Prosecco Tasting Tour in Trieste if you fancy some good local prosecco. It lasts 2.5 hours and takes you to where one of the most famous wines in Trieste is produced!

piolo max liquors are the best gifts to buy in trieste

14. Piolo Max Liquors Shop:

This is one of the most famous brands of liquors in Trieste.

At Piolo Max shop, you can find liquors for every taste, from herbal grappa to Nutella liquor, fruit ones (the last time I tried the mango one, it was delicious), and some more particulars like the camomile grappa.

Many bars and restaurants in Trieste sell this brand of liquor. In case you are thinking of taking back home something handmade, really tasty and typical from this fantastic city, in their shop you can find so many options that you will need an additional suitcase to go back home.



You should check out this incredible Italian Aperitivo with a Local in Trieste to experience the best way to end a fabulous day of exploration.

terrano wine liquor is a tasty liquor to try in trieste italy

15. Liquore al Terrano:

Terrano liquor is probably my favorite liquor to drink in Trieste. It is made with Teran wine that is produced from Teran grapes. Teran wine is believed as one of the most elevated-quality red wines thanks to its rich and robust character.

The taste is quite sweet, and if you like it, be careful because it goes down like juice.

To find this liquor, check out a local food shop, the Piolo&Max shop (they make their own version), or stop at the shop Tipicamente Triestino in via Einaudi 1, behind Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Unita' d'Italia.

prosecco aperol spritz kit to buy in trieste

16. Aperol Spritz kit:

In Italy, but mostly the northeast side of Italy is where the famous Aperol spritz comes from. You cannot miss drinking it while visiting Italy. Aperol spritz is the best drink you can order for your aperitivo (or at least it is my favorite).

If you want to take a bottle of Aperol home with you, buy one bottle of Aperol and one of a good Prosecco. If you are traveling with only a carry-on bag, don't worry, you can find them at every airport in Italy.

You should check out the Prosecco Tasting Tour in Trieste if you fancy some good local prosecco. It lasts 2.5 hours and takes you to where one of the most famous wines in Trieste is produced!

crema di limoncello and limoncello to buy in trieste italy

17. Crema di Limoncello or Limoncello:

Limoncello, or Limoncello cream, is a delicious lemon liquor. One is essentially made with lemon peels, sugar, water, and alcohol, while the Limoncello cream is made with the addition of cream.

The taste is fantastic, but the cream one is less strong than the original Limoncello, so be careful because you might drink too much of it (but you are on holiday after all, so unless you have to drive, enjoy it responsibly).

18. Dark Chocolate liquor:

This dark chocolate liquor could be a great gift for a chocolate lover (if they drink alcohol, obviously). You can find it in all Italian airports, so you can easily purchase it before returning home.

cured meat to buy in trieste as souvenirs

19. Cured Meat:

In Italy, you will find cured meat to taste, while in Trieste, these are the local ones that everyone loves and eats in Trieste:

  • Cotto Trieste: in bread crust, top-notch production, only with Italian thighs

  • Porcina: boiled Italian pork neck, the symbol of the gastronomic culture of Trieste

  • Panciotta: Italian leg bacon, flavored, spiced, and roasted in the oven

  • Nero Trieste: German thigh wrapped in salted caramel

  • Culatello cotto: the noblest part of the leg

  • Collo affumicato: European pork neck seasoned and smoked according to a historical recipe

  • Speck Cotto: leg of European pork, boned, in bread crust and lightly smoked

  • Tipico: authentic Praga of German thigh, smoked both in bread crust

  • Porchetta: bacon and European pork loins in bread crust, lightly smoked

  • Speciale: European leg on the bone, unsmoked, in bread crust or plain

You can purchase all these delicious cured meat in any supermarket in Trieste.


Experience the ultimate dining experience in Trieste with a private 4-course meal in the comfort of a local's home. Immerse yourself in the region's culinary traditions as you witness an exclusive cooking demonstration and indulge in authentic recipes. Afterward, sit down and savor the delicious meal you helped create.

trieste local cheeses to buy in trieste

20. Local Cheeses:

If you love cheese, you will love Trieste local cheeses. Unmissable is the Liptauer, a frame made with goat ricotta and paprika. Perfect on a slice of toasted bread.

The Jamar, cured in Triste caves. The Tabor, made with milk from the Trieste Carsk, and the Monte Re, made between the Carsk and the Slovenian border.

You can find all these cheeses in the biggest supermarkets in Trieste and Salumerie (cured meat shops).


There is an incredible tour in Trieste for you to book. Explore the Trieste Karst with local product tasting with a local.

buy aria di trieste as souvenirs

21. Aria di Trieste:

The famous Trieste Air is a very good perfume to buy in any "Il Tulipano" shops. They sell different kinds, so try them all and choose your favorite one.

buy grappa in trieste

22. Grappa:

Experience the authentic taste of Trieste's grappa. From traditional distilleries to modern craft producers, there are many grappa flavors to choose from.

You can find grappa in supermarkets and local food shops in the city center. You will also find it in any bars and restaurants.

Locals love to drink a shot of Grappa after their meals because it is believed it helps digestion. My mom loves to make grappa. She buys the plain one and adds to it berries she finds in the woods around Trieste and Slovenia.

buy local beer in trieste, cittavecchia beer

23. Local beer:

If you love to try local beers in Trieste, these are the best places. where they produce local beer:

  • Birrificio Cavana (via della Pescheria, 18 - Trieste)

  • Birra Campagnolo (strada delle Saline, 30 - Muggia)

  • Big Ben Pub (viale Miramare, 285 - Trieste)

  • Birrificio Cittavecchia (z.a Stazione di Prosecco, 29/e - Sgonico)

  • Mastro Birraio (via Felice Venezian, 24 - Trieste)

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