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Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome

Only thinking about Tiramisu' and I already got hungry. Tiramisu is one of the most famous desserts around the world and during your holiday, you will have the chance to taste the best tiramisu in Rome.

In this article, you will find listed all the best places where to taste only the best.

Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome

What is the history of the Tiramisu'?

Documented records say that Tiramisù has been created in Treviso in 1800.

The name Tiramisu' comes from the Treviso dialect, “Tireme su” (means: pull me up). It has been Italianised into Tiramisù in the second half of the 20th century.

It is believed that Tiramisu' was invented by a very smart “Maitresse” of a house of pleasure in the centre of Treviso city, on the northeast side of Italy.

Tiramisu' is one of the most delicious desserts in Italy, easy to make, and it can be found in different variance, like with Nutella, with liquors (I love to make the Nutella Baileys one) or my favourite for the summer, with pineapples (of course there is no coffee in this one).

So because I am sure that most of you, or maybe all of you, love the delicious Tiramisu, here is a list of where you can eat it in Rome and trust me that you will be delighted.

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Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome


This is one of the best desserts creation ever done. Here, you will be able to get your Tiramisu made for you on the spot with all the ingredients you will choose.

There are so many different ingredients to choose from you are going to come back again to create a new one.

Address: Via Angiolo Cabrini 14, Roma.


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Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome
Credit: Pompi


This is probably the most famous Tiramisu' shop. There are also a few in London. Here, you will find so many different versions that you will be satisfied with, like Strawberry, Pistacchio, Banana and Chocolate, Hazelnut, and some delicious gluten-free options.

There are different locations. Here are some:

Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 313, Via Santa Maria in Via 17, Via della Croce 82.

Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome

We Love Tiramisu'

Here you will also find the authentic recipe (with only mascarpone, eggs and sugar) with a few variants like Pistacchio, Strawberry, Pralinato and coconut and chocolate.

Address: Via Appia Nuova 131, Roma.

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Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome

Su'- Tiramisu'

Here, you will find up to 6 variants of Tiramisu', the classic one, with coffee, mango, hazelnuts, or strawberries. It is the first Tiramisu' with a waffle at the bottom instead of the traditional biscuits "Savoiardi".

As soon as you break it, it will release a delicious liquid that will make your experience even more unforgettable.

Address: Via di Tor Millina 34, Roma.

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Most Famous Places to Eat Tiramisu' in Rome
Credit: Zum


Here you will find only the original version of the Tiramisu', with only natural and organic ingredients. Of course also here available in different variations like choco-orange, wild berries with raspberries, amaretto, strawberries, pistachio, hazelnuts and much more.

Address: Piazza Teatro di Pompeo 20, Roma.

You will find Tiramisu' in most Italian restaurants, so if you are planning a little Italian tour during your holiday, be assured you will have many opportunities to eat some delicious tiramisu'.

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