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Unmissable Local restaurants Where to Have the Best Dinner in Rome

Rome boasts many restaurants, but the food from tourist traps doesn't often make it easier. It isn't easy to say carbonara isn't created equally. Which are the best restaurants to dine and drink in the ancient Roman capital? Find some of the best restaurants in Rome here.

spaghetti alla carbonara, with pecorino romano rome
Spaghetti alla Carbonara

What is the most popular food in Rome?

The uncontested Queen of Roman food is the pasta alla Carbonara. A real delicacy you cannot miss to try when visiting Rome or anywhere else in Italy. Obviously, everything you will eat in Rome is going to be absolutely delicious.

chef making handmade italian pasta with a pasta machine

What are the foods Rome is famous for?

Roman cuisine is so full of delicious recipes that you will have to stay at least one week in Rome. From pasta alla carbonara (as mentioned above), there is something for every taste:

  • Spaghetti all'amatriciana

  • Gnocchi alla romana

  • Pasta con la pagliata

  • Quinto quarto (trippa)

  • Suppli'

  • Pasta cacio e pepe

  • Carciofi alla giudia

  • Abbacchio alla scottadito

  • Saltimbocca alla romana

  • Fagioli con le cotiche

  • Filetti di baccala

  • Pomodori ripieni gratinati

  • Insalata di punntarelle

  • Crostata di visciole

  • Maritozzo con la panna

These are only a few of the most typical foods that originated in Rome. If you want to know more about them, have a look at 28 Delicious food and drinks to try in Rome, where I wrote all the best local food to eat in Rome, with the exact explanation about each of them.

Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome

Cena / Dinner

And at the end of a long day exploring this magical city, it is time for dinner, and I am more than sure you will be hungry. Or at least I hope because I have a great list of the best local restaurants in Rome where you will be so satisfied that you will subscribe stray away to my newsletter to be constantly updated about new destinations and download all my checklists!

Some of you may know that Italians love to spend a couple of hours having lunch or dinner.

It is unlike other countries where you sit, order, eat, pay, and get out in one hour.

In Italy, we like to spend even 3 or 4 hours having our meal with friends at a restaurant (we don't spend 3 hours having lunch when at home, unless we are celebrating something, like birthdays, Christmas, etc)

Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome

An Italian meal starts with an antipasto (starter), followed by a primo piatto (first course made of pasta, gnocchi, lasagna etc.), then a secondo con contorno (second course made of fish or meat with a side).

If we still have some space in our stomach, we also order a "dolce" (dessert).

Dessert is followed by a caffe' and an ammazza caffe' (literally coffee's killer) that consist of liquor like grappa or something sweeter like limoncello. We believe that it helps us to digest better (and it does, try it when in Italy).

The first time I went to eat out in Italy with some foreign friends, we sat in a restaurant at 8 pm and left after 11.30 pm. They were so surprised at how fast the hours flew and obviously they loved it.

Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome

This is the Italian style, and you will be in the capital of Italy, so enjoy the culture and customs.

If you are looking to discover the typical Roman recipes, to have a better idea of what to order, have a look at my article 28 Delicious food and drink to try in Rome. And you will go there already knowing what you want to try!

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Let's start with the Best Restaurants where to have Dinner in Rome

Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome

Osteria da Fortunata

Here you are going to find authentic Roman recipes that you are going to love. They make the pasta fresh on the spot where you can see all the work behind the pasta you eat. Isn't it amazing?

They have the most famous Roman pasta dishes and second courses, like the saltimbocca, coda alla vaccinara and much more.

Address: Via del Pellegrino 11/12, 00186 Roma.

Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome

Da Enzo al 29

Only typical recipes are available here, all delicious, from pasta dishes to their second course and desserts. You are going to love their food, and the prices are also affordable.

Address: Via dei Vascellari 29, 00153 Roma.

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Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome
Credit: Est Artigiani del Gusto

Est Artigiani del Gusto

You will love that you can taste Italian cuisine with a more sophisticated touch in this restaurant, perfect for a romantic dinner. They only make typical Italian recipes with only natural organic ingredients.

They also respect the seasons, which means they only make food with what nature gives in that period of the year.

Address: Vicolo della Cancelleria 11/12, Rome.

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Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome
Credit: Taverna Trilussa

Taverna Trilussa

In this restaurant, you will like that they serve you the pasta inside a hot pan instead of on a plate.

I find it very original, which is like in old Italian movies and also the food is delicious and typical so have a look at it, you won't regret it.

Address: Via del Politeama 23, 00153 Rome.

Unmissable Local Places Where to Have Dinner in Rome
Credit: Cantina e Cucina

Cantina e Cucina

This is another delicious restaurant where they serve only typical Roman recipes. They also serve pizza if you are looking for a great place where you can eat both pasta and pizza so all your travel mates will be happy and satisfied.

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio 87, 00186 Roma.

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