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The Complete Venice Tourist Taxes Guide

Updated: Feb 7

tourist fee in venice, how to pay them and how much to pay

Are you visiting Venice soon and want to know more about Venice tourist taxes? Learn in this Venice tourist fee guide about the difference between the Venice entrance fee and the Venice overnight tax, how to pay them, and how to get a spot to visit this incredible Italian city.

Get the lowdown on all Venice tourist tax regulations in one place with this helpful guide.

The Complete Venice Tourts Taxes Guide is part of the Venice Travel Guide, where you can find all the information you need to visit Venice, from what to eat and where to stay, the best souvenirs to buy in Venice, and the unmissable places to see.

taxi boat in venice canal in summer in venice italy, how to book to entry venice

Venice is looking for sustainable tourism; we should all be happy about it.

In April of 2022, Easter weekend was bustling with tourists who had come to explore Venice's main attractions, such as the Palazzo Ducale and the Piazza San Marco.

During this time, there was a peak of 160,000 visitors on Saturday, 16th April - showcasing the gradual recovery of tourist numbers that Venice has seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

For many years now, Venice has been facing the issue of over-tourism. In 2019, a staggering 30 million travelers visited Venice, making it difficult for its infrastructure to handle the overwhelming influx of visitors.

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Most notably, much of this tourism was from day trippers who did not contribute any revenue to the city's tourism industry, like booking accommodation, visiting museums, shopping, and eating out (and they missed a lot).

Venice has taken several measures to balance the influx of tourists with the needs of the local population. One of them was a ban on big cruise ships entering its lagoon.

I can imagine being on a cruise and entering Venice. The view from up there is undoubtedly stunning, but this ruined the city by polluting the canals and contributing to the deterioration of the city's foundation.

We all want to preserve a fantastic city like Venice, am I right?

tourist tax in venice is a new entry fee every tourist has to pay to visit venice

Venice is introducing an innovative booking system to manage visitor numbers further. This new system is expected to help meet the demands of both locals and travelers alike.

We should all be okay with paying the local tourist tax. Even if you don't meet the requirements to be exempt from it, the amount of the tax is relatively small.

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I have visited Venice many times; it is only two hours from my hometown Trieste. I visited Venice in every season, and I saw how crowded it can get.

During summertime, Venice is so overcrowded you cannot walk. To get somewhere where normally you would walk for only ten minutes, you can easily spend one hour just because every street is packed with tourists, not to mention the risk of falling into the canals.

Travel Tip: Please don't think having a dip into Venice canals could be refreshing. It's pretty disgusting because many houses and old hotels still release sewage into Venice canals, so be aware before refreshing your feet in it.
to visit venice for the first time you have to book your entrance fee to visit venice

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you need to book our entrance in venice and pay the venice tourist fee

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Venice, a popular tourist destination, recently implemented a new fee. This fee is aimed at managing the increasing demand and preserving the city's cultural heritage.

If you're planning a trip to Venice, it's important to be aware of this fee and its details. Keep reading to learn more about the Venice tourist fee.

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vencie is making tourists pay to visit the city to stop overcrowded the city

Why is Venice charging Tourists?

The city council will introduce a new entry fee to prevent the city of Venice from being overrun by tourists. Visitors to the historic Italian city must pay anywhere from €2-€10 ($2-$11) if they stay for less than 24 hours.

This booking system intends to help preserve one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, so it is an excellent way to take care of the world's most romantic city.

Travel Tip: if you have never been to Venice, you probably have no idea how crowded the city can get during the summertime and the Carnival month. Venice has so many tourists that you cannot walk along canals without risking falling into the water (and the canal's water is full of sewage drains, so not inviting for a dip).

things to see in burano island venice in spring summer,

The areas where the fee will apply:

Venice has imposed a tourist fee for visitors to its iconic city center and the other islands you should visit in Venice: Lido di Venezia, Pellestrina, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant'Erasmo, Mazzorbo, Mazzorbetto, Vignole, Sant'Andrea, La Certosa, San Servolo and Poveglia.

Tourists must pay this fee to access these historically significant areas of Venice.

places to see in venice if you pay the venice entrance fee

Do I need to pay a fee to enter Venice?

If you (like many other travelers) dream about your next trip to Venice to explore this famous and romantic city and wonder if you must register to go to Venice, the answer is yes!

Keep that in mind before booking your plane ticket, and make sure there are still spots available for your vacation in Venice.

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If you're considering a trip to Venice, here is what you need to know about taxes: who must pay them, how much they'll cost, and what types of taxes are applicable.

What is the difference between the Venice tourist tax and the Venice tourist fee?

Tourists visiting Venice are now liable for two types of taxes :

  • the "tassa di soggiorno" or overnight tax, anyone staying in Venice more than one night has to pay;

  • the "contributo di accesso," a day-trippers tax for anyone coming for a day.

Both fees can be paid either online or on arrival.

Tip: The easest solution for you is to pay the "overnight stay" when you check in at the hotel and if you visit Venice on a day trip, book your entrance ticket online in advance.
grand canal venice bridge, pay venice tourist fee in winter in venice

Do you need to pay the Venice tourist tax and the Venice tourist fee?

No, you won't have to pay both taxes, only one of them.

  • The overnight tax is only paid by those staying overnight, and the amount is based on the number of nights spent in Venice and the accommodation's star rating.

  • The day-tripper tax affects those visiting without an overnight stay (visiting Venice on a day trip) and is calculated according to the number of people expected to see that day.

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Visiting Venice has gotten more complex (nothing to be scared about), introducing a new tax. To plan your day trip, you must book your visit using the city's booking platform.

What is the Venice tourist fee?

Travelers who want to visit Venice must pre-book and pay a fee.

The new tax Venice planned to implement was announced in February 2019, which would be added to the tickets of any public transport reaching the city. It was set for an introduction in January 2023, but great floods and the pandemic postponed its add-on.

how much is the tourist fee to Venice, and How much does it cost to enter Venice?

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How much is the entrance fee to Venice?

The city of Venice has established an access tax of 5€/person. To manage the volume of daily tourism and limit overcrowding, the Venice tax's daily cost will fluctuate depending on how many visitors are expected in the city.

There will be a lower tax amount on days when few tourists are expected, while there will be a higher tax cost on days with an increased number of tourists.

So, how much will the entrance fee cost in Venice?

A tiered tax system has been implemented to help manage crowds in the city:

  • A 3 euro per person tax (Green Light) is applied when fewer people are expected to arrive.

  • A 6 euro per person tax (Yellow Light) regularly applies, while an -8 euro/person tax (Red Light) applies when excessive travelers are expected.

  • 10 euro per person tax (Black Light, the highest one) applies when there are overwhelming visitors.

How many tourists are in Venice per day visiting the rialto bridge in venice

Why is Venice charging an entry fee?

The locals have faced a burden with 5 times more day tourists than long-term visitors to the city. With 20 million daily visitors coming and going, these people caused a significant increase in maintenance costs for the town but didn't contribute anything back.

To ensure that locals don't have to bear this added financial expense alone, a tourist fee will be implemented for each non-contributing traveler.

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the entrance tourist fee will help venice stop overcrowding

What will the tourist fee money be used for in Venice?

The funds collected from day-trippers will decrease what Venetians must pay to use public services and help reduce costs such as the Garbage Tax, which is currently very high.

How do I register to enter Venice?

The website is ready, and you can book your ticket on the official Venice Access Fee website.

Are there going to be entrance gates to enter Venice?

Venice is an island, and there are only a few entrances. The police will be stationed at the few access points to Venice, so ensure you have paid these taxes before entering the island.

When will travelers have to pay to visit Venice?

Venice tourism office has recently announced that their Venice Access Fee, which was initially planned to go into effect on 16th January 2023, will start to be implemented from April 2024.

You won't need to pay the Venice Entrance Fee every day. They decide to have a trial period, so check out if you need to pay this fee for the days you plan to visit Venice here.

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Are you looking to save some money on your next vacation in Venice? Here are all the answers to your question about avoiding paying the Venice tourist fee.

Who will have to pay the entry fee to visit Venice?

All visitors to Venice must pre-book their visits in advance. However, residents and their family members, children under six, and guests staying overnight at a local hotel are exempt from the entry fee.

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you need to pay the tourist fee to visit murano island in venice

Who will be exempt from booking a Venice entrance ticket?

Venice, the City of Masks, will soon use a mobile app to grant access to its turnstiles.

People who don't need to pay the Venice entrance fee:

  • Local commuters living in the Veneto region,

  • Students,

  • Kids under 6 years of age,

  • People with disabilities,

  • People staying in a Venice hotel,

  • Football supporters coming to Venice to support their team playing against Venice,

  • Workers will all have access to the virtual key, which allows them to pass through these security checkpoints. The technology is set to improve the ease of travel for those in and out of Venice daily,

  • Owners of the Venezia Unica city pass,

  • People wanted to go to the Venice hospital,

  • People who have to attend a funeral in Venice,

  • Relatives of people living in Venice,

  • Law enforcement.

Who has to pre-book entry to Venice?

Everyone wishing to visit Venice on a day trip must pre-book their entry in advance to guarantee access to the city unless they are exempted.

Do I have to pre-book my Venice entrance a lot in advance?

A maximum number of tourists will be allowed to enter Venice each day, and priority will be given to students, day workers, and those who have pre-booked their entry.

If the threshold is met, any additional tourists will not be permitted access, so plan your trip to Venice.

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you need to pay the venice entrance tourist tax to visit venice island burano

How do you pay to enter Venice?

Wondering "How do I book tickets for Venice?" You can pre-book and pay for your entrance to Venice on the website by card on the official Venice website.

Will there be fines if I don't book my entrance to Venice?

Local police will be checking for proof of payment at all Venice entrances. Please comply with this requirement to avoid a fine between 50 and 300 euros (so don't ruin your vacation to save a couple of euros; pre-book it in advance and have a wonderful time in Venice).

the best things to buy in venice is a handmade carnival mask

How can I don't pay the Venice entrance fee?

The only way to avoid paying the Venice entrance fee is by buying a Venezia Unica Card (that costs 100 euros and lasts 5 years).

If you visit Venice only on a day trip, paying the Venice entrance fee is the cheapest option.

Planning to See More Places in Italy?

venezia unica card is a card that last five years  to get discounts on venice ferry tickets

What is the Venezia Unica Card?

The Venezia Unica card is valid for 5 years and costs 100€. This card provides owners access to discounted tickets on public water transportation at 1.5€ per fare instead of 9.50€ per fare (it is an excellent card only if you live or work in Venice).

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Venice is a famous city that tourists flock to in droves. Visitors must account for the tourist tax, or "tassa di soggiorno," which is mandatory for all stays in the city. But who does it apply to, how much do you need to pay, and how can it be paid?

This article answers all these questions regarding the tourist tax in Venice.

What is Venice's tourist tax?

Tourists staying in Hotels or B&Bs in Venice must pay a nightly "overnight tax." This fee is levied on visitors and starts at 1€ per person per night but may increase to 5€.

It must be paid directly at the Hotel or B&B. The tax applies for the first five days of an individual's stay, and there is no charge from the sixth day onwards.

the tourist tax in venice is a tax to pay at the hotel

How do I pay the Venice tourist tax?

You will pay the Venice tourist tax at the moment of your accommodation check-in, and you can pay by card or cash.

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how much does Venice tourist tax cost?

What happens if I don't pay the Venice tourist tax?

There is no way you can avoid paying the Venice tourist tax. Your accommodation manager will charge you for it at your check-in.

visit venice churches in a sunny day, do I have to pay venice tourist tax?

How much is the Venice tourist tax?

When visiting Venice, the overnight tax you must pay depends on the quality of the hotel you are staying in, the length of your stay, and the number of people who will be staying with you.

Calculating the total cost is simple - multiply the night tax (depending on where you are), the number of nights, and the number of people staying at the accommodation.

The price of the tourist tax in Venice during the low season:

€1.50 per day for B&B;

From €0.75 to €1.25 per day for guest houses (depending on the category)

€0.50 per day for 1-star hotels;

€1.00 per day for 2-star hotels;

€1.50 per day for 3-star hotels;

€2.00 per day for 4-star hotels;

€2.50 per day for 5-star hotels.

The price of the tourist tax in Venice during the high season:

€3.00 per day for B&B;

From €1.00 to €2.50 per day for guest houses, depending on the category;

€1.00 per day for 1-star hotels;

€2.00 per day for 2-star hotels;

€3.00 per day for 3-star hotels;

€4.00 per day for 4-star hotels;

€5.00 per day for 5-star hotels.

Remember that children under 10 do not have to pay the tourist tax.

if you don't pay the venice tourist tax you can't visit venice

Why do you have to pay a tourist tax?

To recoup some of the costs associated with funding city services such as infrastructure and maintenance, Venetian authorities implemented a tourist tax in the early 2000s.

The tourist tax is charged for overnight stays in Venice or other cities within the Comune di Venezia and helps support public services from which visitors and locals benefit.

This fee helps cover the cost of cleaning services, which are often done by hand in the early morning hours to collect garbage throughout the city. The tourism tax helps keep Venice's streets clean and its economy strong.

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Want to know more about how to plan the perfect holiday in Venice?

Here are some other frequent questions you might need to know the answer to.

Can I use my debit card in Venice?

You can use your debit or credit card in Venice almost everywhere. It would be best if you had some cash only to purchase at some small shops or the local market.

Card payments are accepted almost everywhere in Venice.

what is the best pass for Venice? there are many passes you can buy to visit venice and save money

Which Venice pass should I buy?

There are different Venice passes you can purchase:

to visit venice you have to book turs and tickets in advance

What do you need to book in advance to visit Venice?

There are many things you should book in advance to visit Venice:

venice riva degli schiavoni in summer

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Do I need cash in Venice, Italy?

You can easily pay by card almost everywhere, but having cash is always a good idea when traveling.


Venice is one of the world's most beautiful and captivating cities, but visitors should know that tourist entry fees have been put in place to help preserve the city. Those who come to Venice may need to pay a fee for entrance or access, which will go towards maintenance and preservation efforts for the area—ensuring its beauty for years to come!

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