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66 Benefits of Traveling Alone That Will Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

if you love travelling,  you should try women solo travel

Are you thinking about trying to travel solo? Well done, my friend; it is a great experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

In this article, you will find all the reasons I could think of why traveling alone is a good choice. But remember that I am not against traveling with a travel mate.

I have traveled with my parents (I still do it sometimes) with a partner, a friend, a group of friends, and alone. And all of them have their pros and cons.

I genuinely believe that traveling solo is an experience that all of us must do at least once in our lifetime. Traveling solo teaches you so much that it will change you and your way of travel.


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solo tripping meaning in ljubljana castle slovenia

Why do some people like traveling alone?

I can only speak for my experience; I must say I have been forced to travel solo many years ago. At that time, I preferred to travel with a friend, but none of them was available, and I wanted to explore Spain and do it for three weeks. So I decided to give it a try, and I loved it!

There are many benefits of traveling alone; here are some:

  • Freedom and independence: When traveling alone for the first time, you experience control over your itinerary and schedule. You can go where you want, when you want, and do what you want. You don't have to compromise with anyone else.

  • Self-discovery: Traveling alone can be a great way to learn more about yourself. You'll have to face challenges and make decisions independently, which can help you build confidence and self-reliance. You'll also be able to explore your interests and passions without distractions.

  • Meeting new people: This is one of the benefits of traveling solo. You'll be forced to interact with strangers, which can help you break out of your comfort zone and make new friends.

  • A sense of adventure: Traveling is fun; traveling alone can be a truly adventurous experience. You'll leave your comfort zone and explore new places and cultures. You'll never know what to expect, making the trip even more exciting.

Of course, solo traveling alone as a woman isn't for everyone. Traveling alone for the first time can be daunting, and being prepared is important. But if you're looking for a unique and rewarding travel experience, solo travel is definitely worth considering.

there are many solo travel benefits while visiting Trieste in Italy

What motivates solo female travel?

Sometimes, it's good to get away from your everyday life and experience something new. Traveling alone can be a great way to do that.

I met many female solo travelers while I was traveling alone, and most of them were doing it because they needed to clear their heads, relax, and recharge.

66 Benefits of Traveling Alone That Will Change Your Life

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traveling alone benefits is that you can drink in covent garden while watching tourists

1. You don't have to wait to find a travel mate:

I put this as number one because this is one reason why people travel alone and the reason why I did it in the first place. We often think we need a travel mate to go somewhere, but it is because we have never traveled alone and are scared to try it.

2. You can travel anytime you want:

Oh, I love this reason! You don't need to find someone who can book a holiday at the same time as you do; you can go whenever you wish and whenever is the best time to go to a specific place. (Iceland in January? Maybe better August!).

One benefit of solo travel is you can travel any month of the year without waiting for any of your friends; you must pack your bag and book to visit some of the best winter destinations for solo travelers.

traveling alone anxiety to cure with solo vacation travel

3. You can choose to go wherever you like:

We often go to a place we are not interested in instead of going where we really want, just because we cannot find someone willing to come.

It happened to me a couple of times. I could not go to a specific destination because my travel mate didn't have the money. So I went to a place I wasn't so interested in just because I didn't want to travel alone.

4. You can stay as long as you like:

How many times have you had two weeks' holiday while your travel mate had only one week? Or you wanted to plan a long weekend, but none of your friends could take a Friday off?

Problem solved. Go alone!

travel solo not alone in one of the best italian city

5. You will increase your self-confidence:

You will stop being shy, learn to do whatever you want, and talk to whomever you like. You will see that you don't need anybody else because you can do whatever you want without anybody else's help.

6. You will learn what it means to get out of your comfort zone:

It can be scary initially if you have never done it before, but you will be impressed by the number of things you have learned and missed.

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traveling alone feeling lonely

7. You will get stronger:

And I do not mean physically (there is the gym for it) but mentally. You will learn how too often we worry about silly things, and you will learn how to select what is worth being concerned about (unless you suffer as me from anxiety and you worry all the time about everything, in that case, welcome to the club, friend).

8. You will live your travel differently:

Traveling with a partner or friend makes us see things differently. We are not alone, so we sometimes focus too much on our travel mates than on everything around us.

9. You will love yourself more:

You will learn that you are the only person that matters. Because nobody will take care of or help you, so you will be forced to do it yourself.

traveling alone pros and cons

10. You will make some new friends:

If you are willing to talk to strangers, you will meet on your way or at your accommodation and make new friends. This is one of the things that make solo travels so interesting.

But not only when you travel solo. In the picture above, I was in Cape Verde, on Sal Island, with my friend Pamela and we met this lovely couple from Rome. We spent part of our holiday with them, and after a few months, we visited them in Rome.

While traveling, you can meet people from all over the world and start great friendships.

11. You will make friends with people you would have never expected:

Many of us end up having friends that are part of our community but would never imagine making friends with someone completely different from us. Like from a foreign country or culture.

This is another thing that will happen if you travel solo, and trust me, you will be grateful for that.

women solo travel is a great way to explore ljubljana

12. You will learn how hospitable people can be:

When you travel alone, locals are more willing to take care of you because they see you alone and want to make you feel comfortable in their country, especially if you are a female solo traveler.

13. You will be able to be alone whenever you want:

Relaxing sunset looking a the ocean with nobody talking all the time? Or spend a whole day on the beach reading a novel without somebody asking you to go somewhere or do something every five minutes because they are bored? (yes, Pamela, I am talking about you, my love).

That is one reason why many people travel alone, and I love it too sometimes.

on of the benefits traveling is that you can meet new people

14. You will see the world differently:

You will learn so many things while traveling alone that you will see everything differently after your first solo travel.

There are some stereotypes about some countries, or maybe a friend of yours told you some things about a specific place they visit, and you will learn what "different perspective" means.

You will also learn to not always listen to what other people tell you about other countries.

15. You will learn to be more vigilant:

You will be alone, so no one will have your back taking care of you if something terrible happens.

This is why you will learn to pay more attention to whatever is happening around you and avoid doing something that you would do if you were with someone else.

benefit of travel alone is that you can spend a whole day relaxing

16. You will learn how to be more spontaneous:

You will be alone to decide to do whatever you want anytime you want. If you meet someone inviting you to a party, but you prefer to sleep early because you are tired, you will be free to do it, instead of doing something only because your travel mate wants to do something different.

17. You will learn more about yourself

Being alone while traveling is the best way to know yourself because you will see how you react to different situations and learn how you like your travel and what you do not want in it.

one of the reason to travel solo is that you can do whatever you want solo travelling benefits

18. You will learn that you do not need anyone but you:

This is one thing that stops many people from trying solo travel. They are scared to be alone. They are afraid that they will not be able to meet people, feel alone, and not be able to deal with many situations without someone else's support.

But you know what? You can!

You have to trust in yourself more and try it.

one of the travelling advantages of travel alone is that you can go wherever you want

19. You will make your own decisions:

You will choose how to react to every kind of situation. You will decide what to do, where to go, and who to spend time with. No one will tell you, "No, I do not want to go there," or "I do not want to meet other people", etc.

You will be free to enjoy your travel how you like.

alone traveling is a great way to explore the world for whomever love of travel

20. You will learn how to be more independent:

The best way to grow is to travel alone, honestly. You will be responsible for yourself, and no one else will do it for you.

No more Mom and Dad taking care of you, no, my dear, it is time to grow up and go to conquer the world!

why is travelling important? because you meet new people in barbados beach

21. You will learn how to challenge yourself:

You will end up in situations where you have never been before, and you will force yourself to do things you have never thought to do.

Like when I forced myself to try surfing in Barbados even if I was scared of sharks and to scratch myself against the reef.

It was excellent, with no sharks, and I saw some turtles swimming around me. I also rode a wave to the shore twice (obviously, I fell a few times before to succeed).

one of the pros of traveling is that you learn from different culture

22. You will be your travel agent:

Oh, this is my favorite part of travel. Planning it! You will learn how to plan your travel and book everything you need.

You will be responsible for it, which will be great because you will learn so much. You will decide when to go to a specific place, which excursions to book, where to save money, and where to spend more than you thought.

You will make mistakes in planning but do not worry; you have to learn from them.

23. You will learn that you own your travel:

It is your travel and no one else. You will not hear your travel mates saying that they do not want to go where you like or do not want to do something essential for you, and you will end up not doing it because your friends do not want to.

You will do whatever you want, babe!

you won't feeling lonely traveling alone because you will meet a lot of people

24. You can change your plan any time you want:

You previously decided to stay for one week, but your manager says you can stay for two weeks.

Amazing, change your plan and add more sites to visit. You meet a nice boy/girl during your travel, and they ask you to visit another city for a few days together?

Say Yes! It is your travel so do everything you want.

Hello! I'm Valentina.

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a solo woman travel will enjoy many benefits of solo travel

25. You will learn how to adapt to new situations:

Some people hate plan-changing. They have their itinerary and will not do something different even if you beg them to or something happens.

So please, if you are one of them, keep your mind open and be willing to accept that sometimes things are not going how you planned (this was me a few years ago, now I also like to go with the flow, sometimes. After all, I am super organized, I love to plan everything).

26. You will get Stronger to deal with daily basis drama:

When you travel, you learn what is essential in life. You leave your comfort zone and see the world differently. You see that not every place is like home.

There are some better places and some worst. You will see how many people are less lucky than you and understand what matters in life.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 66 Reasons to Travel Solo at Least Once in a Lifetime

27. You will learn to respect other cultures:

If you stay in your country, you will never learn from a different culture, which is a big mistake.

Learning from other cultures helps you see everything differently and teaches you that only because some people are different does not mean they are worth less than you.

So be always respectful. You are the guest in their country, not the opposite. When you are going alone on holiday, you will meet other travelers from every corner of the world, create new friendships, and learn something more about other cultures.

I met these Japanese guys at Stonehenge, and I am still in contact with two of them through Facebook. I met them in 2011 during my solo travel to London.

what to do on a solo travel? learn a new language by talking to locals

28. You will learn another language:

One of the traveling alone benefits is learning another language; when you travel alone, you are forced to do it because otherwise, nobody will talk to you.

Even if you meet locals who speak English, if they hear you trying to say a few words in their language, they will appreciate you more because you will show them an interest in their culture and want to learn from them.

one of the travelling reasons is that I love travel alone and with my friends

29. You will be proud of yourself:

As I told you before, you will probably be scared initially, but trust me that during or at the end of your travel, you will feel so proud of yourself because you did it and all alone.

Or you will probably meet many people and end up traveling with them, but still. You did it.

And shut up to anyone who told you you could not do it. Because you just did it!

female solo travel is something you should do at least once in your lifetime

30. You will learn that solo travel can be much cheaper:

Hostels can be very cheap compared to a hotel room. If you are willing to share the space with others, you can find a bed in a shared room for only ten euro/$ per night.

You will also decide what to eat and where. You will not feel forced to go to a restaurant when you are happy with just a sandwich or a salad from the supermarket for dinner.

You will not feel compelled to go out to drink when you are tired and want to stay in and watch a movie.

is traveling alone as a woman safe? plan your solo trip in the best way

31. You will have total control of your money:

You will be free to spend them as you wish and be cheap as much as you want.

How often did you visit a museum with your travel mate even if you did not care just because you did not want to wait outside alone?

Or you went to a more expensive hotel because your friend did not want to share a room in a Hostel?

That problem is over! You can save as much as possible and spend on other things you like the most.

why travelling? so you can go wherever you want when you want

32. You can plan your travel as you wish:

Do you want to plan a whole day at the beach or 6 hours inside one of your favorite museums?

Nobody will tell you to don't do it! Are you tired from the day before, your feet hurt, and you want to roll in bed the whole morning?

You are more than welcome to do it because nobody will be there trying to convince you to go out to walk 20 kilometers because they do not want to be alone.

traveling alone can be fun because you meet other solo travelers

33. You won't have to deal with other people's needs:

This is a good one. All of us have that particular friend that always needs to do something that only they want or like, and all of our friends end up doing it just because it would be wrong not to.

The good news is: that friend will not be with you!

is traveling alone dangerous? it can be if attention is not paid

34. You will pay more attention to what happens around you:

When traveling with friends, people often focus more on the conversation than what is around them and what is happening. In this way, we lose many things that are part of the travel experience.

is traveling alone boring? it is not, if you plan a good itinerary and are willing to meet people

35. You will discover skills you didn't know to have:

You will maybe discover you are great at planning travels (like I did). You will find out to be a genius at finding the best travel deals, to be the best at finding the hidden spots, to be braver than you thought, etc.

36. You will have more chances to live an adventure (in every way):

You will be surprised at how many people you will meet when traveling solo. The number of friends you will make while traveling, sometimes you will live more than a friendship, and it will probably end up in a delicious romance.

how to travel alone as a woman

37. You will learn how to solve problems:

Do not expect your first solo travel to be precisely how you planned because it never happens. So be prepared to accept unexpected events and be ready to solve problems because you will probably be alone to face them.

But do not forget that you can always call home or your friends and ask for help if something terrible happens. Also, NEVER forget to purchase good travel insurance before departure. It can really help and sort out many travel issues for you.

I use VisitorsCoverage for all my travels, but if you plan to travel for over a month, check out SafetyWing, which is perfect for travel nomads.

In case of a Flight Delay, you can request a refund from Compensair, one of the best compensation flight delay companies.

for women solo travel i advise to book a female only dorm in a hostel

38. You will learn how to deal with the unexpected:

Did you book a single room in a Hostel, but when you arrive, they tell you you booked a bed in a shared space of 10 people? Guess what? It did happen to me during my first travel to London.

It was not my or the hostel's fault. The website was misleading.

What do you think I did? I accepted it.

What else should I have done? And it ended up being better for me because, during those two weeks, I met so many people in that shared dorm that I went to explore London with a new friend I met in the room every day.

So please, never be scared about the unexpected, because sometimes it may make your travel even better.

39. You will learn how to be more flexible:

You don't have to travel when someone else wants or can, so you might end up deciding to leave in two days because you found a fantastic deal online and the only thing to do is ask your manager to approve your holiday request, book your travel, pack a bag and see you in one week time.

travel solo will make you love travelling even more, girl in canary wharf london

40. You will become more patient:

Are you the kind of person that wants what you want, and you want it now? Good luck with it!

Because while traveling, many unexpected things can happen, and you have no idea.

Is your flight being delayed? Do you arrive at your accommodation and your room is not ready?

The bus you are waiting to see your favorite museum is not coming?

Do you want to have a local dinner at 6 pm, but you are in Spain, and they start dinner only at 9 pm?

Breathe in and breathe out, repeat more times, and think you are on holiday. You left the stress back home and will not ruin your free time because things are not going as you want. While visiting a foreign country, leave as locals do.

what to do on a solo trip if you are bored

41. You will learn how to say NO:

Many people cannot say No because they seek approval or are scared to hurt others' feelings. Or, while traveling with friends, they try to avoid arguments.

In this case, you will be alone, so if you don't want to do something, say it. Are you going out with a group of people you just met in your hostel, and they take you to a place you do not like or feel uncomfortable with? Just leave.

Are you going for a day trip with someone you met on the way, and they decided to do bungee jumping and trying to convince you to do it too?

Say No if you are afraid of heights and do not want to do it!

travelling is fun when you travel with a group of travelers

42. You will learn how to say YES:

And I do not mean to do bungee jumping even if you are scared of it like hell.

I mean, if someone proposes you do something different, to go somewhere where you did not plan to go, if it is not dangerous and it is not part of your plan, go and have fun.

I was in Madrid and met two girls asking me to go with them on a day trip to Toledo. I planned to see a few museums in Madrid that day, but I said yes, and it was a wonderful experience.

I just went to see those museums the day after.


43. You will live your travel in your own time:

Do you like to wake up at 7 am and be ready to explore the city at 8 am? Do it!

Do you like sleeping till 11 am and going out clubbing? Just do it!

The day is yours, and you can live it as you like.

44. You will learn how to keep yourself calm:

Many unpredictable events will happen, and I assure you you will get pissed off. But trust me, getting upset will not change anything.

It will only ruin your day and part of your travel. So breathe deeply, close your eyes, count to 100 if needed, and try to calm down.

is traveling alone good? Yes it is a wonderful experience

45. You will learn that you can walk more than you expected:

Sometimes we have no idea how much we usually walk, mainly because we never check it.

While exploring a city, I always keep my GPS on to check how much I walked at the end of the day.

If you feel exhausted in the evening, your legs hurt, and you feel entirely without energy, it is because you walked much more than usual without realizing it.

46. You will be happier:

The joy of being independent. You will feel pride in doing it even though many people told you to don't.

The feeling of making new friends on the way, all these, and many more feelings will make you feel so happy and fulfilled that you will feel like a new version of yourself, just more optimistic.

one of the solo travel benefits is that you can relax

47. You will experience what it means to be by yourself:

We spend most of our time with other people, like at home with family, at school with classmates, and at work with coworkers, so we spend very little time alone.

That is why while traveling solo, you will experience this new feeling of being by yourself in the real meaning of this word. It will be only you, all the time, 24 hours a day, and no one will tell you what you can or cannot do.

48. You will love to be by yourself:

You will, as everybody else does. You might feel scared and maybe a bit insecure initially, but trust me, most first solo travelers felt the same way, but they did it anyway.

I did it too. So give it a try. If unsure, you can always go for a weekend and see how you feel. You don't have to go away for two weeks (I did a 22 days solo tour around Spain on my first solo travel), so remember that it is all up to you.

You decide what is better for you, and don't let anybody else convince you otherwise.

you will believe in yourself when you love travelling alone

49. You will learn to trust yourself:

You are the only person who knows yourself, how you feel in different situations, what you like and what you don't. So trust yourself, stop listening to others, and do as you want.

Solo travelers must trust themselves because the decision to react will only be theirs if anything happens. And also the responsibility.

50. You will detox from constant people problems:

Another reason I love traveling solo is that you won't have to listen to friends, relatives, and coworkers' problems.

It doesn't mean that you do not care about them, absolutely not. But for the time of your holiday, concentrate on yourself.

That is why many people decide to travel solo. It is not because they do not love their family or friends. We need time for ourselves because constantly hearing other people's problems (even though we love to listen to and help them) is unsuitable for our mental health.

when traveling alone as a woman you learn what is important for you

51. You will find out what matters for you:

You will see how other people live, how free other travelers are, and how happy you are by yourself, and you will realize that back home, you often worry about silly things that are unimportant in life.

In my case, I realized that a travel is not complete if I don't try all the local food! This is me on Krk Island in Croatia trying the local good!

52. You will learn how to make amazing selfies:

I honestly do not like to take a selfie, I always struggle with finding the best angle, and most of the time, I do not like how I look.

But when you travel solo, and nobody is around you, you must learn to do it yourselves. So buy a tripod/selfie stick and check out some Youtube videos about taking a stunning picture yourself, and you will become an expert before your departure.

women solo travel make you stop being shy asking someone to take pictures of you

53. You will stop being shy to ask people to take pictures of you:

Learn how to ask it in the language of the country you will visit. Put on your face a big smile, look for someone with a big camera, and hope they know how to take a good picture (unfortunately, sometimes a big camera is not equal to a great photographer).

Most of the best pictures people took of me were taken by travelers using their phones instead of a giant camera, while people with big cameras took terrible pictures of me (can someone please explain that?).

Do not worry about bothering people. The world is full of kind people ready to take great pictures of you. I am one of them (Lajos always gets pissed off with me because any time someone asks me to take pictures of them, I always take hundreds of pics of them)! So if you will ever see me, come to say Hi and ask for my help.

Valentina's Travel Guide, 66 Reasons to Travel Solo at Least Once in a Lifetime

54. You will be more open to meeting new people:

Being alone all day after a while can be lonely for some people. While traveling solo, you will realize how easier it is to make new friends because you will be alone, and people will be interested in you and your story.

If you like my content, remember that I covered many destinations worldwide, and I keep adding more content weekly. So, let's keep in touch. SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE VIP AREA to receive weekly updates about new destinations. Let's become friends!

alone traveling is not so lonely if you are willing to meet other travelers

55. You will learn that some people are meant to be part of your life enough time to teach you something:

From all the people you will meet, I can assure you you will learn something from some of them that will change how you have lived so far and see things differently.

Most of them will not be part of your life because you were meant to spend with them just the right amount of time for you to learn something.

one of the benefits travelling is to try the local food

56. You will be able to eat whenever you want, whatever you want:

Are you traveling on a budget? No problem, eat lunch in a street market and get dinner in a supermarket.

Do you want to try all the best local restaurants? Go for it because nobody will tell you to don't. Money is yours, so spend them as you like. Also, time is yours, so eat whenever you are hungry.

one of th reason to travel solo is to learn the sense of direction

57. You will learn a sense of direction:

Do you have a friend who can get lost everywhere even though they checked the map twenty times? I do.

Are you that friend? Good, because you will not have a friend ready to take your hand and be your tourist guide when you travel solo. You will be alone, forcing you to learn and be proud of yourself afterward.

one of the solo travel benefits is that you can do whatever you want

58. You will learn that your opinion is what matters the most:

When planning a solo trip, listen to everyone but make your own choices. You will be the person doing the travel, not your friends and family.

So, consider all the advice and points of view (they will all have plenty of them and all different from each other) but be ready to take responsibility and make your own choices because what you think matters most.

traveling advantages of travel solo as a woman

59. You will learn that if you want it, you can get it:

As said in the 58th reason, all your loved ones will tell you what they think about it.

But mostly, some of them will keep you from doing it.

It can be because they are scared something might happen to you (because they love you) or because they think they would not be able to do it, so they project their worries on you.

So, remember that you are you; they are them, so if they are scared about it, it does not mean you have to feel scared too.

I was so happy about doing my first solo travel. Still, at the same time, I was scared because I was going to a foreign country by myself, and listening to all my parents and friends' worries helped me plan a better trip and be more responsible and aware of the risks (but it didn't stop me from doing it).

traveling alone can be fun when you meet the locals

60. You will learn that the world is full of good people:

You will be surprised about how many good people you will meet during your trip, that you will do it again.

Locals are always happy to meet someone interested in their culture and costume who wants to learn more about them. You will also meet other first-time solo travelers who enjoy spending time with you.

going alone on holiday make you relax and be more open to meet other travelers

They know you might feel like them, happy and scared at the same time, and they will find comfort and reassurance from spending time with another solo traveler.

You will also meet experienced solo travelers who will advise you on how to plan a better trip or be safe while traveling.

Always ask them for pieces of advice because they have a lot.

if you love travelling alone you will learn to be more responsible

61. You will learn that the only person that can change your life is you:

While traveling, you will experience the freedom, pride, happiness, and satisfaction that a solo trip can give you and teach you that the only person capable of changing your life for the better was and will always be just you.

how to travel alone as a woman book a bed in a hostel

62. You will learn that Hostels are not so bad:

Many think hostels are only for young people, but they are not.

You will meet not only 20-year-old travelers but also families with a room for four just because it is much cheaper than a Hotel.

Most of them are very affordable, clean, and safe. They offer different activities like free city tours, food and wine tasting during the day, karaoke, bar crawling, and other parties at night.

Choosing a Hostel as your accommodation will also allow you to meet other travelers, so you will make friends easily (if you do not want to be alone all the time, but that will be your choice).

there are many benefits of solo travel and one of them is to see who loves you

63. You will learn that even if you are alone, who loves you will be with you all the time:

While traveling, you will see how many people love you because they will all text and call you to know how your travel is going and because they want to make sure you are ok and safe.

I think this is the best way to show love.

when trying alone traveling you will learn to be alone

64. You will understand that it was a great idea:

You will mature during your travel, feel more sure of yourself, and have so many great experiences that you wonder why you did not do it before.

65. You will go back home dreaming about your next travel:

Yes, you will. Because you will no longer need a travel mate, you will decide to leave for a trip next time. If you do not find anyone available, you will book it and go because you did it already and succeeded, so why not do it again?

how to travel alone like a pro

66. You will probably go home and change your life:

While traveling solo, many people realized they were unsatisfied with their life, so they decided to change it.

It happened to me.

I was going through a rough time at work. I was not happy. I felt the need for a change, so I changed it as soon as I got home.

I was worried because sometimes we act like trees with deep roots, but we are free when we finally realize we have legs and can go anywhere we want.

traveling alone as a woman is safe if you know how to avoid dangerous situations and places

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