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The Most Complete Guide of Barcelona

I have been lucky enough to visit Barcelona 3 times for a total of 30 days. I have walked around every district in the city centre, I have seen the most famous Barcelona sights many times and I did it because it is impossible to not fall in love with this beautiful city.

In my Barcelona Guide, you will find everything you need to know, see, do, eat and drink to make sure your travel to Barcelona will be a success you will remember for the rest of your life.

the most complete guide of barcelona
The most complete guide of barcelona
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Let's explore Barcelona together...

I honestly believe that Barcelona is a city that every traveller should visit at least once. I have seen it three times so far and I know that there will be the fourth one.

Barcelona is incredible, with its culture, its food, people, weather, all the art to learn from, if you are planning to visit it, one weekend is not going to be enough because there is too much to see and do. 

I think the perfect time to spend in Barcelona is one week. 

the most complete guide of barcelona

If you decide to spend one week in Barcelona, you will have time to explore most of the important places.

Starting from all Gaudi's works, museums of many famous artists and all the districts in the city centre. 


Enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine, from tapas bars, Catalan restaurants, and Barcelona markets full of fresh and delicious food.  

the most complete guide of barcelona

Eat paella at a nice restaurant on the beachside, and drink a glass of Cava in one of the oldest bars in the city in the Barrio Gotico.


Take hundred of pictures walking in the Ravel district and its street arts. 


Walk to the top of the Montjuic to enjoy one of the best views of the city and spend a half-day walking around the Parc Guell. And maybe do some shopping before dancing all night in one of its many clubs.


When is the Best Time to Visit Barcelona?

Barcelona is a very famous city, so I highly recommend avoiding visiting it during July and August because it can be extremely crowded and hot. That means waiting in line to see a museum for hours with very high temperatures. It is not ideal for spending a holiday standing up under the sun, waiting and sweating.

For this reason, the best seasons to visit Barcelona are Spring and Autumn. Winters can be cold and rainy so not really the best weather to walk all day outdoor.

I have been to Barcelona in May, June and at the end of August. May and June were perfect but August was a crazy idea.

It was so hot I could not stay out after lunchtime because I was feeling dizzy. If the hot temperature is not a problem for you, then go ahead, but keep in mind that museums will be crowded.

In spring and autumn, there will be fewer tourists and the temperature is very pleasant. You can explore all day and party all night. Lines to visit museums are not so long and you can just pop into a restaurant without the need to book it.

the most complete guide of barcelona


What is the currency in Barcelona?

The currency is Euro


What is the language in Barcelona?

the primary language spoken is Catalan but they also speak Spanish.

Are Credit Cards accepted and is easy to find ATMs?

Atm and card payment are available almost everywhere, only in the market stalls cash is required 

Which Plugs and Voltage do they use in Barcelona?

The plugs in Spain are Type C, F, and L.


The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz.


I recommend buying a universal adapter.

Is Barcelona a safe city?

Barcelona like every Spanish city is pretty safe but like in every tourist area I advise carrying an antitheft purse or backpack. 

The districts to avoid walking alone at night are El Barrio Gotico and El Raval, but if you are with other people, there should not be any problem.

Is Barcelona expensive?

there are plenty of Tapas Bar where to enjoy a delicious meal as locals do at the cost of 10/15 euro with a drink.

Is easy to find Wifi in Barcelona?

is available in almost every bar and restaurant and of course in every hotel.

Which is the Time Zone in Barcelona?

Spain lies in the Central European Time Zone, which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +1).


Let's Explore Barcelona


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