the most complete guide of venice

The Most Complete Guide of Venice

In this Travel guide, you will find articles about everything you need to plan the perfect holiday in Venice


From accommodations for every budget, where to eat in Venice (and most important "what to eat"), what to see, how to book in advance skip the queue tickets (very important in a tourist city like Venice, it will save you a lot of time) and much more.

Venice is a city that will surprise you with its beauty, its romantic scenery and its delicious food.


Many tourists decide to travel to Venice for only a couple of days but there are so many things to do in Venice, islands to explore and so much local food to eat that I advise you to spend at least 3 days in Venice.


Make sure to really enjoy it, losing yourself in its narrow alleys, taking your time to take the perfect picture and do your best to try all the delicious food that Venice has to offer (don't worry there is a lot to walk so you will burn all the calories).

the most complete guide of venice

Let's Discover Venice together...

the most complete guide of venice
the most complete guide of venice
the most complete guide of venice

Venice is one of the most touristic cities in the world but surprisingly quiet at night when all the tourists are gone.


Its alleys become so quiet you will feel to be alone in the whole city. And do you know why? Because many tourists decide of travelling to Venice only for one day, seeing only a little part of it. 

And also because of its high prices, most of the houses in Venice are inhabited and many tourists prefer to find accommodations in the nearest towns in cheaper hotels.

the most complete guide of venice

Described as one of the most romantic cities in the world, it can be also a lot of fun to visit Venice with friends and family. 

With all the museums, cathedrals and palaces, handcrafts souvenirs shops and restaurants, you won't feel the time flying.


You will need at least 5 days to explore the incredible city of Venice and enjoy everything it has to offer. If you are a curious traveller like me, I am sure you don't want to visit it in a rush, but wish to learn about Venice history and customs.

When to visit Venice

I visited Venice every season of the year and I always found it beautiful.


Venice is usually pretty crowded but from November till March it can be so peacefully quiet you will love to explore it, especially on weekdays. Most people go to Venice over the weekend so if you can be there during weekdays, you will see the difference.

There is the Carnival month when it is more crowded and expensive, but Carnival in Venice is something incredible, with its boat parades and masks.

Otherwise, if you wish to visit Venice during the summer, be prepared to spend 1 hour instead of 20 minutes to get somewhere and also be aware that Venice can be extremely hot during summertime reaching more than 38º C/100º F.

Image by Graham Guenther


What is the currency is Venice?

The currency is Euro


What is the language spoken in Venice? the primary language spoken is Italian but in hotels,  restaurants and museums staff speak English.

s easy to use credit cards and ATMs in Venice?

There are ATMs in every little town.

You can pay by credit card in most shops and hotels, but there are still some little bars and market stalls without one.

Which Plugs and Voltageare in Italy?


The plugs in Italy are Type C, F, and L. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz.


I recommend buying a universal adapter (make sure it has surge protection) and using a converter for hairdryers and hot tools.

Is Venice a safe city to visit? 

Venice, like every Italian city, is pretty safe but like in every tourist area I advise carrying an antitheft purse or an antitheft backpack.

During the night, I never felt in danger but I was never alone. So, I highly recommend you be careful, Venice can be a real maze with all its narrow alleys, especially if you are a lady travelling alone. And as we know, unfortunately, malicious people can be everywhere.

Is Venice expensive?

There are plenty of cheap places where to enjoy a delicious meal as locals do at the cost of 10/15 euro with a drink.

Is easy to find Wifi in Venice?

is available in almost every bar and restaurant and of course in every hotel.

What is the Time Zone in Venice?

Italy lies in the Central European Time Zone, which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +1).

the most complete guide of venice
the most complete guide of venice
the most complete guide of venice

How to Get Around Venice?


If you like to walk, good for you because walking is the best way to visit Venice. There are many charming alleys, churches, shops, and hidden corners where you will take amazing pictures. Wear comfortable shoes and be ready to walk a lot.


Moving around Venice by ferry is the best way to reach your hotel when you arrive in Venice with heavy luggage.

There are many tickets you can purchase: 1-way ticket, daily ticket, 2 days..etc. This is also the only way to reach the other Venice islands, like Burano, Murano etc.

You can purchase ferry tickets in advance here to save money and time.

Water Taxi:

Water Taxi is a very luxurious way to move around Venice in style, no need to wait for the ferry and spend triple the time to get to your destination. But of course is more expensive.


The famous Gondola with their singing "Gondolieri", full of charm of the Italian Latin lover that ladies will surely enjoy,  30 minutes on a Gondola costs up to 100 Euro if purchase it at the spot.

Tip: If you want to add it to your bucket list, I found it for you for a much cheaper price. Check availability here.

the most complete guide of venice
The mot complete guide of Venice
the most complete guide of venice
the most complete guide of venice

How to Book a Gondola Ride?
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What is the best way to go from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

There are many ways to reach Venice from Venice Marco Polo Airport. You can book a shuttle bus, book a taxi, a water taxi and a public ferry.

Don't worry, I got you covered! In my Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Venice, you will find all the ways to reach Venice.

Book here in advance your entrance to Venice in Style with the Water Taxi shuttle transfer from Marco Polo airport to Venice city centre.