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Trieste is a multicultural city mixed with Balkans, Venetian, Austrian, Greeks, and Jews where everyone feels at home. There is everything you are looking for, culture, art, and a lot of tasty food.

Are you planning a trip to Trieste? Let my local guide help you make your holiday perfect! I offer top tips, recommendations, and more for exploring this beautiful destination (my hometown). 

Trieste is Italy's most beautifully haunting city, so you can't miss planning a trip to visit it, even just on a day trip from Venice.

Trieste is famous for its cold Bora wind, making you fly like Mary Poppins if no attention is paid.

Part of Italy since 1954, Trieste belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy from 1382 until 1918. It was one of its most important cities thanks to its seaport, making Trieste the fourth largest city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

In Trieste, you can see the largest square facing the sea in Europe, called.

Piazza Unità d’Italia. This square by itself is a great reason to visit Trieste.

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The beautiful city of Trieste (my hometown) is the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in northeast Italy.


It is a port town that fills a thin piece of land between the Adriatic coast and Slovenia’s border on the limestone-dominated Karst Plateau. The Trieste port is one of Italy's most famous cruise ship ports.

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Trieste is also the most Mitteleuropean city in Italy, indicating that it looks a bit like Central European cities like Vienna, Prague, or Budapest.


But Trieste still has its Italian atmosphere, creating a wonderful mix of cultures and connections. 

Are you in?

Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian characters are all visible in its design, which incorporates an ancient old city and a neoclassical Austrian quarter.

In this Trieste Travel Guide, you will find everything you need to plan your perfect trip to Trieste, from what to do in Trieste to what to see in Trieste, what to eat, and where. All good tips from a local!

This famous square is the essence of the city, the area where people gather and spend time together. Piazza Unita' d'Italia is also the most iconic scene of the city. Astonishing during the day, and amazingly romantic at night.


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Trieste is beautiful every month of the year. But, if you suffer from cold temperatures, I advise you to avoid winter because it can be freezing.

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Make sure to stay in Trieste for at least one whole day because Trieste is a city where various influences come together, a town whose history can be "expressed" by enjoying its most excellent classical meals.


The famous Bora wind can reach up to 220 kilometers per hour (crazy, I know). Not very pleasant if you are planning to spend many hours walking and visiting the city.

Some people and some cars occasionally end up in the sea, so be aware of it.

The best period to visit Trieste is from April to November. You can find pleasant temperatures and sunny days. 

If you plan to visit Venice, remember that Trieste is only 2 hours away by train. You can easily add one or two days to see this splendid city to your itinerary. 

In Trieste, you can also find The Università del Caffè headquarters, where Illy caffè was established and is still based. Are you a coffee lover? You are going to love drinking coffee in Trieste.

Trieste has since been well-established as the world center of coffee culture.


Here, the Master's degree in Coffee Economics and Science Ernesto Illy is held, as are all the courses offered by the Università del Caffè, which often include a tour around the illy plant.

Plan your visit to Trieste

Learn all the tips and info to plan the perfect vacation in Trieste. From how to get to Trieste from other Italian cities, how to reach the city center from the airport and all the essential tips you need.

how to plan a trip to trieste


If you are from the US and want to travel to European countries within the Schengen Area, you must fill out an ETIAS visa waiver form before your trip and pay the €7 ($7.25) fees. This easy-to-complete form should give you instant approval, but it's recommended that travelers plan and submit their forms a few weeks before their departure date.  


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