The 30 Best Hostels Where to Stay in London

Updated: Nov 2

best hostels in london, hostels in london with private room

London is an expensive city; this is a fact I know!

I know it so well because I have been living in London since 2013, and it is getting increasingly expensive (so much that I will probably leave in a few years).

But you can visit London on a budget if you follow all my advice.

I have learned so much these years that I'm an expert in saving money in London.

It is such a famous city that there are so many cheap hostels in London that you can spend a week or two with a minimal budget (and still don't break the bank).

how to choose the right hostel in london

If you want to save money on accommodation and meet other travelers, staying in one of the best hostels in London is a great idea to achieve both.

Here is the list of London's cleanest, safest, and friendliest Hostels (all have a guest rate between 7.5 and 9.4).

All these Hostels in London have a reasonable price for a bed in a shared dorm or a private double room if you travel with your partner or a friend.


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How to choose the right hostel?

I have traveled a lot in the last 15 years and stayed in many hostels while exploring the world as a female solo traveler.

There are many things to consider when choosing a hostel, and these are the most important ones:

  1. Location: London is more significant than you think so staying in the city center is essential to don't waste too much time on public transport.

  2. Security: Staying in a safe hostel in a safe area is essential. Remember, safety comes first. It is better to pay a little bit more but stay in a safe place.

  3. Price: In this list, there are hostels for every budget, so you will find the right one.

  4. Comforts: always check what the hostel offers. Free wifi, linen included, self-catering, and whatever is important for you (an essential item for me is the hair dryer so I can save room in my luggage, for example).

are hostels in london safe? best hostels in london for tourists

Are hostels in London safe?

This is a pretty common question, and the answer is Yes! London hostels are pretty safe if you follow some simple and essential rules like:

  • Keep your belongings safe, and don't leave them unattended

  • Leave all your valuables at home

  • Have with you a padlock to lock your belongings inside your room locker

  • Choose a room that locks

  • Gets travel insurance, so your belongings are covered

  • If you are a woman and want to be extra safe, book a female dorm

is it difficult to sleep in a hostel? cheap shared room in london

Is it hard to sleep in a hostel?

Yes, it can be hard to sleep in a hostel sometimes. That is why you need to be a good roommate before pretending the same from others.

You will meet all kinds of people when staying in a hostel in London:

  • The partier who doesn't care people want to sleep,

  • The snorer who will keep everybody awake all night (remember to pack earplugs),

  • The first timer thinks that turning on the room light in the middle of the night because they just got back won't bother those already sleeping (pack a good eye mask).

  • The hard to wake up who will leave their alarm going on because they don't hear it.

It can be pretty difficult to sleep in a hostel if you are not lucky because it is just about that, luck to end up with travelers who know respect.

So if you have never stayed in a hostel and are considering booking one of the best hostels in London for your next trip, remember to respect others; they need to sleep too.

Tip: some of these hostels in London also have private rooms for 3,4,6, or even 8 people. If you travel with friends, booking a private room could be a good idea to save money and have your privacy.

best cheap hostels central london
Astor Museum Inn, London

Some advice for hostels bathrooms

If you are worried about using a bathroom with other girls while staying in a hostel, you have nothing to worry about. Just remember these simple tips:

  • Buy a hanging toiletries bag

  • Take everything you need with you (you won't find complimentary toiletries)

  • Wear your flip-flops also in the shower

  • Shower quickly (you are not at home, and other people are waiting)

  • Be patient to wait while other people are showering

  • Take your towel and clothes with you inside the shower

By following these simple tips, you won't have any problems when having to shower in a hostel.

Tip: if you are traveling with some girlfriends, book a small dorm room with a private bathroom so you won't have to share it with other travelers but only with your friends.

how much does a hostel cost in London

How much is a hostel in London?

London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, so also hostels are pricey. But if you book it in advance and during low season, you can easily find a bed in a shared dorm room for 20£ per night.


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