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On Valentina's Travel Guide, you will find all the travel tips & hacks you need to plan your next trip. 

I will share everything and even more, about all the countries I have visited so you will start your holiday with a well-planned itinerary as you have never done before.


You are Welcome!

What you are going to find in
Valentina's Travel Guide:

Valentina's Travel Guide
Valentina's Travel Guide
valentina's travel guide
About Travelling:

Struggling by researching millions of travel websites trying to collect all the travel tips & hacks you need to plan your next holiday?

Do you love to have a well-planned trip and make sure to don't miss anything about the destination you are about to visit?

You don't need to look further because in my Travel Guide you will easily find everything you need to make your next dream holiday a reality.

Let me Introduce Myself

Hi and Welcome to my Travel Guide.

I am Valentina, an Italian traveller with a passion for well-organized travels and delicious food.

I will share so much information and tips about the places I have visited that you won't need to do any additional research. 

Starting from where to stay, what to see, do and where to book it, to what to eat and where.

      Welcome to my Travel Guide!

Valentina's Travel Guide
Valentina's Travel Guide

Do you like to try delicious food when you travel?
I wrote an article about it on all my destinations.

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valentina's travel guide

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