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Get Ready for a Trip: 62 Things to Do Before a Vacation

what to do to get ready for holiday

Are you finally planning your next vacation? Well done to you, my dear traveler. Are you excited? I'm sure you are.

There are so many things to do before leaving for a holiday, but I don't want you to worry about it. That is why I wrote this article, to help you get ready for the holidays.

As your super-organized traveler, I could not write an article like this one with all the Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation, so that you won't forget anything important.

planning for a travel and get ready for holiday

Some people claim that planning a trip is just as fun as taking one. I think they are right. That feeling of anticipation and endless possibility is hard to beat (or at least it is for me. You guys know how much I love planning, me, and all the checklists I could never live without).

Below you'll find guidance on all those things we must do before leaving home for our next adventure.

Make sure to follow all my advice to reduce your travel anxiety (if, like me, you suffer from it) and avoid forgetting to do anything that could ruin your holiday.

A good checklist is a life/travel saver! So, let me help you prepare for a holiday!

things to do before leaving for a travel

I organized what to do three months, one month, one week, and 24 hours before your departure, so you'll need to follow it as it is.

If you have less time to plan everything, you can adjust the time frames for the time you have left. Remember that it is never too late to plan a trip! Embark on Your Next Adventure with These Essential Pre-Trip Preparations.

book your accommodation

Book Your Accommodation Today

Book your accommodation as soon as possible if you have already decided on your travel dates. Prices change overnight, and accommodations in tourist places are the first to get fully booked.

I constantly research the best accommodation when I decide on my destination. Check out the best website: Booking and Agoda.

Don't forget to download my FREE PRINTABLE PRE-TRAVEL CHECKLIST; you only need to follow it and tick out what you have already done to understand better what you are still missing do.

Travel Tips: As soon as you book your next adventure, buy good travel insurance in case you need to "unfortunately" delay, extend, or cancel your trip. I recommend VisitorsCoverage for short trips and SafetyWing for trips longer than a month.

download all the travel checklists for free

Do you need some help packing for your next dream vacation?

I've got 11 FREE Printable Travel Checklists with everything you need to enjoy your trip. You'll also receive some essential travel tips and discounts straight to your inbox!

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what to do for a vacation

The Complete Pre-Travel Checklist: Important Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation

Get Ready for a Trip!

Some Essential Travel Reminders:

choose the right destination for your travel

1. Choose the right destination for your travel:

Do you already know where to go? Not every destination is a good choice in every season of the year. So, having a great vacation is essential, as choosing the best place to visit in the season you decide to travel.

Rome in July? Walking all day under the sun at 40 degrees Celsius is not a good idea unless you love sweating, feel dizzy, and risk heatstroke.

Pssst! Do you need help choosing your next travel destination? Check out 9 Tips to Choose Your Next Dream Destination.

Do some essential research on your travel destination

2. Do some essential research on your travel destination:

Is the destination you chose a safe place to visit? Is there any travel advisor or warning? Remember that your safety is your priority, always!

Type on Google: "government's travel advisories for.." and add your destination name. Always make sure to visit a safe country.

things to do before going on holiday in trieste

There are many questions you need to ask when planning a trip to a foreign country or city:

  • What is the Time Zone?

  • Which is the Currency?

  • Do I need any Vaccination?

  • What are the Voltage and Adaptors?

  • How can I get there?

  • How can I go from the airport to the city center?

  • How can I move around?

  • Is it easy to find ATMs and pay with Credit Cards?

  • Are tap water and food safe?

  • Is it affordable to Eat and Drink out?

  • What is the Tipping Guide?

  • What is the Cost of Travelling?

  • What about Shopping and Souvenirs?

  • Can I visit it as a Solo Woman Traveller?

  • What is the Duty-Free Allowance?

  • Where can I book Buses, Trains and Rent a Car?

  • Is it easy to find free Wifi?

  • Which are the Important Telephone Numbers?

These and many more questions are all answered in the Travel Guide I wrote for each country/city I have visited.

Go to "Destination Page" and see if I have visited your next destination. If I did, you would find an article on the main page of that destination called "How to Plan a Trip to...(that city/country)" where I explain everything you need to know for a superorganized trip.

things to never forget to do before a trip

3. Check rules, etiquette, and cultural norms:

It is essential to understand and respect other cultures when traveling. Remember that you are the guest in their country, not the opposite.

Always follow their rules and etiquette to show respect and avoid trouble during your holiday.

book your flight for your next adventure

Book Your Cheap Flight Today

If you have already decided where to go on holiday, you should look for the perfect flight deal.

I constantly research the best flight website, Skyscanner.

And remember, If you find a flight at a reasonable price, don't wait for it to go up; book it today!

how to get ready for a holiday

4. Covid restrictions and testings:

Unfortunately, with the covid pandemic came many travel restrictions, so make sure you can visit your next travel destination.

Follow the advice you find on the Who Website (keep in mind that these restrictions may change anytime, so always keep an eye on the rules of your destination country and be prepared to follow them).

tasks to remember before to go on holiday

Are you dreaming of your next trip?

Have questions or feel overwhelmed? You've come to the right place. I offer you ideas, inspiration and practical advice on how to turn your next potential holiday into reality.

Do you want free packing checklists, travel discounts, and travel itineraries?

things to do 3 months before your holiday

Some things are better to do as soon as we book our travel. Sometimes, the sooner, the better to ensure everything goes smooth, like the cocktails you will drink when on vacation.

things to never forget before a holiday

5. Check the validity of your passport:

Before traveling abroad, make sure your passport is valid and accepted.

  • Many countries accept only passports with a validity of more than six months.

  • Other countries require at least two visa-free pages in your passport to guarantee your entrance into their country.

To ensure your passport is accepted at your destination, check out the country consular website to read all the requirements about the passport.

check the visa requirement before to travel to any country

6. Check your destination Visa requirement:

An essential thing to do when booking a vacation is to check the Visa requirement.

Some countries require you to apply for a Visa for the whole length of your stay, while others are free to visit. It all depends on which passport you hold and which countries allow you to access them freely.

Always check your destination country's website or embassy to ensure enough time to apply for your Visa on the IVisa website, as I always do.

The Visa required might be an e-visa or a visa on arrival that you will have to fill up while on the plane (never forget to carry a pen when traveling; read All the Flight Essentials You Should Bring on a Plane to always have with you all the necessary).

If you apply for a visa upon arrival, have all the required documents. Not every country is the same, but they usually include:

  • Cash payment in their specific currency

  • One or more recent passport photos

  • The application form

  • Confirmation of your accommodation and flight details

Tip: Be careful when searching online for visa requirements. Most of the results on the first searching page are from visa services companies that will charge you a fee to do what you can easily do by yourself for free.

book tours and activities before to leave for a travel

7. Book Tours and other Activities:

Do you want to see as much as you can during your travel?

There are some great websites where to book Tours and Activities:

  • TourRadar: the best website to book one or more tour days and have a travel guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the place you are visiting.

  • Get Your Guide: a website where to book daily tours and other activities (24h in advance free cancelation)

  • Tiqets: the go-to website where to purchase museums and other attractions tickets (24h in advance free cancelation)

what to do before leaving home for a vacation

8. Check Public Transport at your destination:

It doesn't matter if you want to stay around the capital or you choose to explore the whole country. Checking how public transport works is essential to planning the perfect trip.

In some countries, you can easily reach every destination you wish to visit by public transport (like during my tour of the south of Spain), while in others, renting a car would be the best option.

I advise you to search for a good rental car deal on Rentalcars or Discovercars, two of the best car rental websites, where I always rent a car for a very affordable price.

get an international driving license before to leave for a travel

9. Get your international driving license:

If you plan to drive during your travel, don't forget you might need an international driving license.

Every country is different, so check if your driving license is valid in the country you are about to visit.

If you are from the Uk, click here to check the UK Government Website and see if you need an international driving license for the country you visit.


It is just a piece of paper you can get quickly in a few minutes. Here in the Uk, you only need to go to your local post office to get it in less than five minutes.

book a pet sitter before to leave for a travel

10. Book your pets into a kennel/cattery:

If a lovely pet is part of your family, ask your relatives and friends if they can care for them. Maybe someone you know will love to have a pet for a couple of weeks or more.

Otherwise, book pet care to take care of them while abroad.

Research the cell and data plan of your destination

11. Research the cell and data plan of your destination:

I always book accommodation with free Wifi so I can call my parents and friends anytime. In most cities, you can find Wifi in bars, restaurants, and, like in London, at every Tube Station.

The best solution to get all the data you need on holiday is by getting an e-sim card on Airalo. I use it to get data on all my travels, and I love it. It is the travel sim card website with the best at the cheapest prices (and also very easy to use)

 Check the weight requirement of your airline

12. Check the weight requirement of your airline:

Unfortunately, every airline has a different weight requirement (wouldn't it be easier if they could all apply the same ones?). So check out if you can carry a big or small carry-on bag and the checked baggage allowance.

The Coolife Luggage Suitcase PC+ABS Spinner Built-In TSA is an excellent solution for a new suitcase. Some airlines allow you to have a backpack, so I never travel without my MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack.

Having all your luggage with you is the best way to avoid waiting for your checked baggage once you reach your destination (and avoid lost baggage).

If you plan to travel for a long time, an excellent big suitcase might be what you need (in case you like carrying different outfits for each holiday day). Check out Coolife Luggage Expandable suitcase, which will allow you to take anything you need in style. It also has a beautiful set of three pieces of luggage if you need that extra space.

Plan an itinerary before to leave for your trip

13. Plan an itinerary:

Creating an itinerary is one of the most fun parts of a trip. Never forget to plan and research what to do and see at your destination.

Don't forget to search where and, most importantly, what to eat in the place you are about to visit.

couple celebrating aniversary,
Our anniversary dinner in Madeira

A thing I like to do in advance is to book some restaurants for dinner. I don't book every place where to have lunch and dinner (that would be too much), but if I find an excellent restaurant where to dine by reserving it in advance, I will make sure to get a table.

There are some restaurants where the waiting list is longer than three months, so never forget to book these places in advance, mainly if traveling during the high season.

Save the address of your embassy at your destination

14. Save the address of your embassy at your destination:

I wish you a wonderful trip with zero troubles, but just in case, check out where your embassy is, save it on your google maps, and write down the address on paper to keep inside your luggage. Just in case!

have a goof travel insurance before to travel

15. Book good travel insurance and print it:

Travel insurance is a must to have when traveling. You cannot travel without one.

Purchasing one a few months earlier will cover your travel even if your flight gets canceled or you must cancel or postpone your trip for some reason.

In case your flight gets delayed, you can use two very good companies to get back some money: AirHelp and Compensair.

Print out all your bookings

16. Print out all your bookings:

By printing out all your bookings, you will always have them with you, even if your phone stops working.

Unfortunately, electronics get stolen, and batteries die. Keep them inside your carry-on luggage to always have them with you.

Tips: place a paper with your name, phone number and address, a copy of your flight and hotel booking inside your checked luggage. In case the airline loses your luggage, they will be able to prove the luggage belongs to you.

A new way to always be able to track your luggage is to place it inside a GPS luggage tracker. It is quite a new way always to know where your luggage is, in case the airline loses it.

things to do before holiday abroad

17. Take screenshots of all your bookings and send them to yourself via email:

It is always a good idea to take a screenshot of all your bookings and save them in your Google Photos or Google Drive or send them to yourself via email.

If something happens to your paper copies, you can easily access them from your phone or other devices.

Take a picture of all of your documents is one of the things to do at home before going on holiday

18. Take a picture of all of your documents:

Remember to take a picture of your documents, like your passport, driving license, and credit cards, and email them to yourself.

You can still prove your identity if you lose or someone steals your bag. Tell all your travel mates to do the same.

Just place all your documents on a table and take single pictures of them, passport pages included.

vacation preparation checklist: Arrange how to go from the airport to your accommodation

19. Arrange how to go from the airport to your accommodation:

Researching how to reach your accommodation from the airport is an essential thing to do when planning your trip. There are always multiple ways with different prices.

There is public transport, or if you prefer to book an airport transfer to reach your accommodation as soon as possible, the websites I always use are Kiwitaxi and Holidaytaxi.

Book or plan accordingly to your budget.

preparation for holiday: check what you can bring into a country before your travel

20. Find out what you can bring to your destination:

Always check out which items you cannot bring inside a country. Knowing what you can and cannot carry with you will avoid having an issue with the customs office.

Check the vaccinations needed at your destination

21. Check the vaccinations needed at your destination:

In many countries, you will need to get some vaccines before departure. Some vaccines need only one week to work, while you must take others more than one month in advance.

Research the CDC Travelers' Health Website in advance if you need any. And book an appointment with your doctor to get them.

Don't forget to request a vaccine passport where you will have the list of all the vaccines received from now on.

Check your options for calling home

22. Check your options for calling home:

Calling your family and friends is essential, even just to let them know you are ok and enjoying your trip. Nobody wants Mamma to get worried, right?

During a ten-day Morocco tour, I wanted to be sure to have a way to call home (I was going in the middle of the desert, after all). So I asked my tour guide, and they had a hotspot I could use to text my parents and boyfriend to let them know I was ok.

Otherwise, the best option is to purchase an e-sim card on Airalo to have all the data you need 24h.

girl working on a computer in bed

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plan what to do before going on vacation

things to do 1 month before your holiday

You are almost there; only one month to your so-waited vacation. Don't worry; the next four weeks will fly fast as the plane you are about to board, and you will have the most fabulous vacation you deserve.

But there are still many things to do before leaving for your next adventure, so keep reading...

Plan to eat whatever you have in your fridge/freezer

23. Plan to eat whatever you have in your fridge/freezer:

Empty your fridge and freezer before going on holiday is an excellent way to avoid returning home and finding plenty of spoiled food.

The electricity might turn off, and you would waste everything inside. Write down everything you have inside your fridge and freezer, and plan to eat everything during the month before your travel.

how to plan the best travel

24. Register with your government:

Registering with your government is not a requirement for every country, but if your government needs to register nationals traveling abroad, then do it.

Prepay your bills before to leave for a travel

25. Prepay your bills:

It depends on how long you plan to stay away, but just in case, check out when your bill payment is due, and if you can pay everything in advance, please do so.

In case you can quickly pay by mobile, good for you. This will make your life easier when abroad.

26. Check your destination payment methods:

Checking your destination payment methods is a must before traveling.

In some countries, like in Europe, you will quickly pay almost everywhere with your credit/debit card, while in others, you might need to always carry some cash with you.

Withdraw some local cash before your travel

27. Withdraw some local cash:

It doesn't matter if you know you can pay easily everywhere with your credit card at your destination. Always make sure to withdraw some local cash before departure.

In case you need to buy something once you arrive, or pay for your transport to your accommodation. Most of the time, withdrawing money at the airport cash machines is more expensive than in the city center.

take your medicine with you when going on holiday

28. Buy all the medications you need:

Are you under any medication? Or, like me, do you prefer to use medicine you have already tested and know they don't give you any collateral effect?

Always purchase some extra to carry with you, just in case. I never leave for a trip without aspirin, paracetamol, and antihistamines (hay fever, leave me alone, please). I also love to use natural remedies like my dear licorice tablets (to push up my blood pressure when it gets low), motion sickness pills, and others.

29. Learn a few sentences of the local language:

Don't you wish to be able to communicate with the locals in their language? I'm not saying you have to be fluent (in three months, it would be impossible anyway).

If you will learn some local sentences, like good morning, how much does it cost? etc., you will show how much you appreciate their country, and they will be happier to help you if in need.

To learn some basic sentences I always use Duolingo app, it is free and super fun to use!

Get a good packing list to make sure to take everything you need

30. Get a good packing list to make sure to take everything you need:

I cannot pack for a trip without one of my travel packing checklists.

Since I started traveling without my parents in my twenties, I have always loved to write down a complete checklist because I hate to forget to pack something.

Yes, we can buy anything at our destination, but if we already have it at home, why waste money buying another one?

I have 12 FREE PRINTABLE TRAVEL CHECKLISTS for you if you need help packing for your travel. One for every occasion:

  • Things to Do Before Leaving for a Trip

  • Long Haul Flight Bag for Her

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  • Essential travel items

  • Beauty Bag

Do you need some help packing for your next adventure?

I got all the checklists you need. Get them by hitting the button below.

take a photography course before your holiday

Are you looking for a good Photography course?

You should check out the one I did. Check out One Education, the platform to find every possible course you have always wanted to take.

things to do 1 week before your travel

things to do 1 week before your holiday

You are almost there, my friend. In 7 days, you will be on your way to the fabulous destination you choose for your next holiday.

I'm sure you feel to be ready, but are you? Did you pack everything you need? Did you do everything necessary to have a problem-free vacation?

Let's check it out!

things of what you nee to pack before your holiday

31. Pack all your essentials in your carry-on bag:

The best way to never lose anything is by traveling exclusively with a carry-on bag unless you plan to stay away for an extended period and want to have many clothes and other items.

If this is the case, always add a couple of outfits inside your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost.

Remember to pack all your essential flight items, documents, and some snacks inside a little bag that you will keep inside your carry-on bag. Once you get to your seat, take out this little bag to keep with you during the flight, and place your carry-on bag in the overhead bin.

This way, you will have everything you need without keeping your carry-on bag between your legs or your feet.

Packing Tip: always pack in your carry-on bag a couple of outfits. If the airline loses your luggage, you will have something to wear for a few days.

check the weather forecast before to leave for a travel

32. Check your destination's weather forecast and pack accordingly:

Some weather websites give you the weather forecast ten days in advance. Don't forget to check how the weather will be at your destination so you will know what to pack.

I usually check the weather one week before and then write down a list of all the clothes I wish to take.

Then I check the weather forecast again two days before my trip to ensure the forecast didn't change, and if so, I could still make some changes and add different clothes to my luggage.

leave all your valuables at home before leaving for a vacation

33. Don't pack any expensive or important items:

Avoid packing important items is one of the essential rules when packing for a trip. Never pack important or expensive items.

Something might go wrong, they might get lost or stolen, and you will regret adding them to your travel bag. I usually never travel with expensive clothes or jewelry because I fear losing them.

33. Download the apps used at your country destination:

You will simplify your travel by downloading the apps used at your destination.

They can vary from airline and local transport apps to restaurants or events apps. They will help you travel, so download and learn how to use them.

If you are going to a country where locals don't speak your language, download google translate offline and don't forget to download it in the local language. This will help you anytime, anywhere, even if you have to fill up a form on the plane before landing.

I always use the Citymapper app (even here in London, where I live) to explore a city. It is the best app to go from A to B and see all the possibilities available.

Check your bank balance before to leave for a travel

34. Check your bank balance:

You will indeed spend more than usual while on holiday, so check your bank balance and, if needed, change your credit limit to spend as much as you need.

35. Ask your doctor to write you new prescriptions:

If you are under any medication, ask your doctor to write you a new prescription. Make sure to take a picture and send it to yourself by email. This is one of the most importan things to do when you get ready for a trip.

If you lose your luggage and lack medicine, you can walk into any pharmacy and get some new ones.

two ladies on camels in the desert

36. Register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program:

If you live in the US, registering for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) will allow you to be updated with important information from your embassy about the safety conditions in the country you will visit.

a very clean kitchen: clean your home before going on holiday

37. Clean your home:

Isn't it great to return to a clean home after hours of traveling? It is!

I'm not saying you have to give your home a deep spring cleaning and spend a whole day cleaning every corner of it (I'm not crazy, not so much, at least).

But by washing everything inside the laundry basket, changing bed sheets and towels, and cleaning the floor and the bathroom, you will return to a clean home with nothing to do but wash your travel clothes and relax till you return to work (or at least this is what I do and I love it, you should try too).

38. Inform your bank about your travel:

Informing your bank about your imminent travel is essential to avoid deactivating your credit/debit card while on vacation.

Call them up, tell them which country you are traveling to, and enjoy investing your money in incredible activities you will remember forever.

Travel Tip: Get a travel card to exchange your money for the local currency at the best rate for your purchases and withdrawal abroad. I get all this from Revoult. You should check it out here.

how to prepare for a holiday: Arrange someone to water your plants while you are on holiday

39. Arrange someone to water your plants:

If, like me, your home is full of plants and you don't want to return home and find out they are all dead, call up some local friends or ask your neighbors to pop in once a week to give them some water.

Your plants will thank you for that.

make sure to confimr your accommodation before leaving for a vacation

40. Confirm your accommodation:

Before your departure, email your accommodation to confirm your room.

In this way, they will know what time you will arrive and make sure your room will be ready at your arrival.

41. Start packing for your travel:

I always start to pack one week before my travel. I already know what to pack by following one of my super-organized checklists.

But if I miss something, like natural shampoo bars, natural conditioner bars, or other items, I still have a whole week to purchase everything I miss.

Tips: Never forget to take a picture of everything you decide to take with you on your trip. If your luggage gets lost, you can show your travel insurance company what was inside your luggage and be fairly compensated for your loss.

getting ready for the holidays

42. If you have any security company, let them know you'll be away:

Let your security company know you will not be home for a while.

It is an excellent way to let them know your home could be at risk. In this way, they will keep an extra eye on your property.

43. Arrange your mail:

Having someone to pick up your mail is an excellent way to keep it safe and to prevent people from knowing there's nobody home.

holiday preparation: plan in advance how to get to the airport

44. Arrange how to go to the airport:

Are you going to the airport in your car? Maybe you need to book an airport car park.

Can any of your relatives take you there so you can leave your car at home?

Planning how to reach the airport is an excellent way to be well organized and not look for a lift at the last moment.

If I'm not traveling alone, I always book an airport transfer to share the cost with my travel mate on Kiwitaxi or Holidaytaxi, so I can reach the airport quickly and avoid changing different transports while carrying my luggage.

plan a travel itinerary is a thing to do before going on holiday

45. Give your family or a friend your travel itinerary:

Always share your itinerary with someone, with addresses, dates, etc.

If anything happens (I wish you only sunny days), they will know how to reach you or where you should be.

46. Download movies and books on your phone/tablet/e-reader:

I never travel without having music to listen to, some movies and series episodes downloaded to be watched offline on my Netflix or Amazon Prime app and a couple of novels to read on my e-reader.

If you travel with a budget airline without movie screens, you won't get bored because you have plenty of movies to watch and novels to read.

things to do the night before your travel

things to do the night before a holiday

Wow, it's finally time to do the last things before leaving for your next adventure tomorrow.

Are you ready? Make sure to follow my list to don't forget anything and sleep like a baby without anything else to worry about. Read below what to do the night before a vacation!

things to do before leaving for a travel and what to do the day before a trip

47. Check-in for your flight:

The moment has finally arrived! Are you excited? I'm sure you are.

So check in for tomorrow's flight and add anything extra. This is one of those things to do before a vacation you cannot forget!

checklist of things to do before a vacation and what to do the day before a vacation

48. Weight your checked bag and take it for a spin:

Remember when I advised you to check the airline weight luggage allowance in the list of things to do three months before your travel?

Now that your luggage is full and closed check its weight with a good Digital Luggage Scale. If the weight is not more than the allowance, take it for a spin around or outside your home, and try to lift it.

Is it too heavy for you? Are you traveling with someone who can help lift it when needed? Otherwise, think of leaving something at home, if you can.

49. Charge all your electronics:

Always leave home with a full phone battery and a power bank. Also, don't forget to charge your camera batteries, tablet, laptop, GoPro, E-reader, and any other devices you want to take on holiday with you.

50. Confirm your airport transfer:

Is a friend or a relative taking you to the airport, or did you book a taxi? Make sure to confirm your transfer time with them.

things to never forget to do before a holiday

51. Write down the name and the address of your hotel/accommodation:

Yes, I'm sure you have everything on your phone, but just in case, write it down on paper to keep inside your handbag. You might need it to ask for directions.

Showing your expensive phone to strangers is not always a good idea, so keep it safe inside your pocket and show the paper with the address.

close all windows and doors of your home before to go on holiday

52. Lock all the doors and windows:

Before sleeping the night before departure, walk around your home and ensure all doors and windows are safely closed.

Checking all doors and windows the night before will help to fight anxiety, sleep better before your trip and save time when it's finally time to leave for the airport.

don't forget to water your plants before to go on holiday

53. Water all your plants:

Please don't forget to water your plants. I usually place them all inside the living room, on top, and around the coffee table.

Leaving all my plants in the same room helps my lovely neighbor Hannah find them all in one place and ensures she waters them without looking around the house for hidden plants.

Tip: I always leave a couple of bottles full of water with plant vitamines near my plants. So Hannah will have everything she needs to take care of my plants, and I can turn off the water before leaving for my trip.
set up your home heating before to leave for a travel

54. Set up your heating:

If you are traveling in the middle of winter, you won't need to warm your home as you are there.

It depends on how cold winter is in your country, so it is up to you to decide the right temperature to prevent pipes and plants from freezing.

clothes on a bed ready to go to the airport

55. Prepare your clothes for the airport:

It might take you five minutes or up to half an hour to choose what to wear for your travel.

So the evening before, decide what you want to wear and ensure it is comfortable. You might have to spend many hours on a plane, so avoid wearing something too tight.

share your google maps position when preparing for a holiday

56. Share your Google position with a relative/friend:

By sharing your Google position with a relative or friend, you help yourself be safe and ensure someone knows where you are at any time.

Don't worry about privacy. You can turn your location off anytime or when you return home after your trip.

set up email auto respond while you are on holiday

57. Set up an autoresponder for emails:

Setting up an autoresponder for your email will let people know you are on holiday and will reply to their email as soon as you return home.

things to do before leaving for your travel

things to do before you leave home

You packed everything you need, your airport transfer is about to arrive, and you cannot wait to be at your destination. But are you sure there isn't anything else you have to do before leaving your home to start your next adventure?

You are almost there, my dear traveller. Check out the last things to do before going on your next dream vacation.

turn off the water before to leave for a holiday

58. Turn off the water:

You won't need water while you are not home, so turn it off before leaving for the airport.