The Complete Pre-Travel Checklist: Important Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation

The Complete Pre-Travel Checklist: Important Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation

Are you finally planning your next vacation? Well done to you, my dear traveller. Are you excited? I'm sure you are.

There are so many things to plan and do before leaving for your next vacation, but I don't want you to worry about it. That is why I wrote this article, with all the Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation, so that you won't forget anything important.

planning for a travel

Some people claim that planning a trip is just as fun as taking one. I think they are right. That feeling of anticipation and endless possibility is hard to beat.

Below you'll find guidance on all those things we must do before leaving home for our next adventure.

Make sure to follow all my advice to reduce your travel anxiety (if, like me, you suffer from it) and avoid forgetting to do anything that could ruin your holiday.

A good checklist is a life/travel saver!

things to do before leaving for a travel

I organized what to do three months, one month, one week and 24 hours before your departure, so you'll need to follow it as it is.

If you have less time to plan everything, you can adjust the time frames for the time you have left. Remember that it is never too late to plan a trip!

book your accommodation

Book Your Accommodation Today

If you have already decided on your travel dates, you should book your accommodation as soon as possible. Prices change overnight, and accommodations in very tourist places are the first to get fully booked.

I constantly research the best accommodation as soon as I decide on my destination. Check out the best website: Booking, Agoda, Hotellook and Expedia.

the complete pre-travel checklist to download for free, printable pre-travel checklist

Don't forget to download my FREE PRINTABLE PRE-TRAVEL CHECKLIST, so you will only need to follow it and tick out what you have already done to understand better what you are still missing to do.

Tips: As soon as you book your next adventure, buy good travel insurance in case you need to "unfortunately" delay, extend or cancel your trip. I recommend SafetyWing. An excellent insurance company to cover everything about your travel.

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Read The Complete Pre-Travel Checklist: Important Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation


Some Essential Travel Reminders:

choose the right destination for your travel

1. Choose the right destination for your travel:

Do you already know where to go? Not every destination is a good choice in every season of the year. So, it is essential to have a great vacation and choose the best place to visit in the season you decide to travel.

Rome in July? Walking all day under the sun at 40 degrees celsius is not a good idea unless you love sweating, feel dizzy and risk heatstroke.

Read my article: 9 Tips to Choose Your Next Dream Destination.

Do some essential research on your travel destination

2. Do some essential research on your travel destination:

Is the destination you chose a safe place to visit? Is there any travel advisor or warning? Remember that your safety is your priority, always!

Type on Google: "government's travel advisories for.." and add your destination name. Always make sure to visit a safe country.

map of the world to decide where to go on holiday

There are many questions you need to ask when planning a trip to a foreign country or city:

  • What is the Time Zone?

  • Which is the Currency?

  • Do I need any Vaccination?

  • What are the Voltage and Adaptors?

  • How can I get there?

  • How can I go from the airport to the city centre?

  • How can I move around?

  • Is it easy t find ATMs and pay with Credit Cards?

  • Is tap water and food safe?

  • Is it affordable to Eat and Drink out?

  • What is the Tipping Guide?

  • What is the Cost of Travelling?

  • What about Shopping and Souvenirs?

  • Can I visit it as a Solo Woman Traveller?

  • What is the Duty-Free Allowance?

  • Where can I book Buses, Trains and Rent a Car?

  • Is it easy to find free Wifi?

  • Which are the Important Telephone Numbers?

These and many more questions are all answered in the Travel Guide I wrote for each country/city I have visited.

Go to "Destination Page" and see if I have visited your next destination. If I did, you would find an article on the main page of that destination called "everything you need to know before visiting (that city/country)".

3. Check rules, etiquette and cultural norms:

It is essential to understand and respect other cultures when travelling. Remember that you are the guest in their country, not the opposite.

Always follow their rules and etiquette to show respect and avoid trouble during your holiday.

book your flight for your next adventure

Book Your Cheap Flight Today

If you have already decided where to go on holiday, you should look for the perfect flight deal.

I constantly research the best flight website, Skyscanner and Jetradar.

And remember, If you find a flight at a reasonable price, don't wait for it to go up; book it today!

4. Covid restrictions and testings:

Unfortunately, with the covid pandemic came many travel restrictions, so make sure you can visit your next travel destination.

Follow the advice you find on the Who Website (keep in mind that these restrictions may change anytime, so always keep an eye on the rules of your destination country and be prepared to follow them).

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Things to Do 3 Months Before Your Holiday

Some things are better to do as soon as we book our travel. In some cases, the sooner, the better to make sure everything goes smooth, like the cocktails you will drink when on vacation.

5. Check the validity of your passport:

Before travelling abroad, make sure your passport is valid and accepted.

  • Many countries accept only passports with a validity of more than six months.

  • Other countries require you to have at least two visa free pages in your passport to guarantee your entrance into their country.

To ensure your passport is accepted at your destination, check out the country consular website to read all the requirements about the passport.

check the visa requirement before to travel to any country

6. Check your destination Visa requirement:

An essential thing to do when booking a vacation is to check the Visa requirement.

Some countries require you to apply for a Visa for the whole length of your stay, while others are free to visit. It all depends on which passport you hold and which countries allow you to access them freely.

Always check your destination country's website or your embassy to ensure enough time to apply for your Visa.

The Visa required might be an e-visa or a visa on arrival that you will have to fill up while on the plane (never forget to carry a pen when travelling, read 30 Flight Essentials You Should Bring on a Plane to always have with you all the necessary).

If you decide to apply for a visa upon your arrival, make sure to have all the required documents with you. Not every country is the same, but they usually include:

  • Cash payment in their specific currency

  • One or more recent passport photos

  • The application form

  • Confirmation of your accommodation and flight details

Tip: Be careful when searching online for visa requirements. Most of the results on the first searching page are from visa services companies that will charge you a fee to do what you can easily do by yourself for free.

book tours and activities before to leave for a travel

7. Book Tours and other Activities:

Do you want to see as much as you can during your travel?

There are some great websites where to book Tours and Activities:

  • TourRadar: the best website to book one or more tour days and have a travel guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the place you are visiting.

  • Get Your Guide: a website where to book daily tours and other activities

  • Tiqets: the go-to website where to purchase museums and other attractions tickets

  • TourScanner: a website search like Skyscanner for tours and activities.

8. Check Public Transports at your destination:

It doesn't matter if you want to stay around the capital or you choose to explore the whole country. Checking how public transport works is essential to planning the perfect trip.

In some countries, you can easily reach every destination you wish to visit by public transport (like during my tour of the south of Spain), while in others, renting a car would be the best option.

I advise you to search for a good rental car deal on Rentalcars or Discovercars, two of the best car rental websites, where I always rent a car for a very affordable price.

get an international driving license before to leave for a travel

9. Get your international driving licence:

If you are planning to drive during your travel, don't forget you might need an international driving licence.