The most complete guide of Rome

The Most Complete Guide of Rome

Rome is one of the most visited Capitals of the World. Beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, romantic and timeless are only a few adjectives that come to my mind when I think of Rome.


Famous for the Vatican city, the gladiators and the roman empire, you cannot miss visiting Rome at least once in your life.

I have been there once when I was little (and of course, I don't remember much of it) and the second time when I was old enough to enjoy everything this sophisticated city has to offer.

I wrote many articles about Rome, so I am sure you will find everything you need about this incredible city to plan your Roman holiday in the best possible way.

the most complete guide of rome

Let's Discover Rome together...

As legend has it, Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war.


Left to drown in a basket on the Tevere river by a king of nearby Alba Longa and rescued by a she-wolf, the twins lived to defeat the king and found their city on the river's banks in 753 B.C.


After killing his brother, Romulus became the first king of Rome, which is named after him.

the most complete guide of rome
the most complete guide of rome
the most complete guide of rome

It is such an intriguing legend that I remember learning at school.


Because everything about Rome, even its myths, are incredible.

When you walk through its alleys, you will see the magnitude of this capital, and at the same time, you will smell the aroma of its delicious cuisine.


Because visiting Rome doesn't mean only learning about its history and seeing its museums and churches. Visit Rome also means spending time tasting its famous local recipes.

the mosr complete guide of rome
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the most complete guide of rome

What is the Best time to visit Rome?

I honestly believe that every season could be great to visit Rome.


Rome is located in central Italy, and that means it isn't very cold during winter like north Italy.


Of course, there can be some exceptions (like the snowfall in the February of 2018) but usually, during winter, there are not less than 12 degrees during the day and around 4 degrees at night. 

In May, Rome can be quite hot like you can see in my pictures. I advise you to avoid the summer months because as with all the major tourist cities, Rome can be very crowded and also much more expensive than in Autumn and Spring.

If you are planning a trip around Italy and include some days at the beach, in that case, a holiday in summer could be perfect for you. 


Spring and summer are the most popular seasons to visit Italy so book early and save money (isn't better to save money on accommodations and spend them instead on good food and activities?).

The most complete guide of rome


What is the currency in Rome?

The currency is Euro


What is the language spoken in Rome?

The primary language spoken is Italian, although most Romans speak the Roman dialect. But in every hotel, restaurants in the city centre and museum, staff speak English.

Is easy to use credit cards and ATMs in Rome?

Atm and card payment are available almost everywhere. Only in the market stalls cash are required. 

What are the Plugs and Voltage in Rome? 

The plugs in Italy are Type C, F, and L.


The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz.


I recommend buying a universal adapter.

Is Rome a safe city to visit?

Rome like every Italian city is pretty safe but like in every tourist area I advise carrying an antitheft purse or an antitheft backpack

Rome is a safe city, mostly during the day. Obviously, if you are a solo female traveller, I advise you to avoid going out at night alone. Unfortunately, we ladies have always to be more careful when walking alone.

Is Rome expensive?

There are plenty of "trattorie" where to enjoy a delicious meal as locals do at the cost of 10/15 euro with a drink.

Is easy to find Wifi in Rome?

is available in almost every bar and restaurant and of course in every hotel.

What is the Time Zone of Rome?

Italy lies in the Central European Time Zone, which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +1).



One of the best ways to visit Rome is by walking.


Once you get to the city centre, almost every vital sight is within walking distance, so bring some comfortable shoes and enjoy this magic city.

By Bus:

There are plenty of Buses to move around in case you have to get to one place faster.


The Metrebus Rome system offers a wide variety of tickets and passes BIT (€ 1.50) 100 minutes from the first stamping. ROMA 24H (€ 7.00) valid 24 hours from the first stamping and for an unlimited number of trips in Rome.

By Metro:

Rome has probably the cheapest Metro in Europe. 

One-way ticket costs only 1.5 euro. L'Atac offers also 24h tickets for 7 euro, 48h for12.50 euro, 72h for 18 euro or 1 week for 24 euro.  

You can purchase tickets at every metro station.

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the most complete guide of Rome

Renting a Vespa could be a great idea to visit what is around Rome, but not the city centre. The traffic is quite crazy.


But in case you know how to drive it and want to explore what is around the capital, check out my article "Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Rome" where I added how and where to book every kind of transport you may want to rent out.


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