24 Unmissable Souvenirs You Should Buy in Venice

Are you planning to visit Venice? Well done to you, trust me, you will love this city full of charm, antiques, mystery, and history. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about what to buy in Venice, from gifts for your friends and family to authentic Venice souvenirs.

If you love shopping, do a favour to yourself and leave some room inside your luggage to be able to purchase everything you will fall in love with (I am sorry but unfortunately you won't be able to take home with you a fascinating "Gondoliere").

what to buy in venice, souvenirs

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what to buy in venice, souvenirs

1. Venice Handmade Mask:

Venice Carnival Masks are probably the most famous things to buy in Venice. They can be crazy expensive (I'm talking about thousands of euros), or they can cost you only 5 euros. The most important thing is to buy original ones made in Venice.

And you will see so many beautiful masks in Venice you won't know which one to buy.

They made them in many colours, shapes, and prices, so don't worry if you are on a budget. There are some beautiful for as little as 10/15 Euro each.

At the shop Tragicomica Venezia (pictures above) you can attend a Carnival mask creation or create a mask for yourself.

If you fancy wearing a fabulous Venetian Carnival dress (the perfect idea for a photoshoot alone or with your family and friends) to live the famous experience of the Venice Carnival, they also provide this service.

Check here Tragicomica Venezia website.

One of the most famous shops where to buy Venice Carnival Masks in Venice is La Bottega dei Mascareri,

Opened in 1984 and located close to the famous Rialto Bridge, this family-run shop is known among Hollywood celebrities thanks to the excellence and creativity of their masks.

If you wish to create your own Carnival Mask, check here the Carnival Mask Workshop.

Some of them have even been used for films or featured in the prestigious California Shakespeare Festival.

Its owners, brothers Sergio and Massimo Boldrin, make sure to create artworks masks, putting into each mask all their knowledge and creativity for their design and creating genuine masterpieces that vary in all sorts of prices.

Address: Calle dei Saoneri, 2720 f, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy.

Open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

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what to buy in venice, souvenirs

2. Murano Glasses:

The world-famous Murano glass that every one of us has seen in tourist places.

Well, Murano Island is where these famous jewels have been made for the first time and where you are going to find only the originals at an excellent price.

From chandeliers, vases, glasses, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more, you will wish to afford to buy so many of them to redecorate your home completely (So be careful with it if travelling on a budget).

Is a Murano Glass Factory Tour Worth it?

Absolutely yes! I advise you to book a Murano Glass factory tour with a blowing demo and workshop where you will assist every detail behind the incredible art of Glassblowing and an additional 20% discount on any Glass purchase in the factory shop.

Trust me. It is worth it because I did it, and I loved it.

Do you want to see everything Venice has to offer and save money at the same time?

Check here all the activities and tours available. You won't regret it!

what to buy Venice, souvenirs

3. Burano Lace:

Burano lace, needle lace made on the island of Burano, has a long-established tradition of needle-lace making, though precise historical records are lacking.

Real Burano lace takes a long time to make, and even the smallest piece of lace could take weeks to finish. Just one tablecloth may cost up to $500 or more.

My advice is to book in advance a Tour of Murano and Burano where you will see both Murano Glass and Burano Lacemaking, two incredible experiences reserved in advance that will make you save time and money.

4. Buranei/Bussolai cookies:

This delicious Burano's cookie is a typical doughnut-shaped cake of the island, also known as buranelli.

The sweet has a combination rich in nutrients, such as eggs, flour, sugar and butter, which, after having been cooked, have long durability. In the past, these Burano's cookies were prepared by the fishermen's wives when they were moving away from home to go fishing for long periods.

If the sailors couldn't have good nutrition, the bussolà could give them all the energy to deal with the sea life.

You will find artisan sweets in Venice, so be prepared to walk a lot to burn all the calories.

5. Baicoli di Venezia:

Baicoli (English: golden oval) is an Italian biscuit originating in Venice. Baicoli gains their name because their shape resembles a sea bass, which in the local dialect is called baicoli. Today, Baicoli are served with coffee and zabaglione, in which they could be dipped.

These dry, delicious desserts were particularly suitable for efficiently storing during the Venetian merchants' long trips afloat, with a delicate and straightforward taste.

They are ideal for dipping in chocolate, coffee, tea, zabaglione and dessert wines (of course Italian Wine).

what to buy in venice, souvenirs

6. Handmade Shoes:

Venetian handmade shoes have better strength and durability as compared to machine-made shoes.

The craftsmen who make these shoes spend a lot of time making a pair, where machine-made shoes are produced in a larger quantity which makes the difference.

A couple of shoes go through several stages of manufacturing that make them so unique. Have a look at them in Venice and if you like shoes, see them as a very comfortable souvenir to take back home.

Venice is beautiful and a perfect place to taste all the delicious food and Wine that its region offers.

Why not have an unforgettable experience to remember for the rest of your life?

I have some great ideas for you:

Do you like Wine?

Have a look at this: Venetian Wine Tasting

With so many different wines to choose from, will try only the best ones!

what to buy in venice, souvenirs

If you are a cooking lover like me, always looking to try different recipes, try this fabulous Cooking class and tasting in Venice.

You will feel so satisfied that you will feel like a local.

How can I plan my trip to Venice?

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what to buy in venice, souvenirs

7. Venice Fabrics:

Master artisans still weave the fabrics in Venice on 18th-century wooden looms, and the front-room display here is just a sample of their artistry, so if you would like to buy some, you will be in the perfect place.

Do you like Wine?

If the answer is Yes! Check out the wine tasting available in Venice here.

what to buy in venice, souvenirs
Shop: Fanny Gloves and Accessories

8. Leather Bags and Gloves:

One of the reasons Italian leather is highly appreciated is its quality. Italy is famous for producing high-quality leather, and artisans use only all-natural vegetable and plant-based extracts to manufacture Italian leather.

Because it isn't mass-produced, it takes much longer to make than the cheaper factory made alternatives. That's why if you are looking for a nice gift for yourself or a friend, an authentic handmade leather item could be perfect.

What better occasion than your Venetian holiday?

A good idea is to find the perfect glove shade to look super stylish next winter.

what to buy in venice, souvenirs

9. Gondolier's Hat:

This can be a lovely gift to take home for your loved one or your father. There is only one store in all of Venice, and it is located in the Campo San Maurizio area.

In Campo San Salvador, near Rialto and Campo San Bortolomio, there is the Millinery of Giuliana Longo, the only producer of all the hats of the gondoliers of Venice.

A Venetian Gondoliere waiting for clients.

If you are looking for a cheap option (that is not made in Venice and is not artisan), you can opt for the cheaper ones that you will find available at the stalls in many streets and squares of Venice.

Giuliana Longo Modisteria: Calle del Lovo, 4813, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

what to buy in venice, souvenirs

10. Handmade Wooden Puzzle:

Wooden Puzzles are an excellent gift for the puzzle enthusiast and lover of folk art.

They feature a printed canvas that is installed on wood.

You will see several options to choose from. Experience the personality and charm of these historic and scenic places with a one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle.


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what to buy in venice, souvenirs

11. Handmade Wooden Boats and Ships:

Hand made wooden models of all kinds of Venetian boats, made using the same wood types and following the same technique, with a long reconstructive study behind.

gilberto penso shop venice
Gilberto Penzo shop

About them, I would like to name one of the best you can find in Venice. His name is Gilberto Penzo. His models have been bought by private collectors and from Museums of naval history, such as the ones in Rome, Como, Chioggia, Rovigo.

Once this model was used to define the actual boat in advance, you can now buy one and have a great and original decorative object.

Gilberto Penzo

Calle Seconda dei Saoneri, 2681, 30125 San Polo, Venezia.

what to buy in venice, souvenirs

12. Doorknockers:

The beauty of Venice is in its details.

There are so many fascinating doorknobs you will see that add mystery and charm to the Venetian houses.

You will instantly question why the owner chose a specific figure and what it expresses.