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How to Plan a Trip to Trieste for the First Time

Updated: Sep 9, 2023


If you plan to visit the beautiful city of Trieste, you are in the right place. In this article, I will give you all the tips & info you need to know before starting to plan your trip to Trieste, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Trieste is my home town, so I know a lot about it, from when to visit Trieste to enjoy the most of it, how to move around Trieste (the city center is walkable so no need to use any transport, but I'll give you info about them too anyway), how to visit Trieste if you have only one day, what to see and do and where and what to eat.

After all, what is a trip without tasting all the local food? (This is one of the main reasons I travel; is it yours too?)

Trieste is a beautiful destination spot, and its demand is growing (maybe thanks to all my articles? Well, it's my hometown, and I obviously wish everyone would visit it).

The question is: Do you want to know everything about how to plan a trip to Trieste? Well, that’s exactly what you will learn in this article. Make sure to read it till the end!

So, let's start planning your trip to Trieste!

Please sit back, relax, get a cup of coffee (or a hibiscus tea, my favorite), and let me help you plan the best trip to Trieste!

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travel to trieste italy, is trieste worth to visit?

Is Trieste worth visiting?

It's absolutely worth visiting Trieste in Italy, and I'm not saying it only because I grew up in Trieste.

Trieste is a beautiful city with stunning Adriatic sea views from the main square, Piazza Unita' d'Italia, from the top of the hill at San Giusto Castle, or from the long promenade called Barcola.

Trieste will surprise you with its intense Bora wind, sweeping you from your feet and making you fly like Mary Poppins (don't worry, it doesn't blow every day).

In Trieste, you will find delicious fresh fish and local cuisine made of Italian and Austro-Hungarian recipes.

trieste italy travel information, what is trieste famous?

What is Trieste Italy known for?

Trieste is a mix of cultures that create a wonderful city full of stunning buildings, hospitable locals, delicious wines, relaxed atmospheres, unmissable museums, and much more for travelers who can't wait to explore and learn everything about it.

Obviously, I am biased about Trieste because it is my hometown. But if you don't believe me, you must check out my "The most complete guide of Trieste" to see if my words are true (they are, and you will thank me for all the info I will give you).

If you are visiting Trieste because you will embark on a cruise starting from my beautiful city, take advantage of the opportunity to visit Trieste for at least one day.

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how many days to visit Trieste is enought? trieste waterfront and piazza unita d'italia

How many days in Trieste is enough?

Trieste city center is pretty small so if you have only one day to explore it, you can easily see the main attraction in Trieste.

If you wish to visit some museums in Trieste, like the San Giusto Castle, the beautiful Miramare Castle, the Revoltella museums with all its antiques, and the museum dedicated to the life of the famous writer James Joice, you will need at least three days in Trieste. There are many things to do in Trieste.


Save it for later!

Don't forget there are plenty of beautiful places to visit around Trieste, like the Giant Cave, the Collio region where to drink delicious wine, and also many other cities in Italy, like a day trip to Venice, to Slovenia's capital Ljubljana or the small fisherman's town of Piran (also in Slovenia).

There are plenty of stunning destinations to see during a day trip from Trieste, so before deciding how many days to spend in this incredible city, have a look at what to do in Trieste to make a list of all the places you wish to see and activities you want to do and to all the fabulous day trips from Trieste.

There are so many things to do and places to see you will stay longer than you thought.

why visit trieste before embarking on a cruise? trieste cruise port in front of trieste piazza unita d'italia on molo audace

Embaring a cruise that start in trieste?

Check out these helpful articles I wrote for you:


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How to plan a trip to Trieste like a pro


trieste piazza unita d'iitalia trieste travel tips to plan a trip

Essential things about visiting Trieste

What is the time zone in Trieste?

Trieste, Italy, is in the Central European Time Zone, GMT +1. Italy observes daylight-saving in summer, advancing time by 1 hour to GMT +2. The changes happen on the last Saturday of March and October.

What is the best time to visit Trieste?

Trieste can be visited in every season, it depends on what you wish to get from your vacation in Trieste. There are always plenty of things to see and do in Trieste in every season. If you want to enjoy sunny days without the crowds of tourists, April, May, and September are the perfect months.

If you want to spend some time on one of Trieste's beaches, June, July, and August are your months, but be aware that Trieste can be very hot during summer, with the highest temperature reaching 38°/100F, so not so pleasant for walking all day.

If you wish to visit Trieste on a budget, months like October, November, and March could be perfect.

I would honestly avoid visiting Trieste in December (unless you want to see the Trieste Christmas markets), January, and February when the Bora wind is at its peak, and it can rain or snow the whole day.

trieste canal grande ponterosso trieste visitors guide

What is the language spoken in Trieste?

The main language spoken in Trieste is Italian. Most locals speak the Trieste dialect, called "Triestino." In Trieste, there is a mix of cultures with people from Greece, Austria, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Wish to learn some sentences in Italian before your trip to Italy? Check out Duolingo, the free app I use to learn a new language.

What is the currency used in Trieste?

Trieste is in Italy, so the currency used is Euro.

Is it easy to find ATMs in Trieste?

You can find ATMs very easily in Trieste. Remember that many ATMs in Italy are inside the bank, so if you need to withdraw money when the bank is closed, you will need a card with a magnetic stripe to enter the bank's ATM.

use a travel card in trieste solo travel

Which credit cards to use in Trieste?

Almost all credit cards are accepted in Trieste. Having a Visa or Mastercard would be better because American Express or Discover might not be accepted everywhere. Remember to ALWAYS have some cash with you when in Trieste. Not every place accepts a card payment, and many shops have a minimum spend of € 5-10.

When traveling, I always use my Revolut Card, the best pre-paid travel card to use abroad! Learn here about Revolut!

Do I need vaccinations to visit Trieste?

You do not need to get any vaccinations to visit Trieste in Italy. But if you prefer to check it out, you can always consult the Vaccination Requirements for Italy.

italy trieste prefettura why visit trieste italy

Do I need Travel insurance to visit Trieste?

You cannot leave home for a trip without booking a good travel insurance!

I always get my travel insurance on VisitorsCoverage for short trips up to a few weeks, while SafetyWings is the best travel insurance for longer trips.

Is there a Visa Requirement to visit Trieste, Italy?

If you come from outside Europe, you might need to apply for a Visa to visit Italy. Check on Italy Visa requirements to make sure to apply for it as soon as you book your flight ticket!

What are the Voltage and adaptors needed in Trieste?

The standard voltage used in Trieste is 220-240 volts, with most sockets using European plugs of the two round-pin varieties. If you come from outside Europe, your appliances will require a voltage converter and plug adaptor to function properly.

If you frequently travel to Europe and need to use hair styling tools, purchasing a travel hair dryer and a travel curling iron is recommended so you will always have them for your next adventures!

best time to visit trieste italy ponterosso grand canal and piazza santo antonio trieste

Is it easy to find Wifi in Trieste?

You will find free wifi in Trieste in most bars and restaurants, all hotels, and on some new buses.

If you wish to always have data with you to be able to connect with your family and friends or to post your pictures on your social media, I advise you to purchase an eSim Card for Italy, as I always do when I visit my family in Trieste.

Are there any luggage storages in Trieste?

If you arrive in Trieste too early for check-in or cannot leave your luggage at your accommodation after your check-out and want to explore the city during these free hours, you can always leave your luggage at a Luggage Storage in Trieste.

When traveling, remember to always use an anti-theft backpack (see that one I use here) to keep your valuables safe, a TSA-approved cable luggage lock for your luggage, and please never forget to add to all your bags luggage tags (I just bought these ones for me and Lajos).

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best time to visit trieste is in spring and autumn and not visit trieste in winter

Booking an accommodation in Trieste

Trieste is a very popular city so you will find accommodations for every budget. Check out my best hotels in the city center (and near the cruise port) to chose the right accommodation for your next adventure, to be right in the middle of the city, only a short walk from all the most famous sights, or the top rated accommodations in Trieste for every budget.

trieste travel destination get to trieste by plane

How to get to Trieste

You can reach Trieste by flying to Trieste Airport, which is well-connected to many European capitals and other Italian cities (see flight connections from your airport).

You have multiple options for transportation from Trieste Airport to the Port of Trieste Cruise Terminal.

  • By taxi: One of the most convenient ways is to take a taxi or arrange a private transfer. Taxis are readily available outside the Trieste airport terminal. The journey to the cruise port costs €60 and takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

  • By bus: Alternatively, you can opt for a shuttle service, which provides a cost-effective and hassle-free transfer between the airport and the cruise port. These shuttle services operate regularly, offering comfortable transportation for passengers with luggage to Trieste Autostazione (bus station) or Trieste Cruise Port.

  • By train: A train stops at Trieste Airport thrice per hour and will take you to Trieste Centrale Train Station. See train schedules from Trieste Airport to Trieste Centrale here.

You are in luck, like always, and in my Trieste Cruise Port Guide, I have a complete guide on how to reach the Trieste city center from every airport in the region and even from Treviso and Venice Airports.

Read it now or bookmark it for later!

I hope you will always have a safe flight and never have to experience a flight delay, but in case it happens, Airhelp and Compensair are the websites I used when I had a flight delay and asked for some compensation.

Check them out!

trieste travel blog how many days in trieste piazza unita d'italia

Cost of visiting Trieste

Is Trieste expensive to visit?

Trieste is becoming a very popular Italian destination, but you can visit it with any budget, thanks to the info and tips I provide in my Trieste Travel Guide.

There are plenty of hotels for every type of traveler, from hostels where to meet other young travelers, budget hotels with breakfast included right in Trieste's old town, some gorgeous Boutique Hotels to visit the city in style, and some pretty new luxury hotels to have the vacation of your dreams.

Looking for the perfect hotel in Trieste?

I can help you with that, see the best hotels in Trieste city center for every budget!

how to move around trieste italy trieste on map of italy

How to move around Trieste

Is Trieste Italy walkable?

Trieste city center is pretty small so you can easily visit it just by walking around. Only to reach San Giusto Castle you will have to walk up a hill, but you can always catch the bus 24.

Visit Trieste by bus:

Trieste has a dense bus network that is well-connected in every ward. See Trieste bus tickets prices.

If you prefer to move by bus around Trieste, remember you can pay for your ticket on the bus with a debit/credit card and see bus routes on your Google Maps.

If you want to explore the area around Trieste, renting a car to move freely is the best solution.

trieste taxi is the best way to move around trieste at night and go back to your hotel

Hire a Taxi in Trieste:

Trieste taxis have a metered kilometer rate. The first click of the taximeter device is valid for the first 83.3 meters: € 3.50

For each subsequent 83.3 meters: € 0.10. It is pretty affordable, and in case you cannot find one straight away, call them at Trieste Radio Taxi (0039-30-77-30), and someone will come to pick you up, or they will tell you where to find the closest one.

If you don't speak Italian and prefer an app, download Radio Taxi Trieste.

Travel Tip: Do you see those two letters on the taxi's back window? (see picture above). AP means this taxi accepts card payments.

Move outside Trieste by Ferry:

There is a lovely way to visit the charming sea village of Muggia or get to Barcola, Grignano, and Sistiana for a swim or just a walk along the waterfront.

You can catch the Delfino Verde ferry on the left side of the Stazione Marittima (Molo dei Bersaglieri 3, 34123 Trieste) check out time schedule and prices here.

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why visit trieste? to eat the local food! crayfish risotto in trieste to eat

Drinking and eating out in Trieste

What food is Trieste famous for?

One of the most famous dishes in Trieste is the soup Jota, made with sauer krauts, potatoes, beans, and pork meat, and it is Lajos's favorite I make it for him every winter.

Trieste offers many local dishes, from Austro-Hungarian to classic Italian dishes to delicious fresh fish that local chefs prepare dayly in the local restaurants.

There are also many local cakes you will love to taste, like the Pinza, Presnitz, Putizza, and much more. Read all the local food you have to try in Trieste!

trieste holidays to try all the local food like cured meat and local wine

Are tap water and food safe in Trieste?

Drinking water in Trieste from taps is safe, mainly because the water comes from the Alps and is very pure and tasty. You can bring your reusable water bottle and refill it at any fountains you can find around the city.

Honestly, Trieste has so much delicious food to offer that the only problem you will have is that your stomach needs to be bigger to eat everything you wish.

Food and drinks prices in Trieste:

Prices may vary from bar to restaurant also from where the place is located if near a famous, and tourist spot or a bit further, but these are the approximate prices for the most common foods and drinks in Trieste:

In Trieste supermarkets:

Bottle 1.5 L water: around 0.40-0.50 Euro

Beer 0.33 L: approximately 1.50 Euro

Bottle of Wine: 5-10 Euro

In a Trieste Bar:

Coffee-latte: 1.50 Euro

A glass of 0.5 L Beer: around 1.50-2.00 Euro

A bottle of wine: 12-20 Euro

Coke in a can: Around 2.00-2.50 Euro

A glass of wine: Around 3.50-6.00 Euro

At a Restaurant in Trieste:

Restaurant on a budget per person: Around € 15

Restaurant medium-range per person: Around € 30-40

Fine dining Restaurant per person: From € 80

Is trieste a good place to visit? visit the local osmizza where to eat local food and drink home made wine

There are many food activities to enjoy in Trieste, from cooking classes, to local Aperitivo to wine tastings tours, there is something for everyone to enjoy the Italian food like every travelers wish to do when visiting Italy.

Tipping guide in Trieste:

A gratuity of 10-20% in Italian restaurants is often added to the bill, so check that you still need to pay the tip before you add more to your payment.

If not, a 10-15% tip is encouraged, mostly in tourist places. The tip should reflect the customer service you received, so it is up to you to decide how much to give.

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when planning a trip to trieste don't forget to purchase local souvenirs like local beer cittavecchia trieste

Shopping and souvenirs in Trieste

If you love shopping, Trieste will surprise you with many shops of the best Italian clothes, shoes and anything else you might want to buy.

The most famous shopping streets in Trieste are Corso Italia, via Mazzini, via San Nicolò, via Roma, via Carducci, and via Battisti.

There are many things to buy in Trieste as a souvenir for yourself or a gift for your family and friends. Read my what to buy in Trieste article to learn everything about the best handmade items and local food to purchase in Trieste.

is trieste safe to walk at night? piazza della borsa trieste corso italia

Is Trieste safe?

Is Trieste safe for a solo woman traveler?

Trieste is pretty safe during the day with tourists and locals around the streets; the only thing you must worry about are pickpockets that, unfortunately, can be present in every tourist city.

So I advise having with you an antitheft purse or an antitheft backpack. Prudence is never enough when you are far from home, even in the safest place in the world.​

Overnight I advise a solo woman traveler to keep her guard up at all times because bad things can happen anywhere, anytime, to anybody, so please take safety first.

During my solo travels, I always contacted local ladies through travel Facebook groups, and I have been lucky to meet people who took me around and showed me their city, so I felt pretty safe being out late in the evening because I wasn't alone.

plan your travel to trieste to visit the canal grande to have the best vacation in trieste

Tours and activities in Trieste

In Trieste, there is a wide range of activities to choose from. You can take a walking tour of the city center, to explore its rich history and architecture.

If you're a wine lover, you can also book a wine-tasting tour in Trieste or discover the flavors of the Collio region. To taste the local cuisine, you can have an aperitivo with a local and try the delicious delicacies and wines.

If you prefer a more personalized experience, you can opt for a private guided tour of the city. Additionally, guided day trips are available to nearby destinations that are just a few hours away, allowing you to explore even more wonderful places.

how to plan a trieste vacation and visit muggia from trieste

Important telephone numbers in Trieste

European Emergency Number 112 (they will direct you to the number you need)

General Emergency 113

Police (polizia)

Financial Police (guardia di finanza) 117

Medical Emergency (emergenza medica) 118

Fire Brigade (vigili del fuoco) 115

Forest Fire Brigade (guardia forestale) 1515

Coast Guard (guardian costiera) 1530

Road Assistance (soccorso stradale) 803116 from an Italian phone and 800 116 800 from a foreign mobile.

Before you go...

If you're planning a trip to Trieste, it's