21 Tips to Improve Your Sleep While Travelling

Updated: Jul 12

Travelling can be stressful, but there are ways to help you relax while on vacation. You may not have time to take a nap during your trip, but you should still try to get some quality shut-eye.

There's nothing worse than waking up feeling groggy when there is a full day or exploitation ahead of you.

Sleep is sacred. I love sleeping my 8 hours straight, and if I cannot, I feel sleepy and annoyed all day. That is why, when I start travelling, I wondered what could I do before bed to sleep better?

So I had to find every possible way to get my beauty sleep even when I travel.

why can't I sleep when traveling?

Why Can't I sleep When I Travel?

The causes of insomnia can be different.

It can be because it is not your bed or room, the time zone can disturb your brain's natural mechanism, the different food you are eating etc.

In this article, you are going to find all the natural ways that I use and that work for me.

I hope they will work for you too.

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how to sleep better when traveling

Read 21 Tips to sleep better while travelling


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1. A few days before departure, start to adapt to your new time zone:

We should need 1 hour for each time zone to adapt, so start a few days before departure to sleep one hour earlier/later, then 2 and then 3.

This will help you to adjust to your destination timezone and sleep better when on holiday.

bring your own pillow on holiday to sleep better when traveling

2. If you can, bring your own pillow with you:

Bringing with you your own pillow is what my mom used to do when I was a kid.

We used to travel a lot by car so because she knew it could be difficult for kids to adapt to new rooms and beds while travelling, she always brought my pillow for me, so I could sleep basically anywhere while travelling.

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3. As soon as you arrive at the destination, adapt yourself to the local schedule:

Have breakfast at their time, lunch etc. If you arrive there at breakfast time but for your body would be already lunchtime, just eat a snack and wait for the local lunchtime to have lunch.

If the time zone is very different, have a nap in the afternoon (don't forget to set up an alarm after 1 or a maximum of 2 hours).

In this way, you will be fresher and will avoid falling asleep before dinner time and waking up in the middle of the night feeling completely awake like in the morning.

how to sleep better on holiday

4. As soon as you check into your room, check if anything's bothering you:

Lie down on your bed and check if the mattress is comfortable if it is noisy etc.

Check if the air conditioning is working and if the room's window faces a noisy street. In this way, you can ask straight away to get another room before other travellers arrive.

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