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The Trieste Cruise Port Ultimate Guide: How to Reach Your Ship

Updated: May 24

how to get to trieste cruise port terminal passeggeri

Welcome aboard! If you're planning a cruise that starts and finishes in Trieste, Italy, you're in for a treat. Here you will find all the tips and info you need to plan your trip to Trieste and how to get to Trieste Cruise Port from the nearest airports in Trieste and Venice or the Trieste train station.

Trieste is my hometown, so I know it very well and can help you plan your next adventure.

Trieste is well known as the gateway to the Adriatic Sea in northeastern Italy; it offers a gorgeous blend of historical sites, stunning architecture, and a vibrant culinary scene that will leave you wanting more (because a trip to Italy is not complete without tasting as much local food as possible).

trieste sailing port on the seafron of trieste near piazza unita d'italia in trieste

Explore Trieste's top attractions and hidden gems before or after your cruise, and if possible, stay a few days to enjoy everything this city offers. Check out my list of the best Hotel near Trieste Cruise Port, perfect for sightseeing.

Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in the rich past of this port city or a foodie eager to indulge in some of the finest Italian cuisine, Trieste has something for everyone.

So, grab your cruise ticket and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the streets of Trieste, where history and culture blend in the most enchanting way before boarding your ship.

Let's set sail!

Travel Tip: If you have booked a cruise and notice that your cruise line is using the Ormeggio 57 cruise port instead of Trieste, it's important to note that Ormeggio 57 is located approximately 4km from the city center and it is not the Cruise Port i'm talking on this article.

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If you're planning a cruise and considering a stop in Trieste, this article will provide all the information you need about the Trieste Cruise Ship Port. Whether you're interested in visiting Trieste before or after your cruise, this article will guide you through everything you need to know. See here the Trieste Cruises calendar.

Be sure to read until the end to get all the details!

So please sit back, relax, and let me take you on a tour of the Cruise Port of Trieste!

Your Complete Trieste Cruise Port Guide: Tips and Recommendations


where is the cruise port in trieste italy

Trieste Cruise Port Facilities and Services

Trieste Cruise Port has excellent facilities and services to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for cruise passengers.

The area near the terminal offers a variety of amenities, including souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes, where you can relax and unwind before or after your cruise.

If you wish to visit Trieste before embarking, you can leave your luggage at four different luggage storage near the cruise port, making it easy to drop off your bags and explore the city without hassle.

Additionally, convenient transportation options are available outside the port, allowing you to access the city's attractions and landmarks easily.

Is this your first time on a cruise ship? Are you ready for your next adventure? I have been only once on a cruise on a Royal Caribbean Ship. I had so much fun; I can't wait to do it again!

how far is the trieste cruise port from the town, trieste port is in the city center

Psst! Planning to visit Trieste before embarking at the Port of Trieste Cruise Terminal?

I’ve got many blog posts about it. It's my home town after all! Here are some of them to help you plan your next dream vacation in Trieste:

trieste cruise port to town, the cruise port is in trieste waterfront

How far is Trieste from the Cruise Port?

Trieste Cruise Port is conveniently located in the city's heart (see Trieste Cruise Port address here), making it easily accessible for cruise passengers. The port is just a short distance from Trieste's main square, Piazza Unità d'Italia, considered one of Europe's most beautiful squares.

From the port, it's a leisurely walk to many of Trieste's top attractions and the historic Old Town. The port's proximity to the city center allows you to make the most of your time in Trieste and explore its rich history and culture.

If you wish to visit Trieste a few hours before to embark your cruise ship, check out this Trieste guided tour. It lasts 2 hours and is the perfect way to explore with a local and save time.

Travel Tip: As soon as you book your next adventure, buy good travel insurance in case you need to "unfortunately" delay, extend, or cancel your trip. I recommend VisitorsCoverage for short trips and SafetyWing to stay longer than a month.

girl in trieste italy cruise ship port near piazza unita d'italia

Where do the Cruise Ships Depart from in Trieste?

Cruise ships departing from Trieste usually dock at the Trieste Cruise Terminal, located within the port area. The terminal has modern facilities to ensure a seamless embarkation process for passengers.

You will find designated areas for check-in, security checks, and boarding, making navigating through the terminal and boarding your ship easy.

The Cruise terminal doesn't provide a parking space for those arriving by car, but you can book a parking car nearby here (add to the website the dates of your travel, and you will get the daily price instead of the hourly one).

The best option is to come by public transport from the train station or the nearest airport.

European Travel Alert!

If you don't have a Europe passport, from November 2023, you must complete an ETIAS visa waiver form before your trip and pay the €7 ($7.25) fees. This easy-to-complete form should give you instant approval, but it's recommended that travelers plan and submit their documents a few weeks in advance of their departure date.

How to get to Trieste Cruise Port

the nearest airport to trieste cruise port is trieste airport

What are the closest International Airports to Trieste Cruise Terminal?

To reach Trieste Cruise Ship Port, you have three options for the closest international airports: Trieste Airport, Venice Airport, and Treviso Airport.

  • Trieste Airport (TRS): also known as Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, is the nearest airport to the city, approximately 30 kilometers away.

  • Venice Airport (VCE): also known as Marco Polo Airport, is another convenient option around 140 kilometers from Trieste.

  • Treviso Airport (TSF): is the second Venice airport used mainly by low-cost airlines, 147 kilometers from Trieste.

These airports offer domestic and international flights, providing convenient access to Trieste from any location. Read below how to go from each of them to "Trieste Cruise Port Terminal Passeggeri."

Travel tip: If you arrive in Trieste too early for your check-in or your departure time is too many hours after your check-out, and you need a place to store your luggage, check out Radical Storage in Trieste, a website that shows you all the safe places to keep your bags while still exploring Trieste.

trieste italy airport to cruise port

How to get from Trieste Airport to Trieste Cruise Port?

You have several transportation options from Trieste Airport to the Port of Trieste Cruise Terminal.

  • By taxi: one of the most convenient ways is to take a taxi or arrange a private transfer. Taxis are available outside Trieste airport terminal, and the journey to the cruise port costs € 60 and takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

  • By bus: alternatively, you can opt for a shuttle service, which provides a cost-effective and hassle-free transfer between the airport and the cruise port. These shuttle services operate regularly and offer comfortable transportation for passengers with luggage. They will take you to Trieste Autostazione (bus station) or Trieste Cruise Port.

  • By train: the train from Venice stops at Trieste Airport and will take you to Trieste Centrale Train Station. See train schedules from Trieste Airport to Trieste Centrale here.

venice airport to trieste harbor cruise port

How to get from Venice Airport to Trieste Cruise Port?

Several transportation options are available if you arrive at Venice Marco Polo Airport and must reach Trieste Cruise Port.

  • By bus: one popular choice is to take a direct bus from Venice Airport to Trieste Bus Station (near Trieste Centrale Train Station) or to Trieste Cruise Port (when available). These buses operate regularly and provide a convenient and affordable way to travel between the two cities. The journey takes approximately two and a half hours, depending on traffic conditions.

  • By train: you can also get to Trieste by train from Venice Airport. You must catch the bus n.15 at the airport direction Venezia Mestre Station (buy the bus ticket at the airport) and get off at Venezia Mestre Hotel Plaza bust stop (train station stop). Catch the train to Trieste Centrale Train Station. The journey takes two and a half hours.

  • By taxi: another option is to arrange for a private transfer here.

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treviso airport to trieste italy cruise port

How to get from Treviso Airport to Trieste Cruise Port?

Several transportation options are available if you arrive at Treviso Airport and need to get to Trieste Cruise Port.

  • By bus: there are different buses you can catch. Some leave from Treviso Airport, and others from Venezia Mestre train station. To get to Venezia Mestre station, take bus line 351. The journey can take up to four hours. See buses to Trieste here.

  • By train: take line 351 to Venezia Mestre Station, then the train direct to Trieste Centrale. The journey takes three hours.

  • By private transfer: you can see private transfers here. The journey takes two and a half hours.

train from venice to trieste cruise port venice santa lucia train station

How to get from Venice to Trieste Cruise Port?

To get to Trieste Cruise Port from Venice, you can choose between different transportation options if you're already in Venice city center and must travel to Trieste Cruise Port.

trieste train station to trieste port for cruise ship

How to get from Trieste Train Station to the Cruise Terminal?

Getting to the Cruise Terminal is a breeze if you arrive in Trieste by train.

If you are wondering how far is Trieste Cruise Port from the train station, you have nothing to worry about. The train station Trieste Centrale is conveniently located within walking distance of the port, making reaching your cruise ship easy. (see trieste Centrale on map)

Exit the train station and head towards the port area. The walk takes approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on your pace. If you have heavy luggage or prefer to avoid walking, taxis are readily available outside the train station, providing a quick and convenient way to reach the cruise terminal.

If you prefer to save money, you can get there by bus line 8 or 30, which will take you right in front of Trieste Cruise Port Terminal.

there is not a ferry from trieste to venice or to cruise port of trieste

Is there a Ferry from Trieste to Venice?

Unfortunately, there are no direct ferries from Venice to Trieste or vice versa. You can catch the ferry from Venice to Piran (Slovenia) and catch a ferry from Piran to Trieste.

This could be a great option if you want to visit the scenic town of Piran and spend there one day or two.

The journey from Venice to Piran takes less than three hours, and then 14 minutes to Trieste.

Unfortunately, the ferry from Piran to Trieste is not always available. Check them out here.

piazza della borsa in trieste is one of the places to see in trieste

Exploring Trieste: Top attractions and landmarks

Trieste is a city rich in history, culture, and architectural beauty. As you explore the city, you'll see many attractions and landmarks. If you want to know more about them, read my article about the top places to see in Trieste here.

One of the must-visit attractions is Miramare Castle, a stunning 19th-century castle on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. This castle is an unmissable romantic place to see in Trieste.

If you decide to arrive in Trieste one day before your cruise departs, this is the one day Trieste itinerary you need to enjoy this incredible city fully.

one of the most visited places in trieste piazza unita d'italia near cruise port of trieste

Another must-see landmark is Piazza Unità d'Italia, the main square of Trieste. This is probably my favorite place in the city after Miramare Castle. Elegant buildings surround this expansive square and offer breathtaking sea views.

It's the perfect place to relax, have a coffee, and soak in the city's vibrant atmosphere. Visit it at sunset and have an aperitivo at Caffe' degli Specchi; you will love it.

best souvenirs to buy in trieste illy coffee cups set

Shopping in Trieste: Best Souvenirs and Gifts

Trieste is a paradise for shoppers, offering a wide range of unique souvenirs and gifts to take home.

One of the best places to shop is the Old Town, where you'll find charming boutique stores and artisanal shops. You can browse various handmade goods here, including jewelry, ceramics, and local crafts.

My favorite shop for local souvenirs from Trieste is Tipicamente Triestino, where you can find all the best gifts from my city.

For food lovers, the city's markets are a treasure trove of delicious treats. Remember to buy the famous Trieste coffee, Illy Coffee, to enjoy the taste of Trieste long after your cruise has ended.

girl in blu dress in canal grande trieste ponterosso

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buffet da pepi trieste what to eat local food

Must-try local cuisine in Trieste

Every visit to Trieste is complete with indulging in the city's delicious local cuisine, and I have a complete guide to what to eat in Trieste here (just in case you love eating as much as I do).

Here are some incredible experiences you can book for your time in Trieste:

As a port city, Trieste is renowned for its seafood dishes, a must-try for any seafood lover. Enjoy the local cuisine by tasting the "scampi alla busara" (langoustines in tomato sauce, my favorite) or "sarde in savor" (marinated sardines, my parents' favorite).

Trieste is also famous for its coffee culture, so be sure to stop by one of the historic coffee houses for an authentic Italian coffee experience. Pair your coffee with a slice of traditional Triestine cake, such as presnitz or gubana, to satisfy your sweet tooth (and don't forget to buy them as souvenirs, they are delicious).

Read my article "Where to Eat like a Local in Trieste" to plan where to have all your meals.

the roman theatre in trieste is one of the top attractions in trieste

What to see in Trieste before your Cruise Departure?

If you have time to spare before your cruise departure, make the most of your visit to Trieste by exploring its hidden gems, maybe with a 2 hours guided tour with a local.

One of the must-see attractions is the Roman Theater, an ancient amphitheater dating back to the 1st century AD. Stroll through the Old Town's narrow streets to discover charming cafes, boutique shops, and beautiful architecture.

Take the chance to visit the Revoltella Museum, which showcases contemporary art in a stunning 19th-century building. Finally, walk along the beautiful waterfront promenade, known as the Rive, and enjoy the breathtaking sea views.

Be sure to walk along the Molo Audace, a pier from where to admire the famous Piazza Unita' d'Italia from the sea.

james joyce statue in trieste is close to where do cruise ship dock in trieste

If you wish to learn more about Literature in Trieste, you should check out the Trieste Letteraria Tour, where to learn about the famous writers who lived in Trieste and wrote about it, like James Joyce and Umberto Saba.

Or you can book a private Trieste guided tour for you and your travel mates to learn about this city called "Little Vienna on the Sea."

the best hotels  where to stay in trieste near the cruise port

Best Hotels Close to Trieste Cruise Port

Booking a Hotel in the Trieste city center near the Cruise Port is a great way to have a couple of days to explore Trieste before or after your cruise.

This way, you will be only a short walk from your cruise ship to all the top attractions.

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valentina's travel guide in ljubljana three bridges slovenja
The charming town of Piran in Slovenja

Day Trips from Trieste: Nearby Destinations to Visit

If you have a day or two to spare, consider taking a day trip from Trieste to explore nearby destinations.

One popular choice is to visit the picturesque town of Piran in Slovenia, just a short drive from Trieste (where I got married in July 2023). Piran is known for its charming medieval architecture, narrow streets, and stunning coastal views.

You can visit it by renting a car in Trieste or check out this guided tour to Piran from Trieste.

valentina's travel guide in ljubljana three bridges slovenja
The three bridges in Ljubljana

Another option is to visit the enchanting city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana is renowned for its beautiful architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and relaxed atmosphere.

You can reach Lubljiana by train or by renting a car in Trieste, or you can also check out the best Ljubljana and Lake Bled tour from Trieste.

Whether you explore the coastal towns or venture into the Slovenian countryside, a day trip from Trieste will add a unique and memorable experience to your cruise itinerary.

where is trieste port? trieste port is in trieste city centre

Conclusion and Final Tips to Reach Trieste Cruise Port:

As you end your Trieste Cruise Port guide, I hope you have found all the information you need to plan your visit to my enchanting hometown.

From the convenience of the port facilities to the variety of transportation options, Trieste offers an unforgettable experience for cruise passengers.

Explore the city's top attractions, indulge in its delicious cuisine, and visit the nearby destinations to make the most of your time in this beautiful part of Italy.

Remember to check my Trieste Travel Guide before your trip, and pack comfortable walking shoes and a camera to capture the memories. Bon voyage, and enjoy your cruise from Trieste!


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trieste italy cruise port address is close to molo audace trieste


Psst! I use these websites to find the cheapest prices:

Activities in Trieste:

Viator and Get Your Guide are my go-to search engine for city tours, museum tickets, and attractions at the best price.

To explore the city yourself, We Go Trip offers audio guides to download on your phone, while Take Walks offers many guided tours.

Multiple day trips from Trieste:

To book more than a 1-day trip, TourRadar is an excellent website where you can find private, group, and tailor-made multi-day organized adventures in 160+ countries worldwide.

How to move around Italy:

To move between cities, Trainline and Omio are websites to book bus and train tickets, while EconomyBookings is excellent for finding the cheapest car rental deals.

Need extra help?

Radical Storage is to find luggage storage while you explore Trieste, and Airalo will give you all the data you need for your phone.

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